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Some time back, an absolutely lovely and talented artist, Kelly Walker, asked me if it would be all right if she painted some of my animal photographs. I told her yes, and was amazed at the beautiful works of art she created and also that she then offered to give me one of her paintings. I chose this one, of Annabelle in her lambkin days.

This is my original photograph.
It was part of this post.

Kelly did an incredible job bringing Annabelle’s cuteness to life in oil, don’t you think? The painting of that photograph now hangs in my house. (How lucky am I?)

I absolutely adore it! Thank you, Kelly!!!! Please visit Kelly at Life of a Daily Painter–and check out all the other paintings she’s done of my animals, including Mean Rooster, Jester, Rhett (the little stud who couldn’t), and Jack! (You must see the one of Jack–go back a page in her blog to find it!)

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on April 11, 2010  

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  1. 4-11

    I found Kelly’s page a couple weeks ago from a comment she made about painting one of your animals……..she is an awesome, awesome painter! There’s a new one up this morning!

  2. 4-11

    Her paintings capture the photos, and add a “fuzzy” element, as well. I think my favorite is of Jack.

  3. 4-11

    That lamby painting looks great on your wall. Happy birthday, Suzanne! (Did it come around your birthday today, like a present?)

  4. 4-11

    The painting is perfect. What a very talented lady. Happy birthday again. :fairy:

  5. 4-11

    Wow! I’ve got Kelly’s site bookmarked now, what fun! I love Annabelle’s picture too. What’s great is, when you see her paintings at first, if you’re not familiar with animals, you think she’s ‘cutened’ them up with extra expression. THEN, you see your photo next to them, and it’s clear that between your photography, and her art, the paintings are nothing short of the true personality of each of them popping out of the canvas!

    LOVE them all, but it’s a real toss up to pick a fave. Jack IS awful sweet though, but who can overlook Jester? Annabelle of course, but the expression in Mean Rooster’s eye (who knew someone could catch the gleam in a chicken’s eye that way?), and Rhett… there’s no way to pick just one!

  6. 4-11

    Happy Birthday Suzanne. I hope you have a great day. :happyfeet: What a great talent Kelly has. I wish I was just a little talented in some way. She is amazing. Have a great day all and hugs :hug:

  7. 4-11

    My birthday was Friday and I didn’t get anything wonderful in the mail!!!!I did get some of your wonderful cheesecake cookies though.
    Kelly’s work is awesome. She not only painted the lamb, but she caught the personality too.

  8. 4-11

    KELLY, you captured Annabelle perfectly!! Great job!!!

  9. 4-11

    I love the painting and they way it is framed and hung.

  10. 4-11

    Wow, I love her site, thanks for sharing Suzanne! I will be visiting Kelly often to see what she’s painting.

  11. 4-11

    Thanks again Suzanne for letting your wonderful “babies” be my models for the paintings. And I am so glad that the painting came in time for your birthday.
    Thanks also to all your readers for their kind comments about my paintings. I am still working on several others, sheep, ducks, and now a cow for sure. :) Tune in to see more.
    Happy Birthday!!!!

  12. 4-11

    Wow that is a gorgeous painting! And how generous of her to give you one. Annabelle was such a cute lambkin, the painting is sure a treasure.

  13. 4-11

    Kelly captured not only the cute, but the soft/fuzzy perfectly! I don’t know that I could have passed up Jack though – the decision would have been agonizing! Great site too.

  14. 4-11

    Happy Birthday to Suzanne.
    And a happy ‘birth-day’ to her mother, for getting through the labor of childbirth on this day…however long ago.
    What a wonderful gift from Kelly.

  15. 4-11

    I love this little lamb painting!! Looks great on your wall. The artist has a lot of really nice farm animal paintings.

  16. 4-13

    Makes me want to start painting, again. I just loved the one of Mean Rooster. (the one where he’s facing to my right, on a yellow background) I can love it ’cause Mean Rooster never chased me around a hen yard. Although my brother-in-law’s rooster did.

  17. 4-16

    I am fortunate enough to own three original paintings by my friend Kelly Walker. And I’m loving her series of paintings based on Suzanne’s barnyard animals. It has inspired me to finally take one of Kelly’s painting classes starting in May. HOORAY!!! Thanks to both of you talented ladies for collaborating on the project.

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