Capturing Winter


Yesterday morning on the farm.

I needed to get out of the house. I needed fresh air. I needed to have some fun! Nine days of snow, freezing temperatures, and entrapment due to icy roads can get depressing.

Me: “I shall defeat Winter where she lives and make her mine!”

I donned boots and jacket and went outside.

Clover: “I’m having a cookie emergency! Hurry! And let’s not tell the babies you’re here!”

Uh, Clover, I think it’s too late…..

You’re going to have to share. Here…..

….you go.

Clover: “Is that all? I’M NOT DONE!”

Sorry, Clover. You have to think about your girlish figure. And I have to go for a walk.

The winter woods rose brown and dead around me. I yearned for life. Beauty and texture and color! Inspiration!

I wonder what magical woodland creatures left these footprints?


I’m sorry, but you can’t go with me, Giant Puppy. (She’s still in heat.)

Man, that is a sad face.

The little farm shih-tsu kept me company.

Down the hill I trod. I saw berries down there a few weeks ago. Maybe they were still there…..

I decided to put together a winter vase. I cut branches for structure.

I found more branches I liked, this time with some vine wrapping them. I like the texture the vines add.

Now there’s a vine.

No berries so far. Maybe the birds got them all……

I don’t know what these are, but I liked them. They’re interesting.

Look– Berries!

I didn’t cut too much. I hate to steal from the birds.

Pine is not just for Christmas, you know.

I brought my captured winter indoors and filled up an old vase I found years ago at an antique store.

On the front door, I hung a simple arrangement of evergreen and berries, tied with twine then covered with ribbon.

And as afternoon deepened, temperatures rose to 50 degrees and the snow began to melt. I am powerful indeed! I captured winter and bent her to my will.

At least for a day.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on January 24, 2009  

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  1. 1-24

    Please come to MI and bend her then. :snowman:

  2. 1-24

    I love that you were able to make such a lovely arragement from found items from your walkabout.
    Something about not being able to go somewhere, makes you want it more, doesn’t it?

  3. 1-24

    During this reprieve, be sure to stock up on essentials like chocolate and coffee…OK and toilet paper…for the next round.

    Stay safe and toasty!

    working hard at

  4. 1-24

    Lovely arrangement!! When you overtake the weather, you do it good! Now onto Michigan!! Ok, maybe you just need to get to the store……….. I wonder if I could bend Michigan’s weather……..i see some branches, some pine, may have to go further for the berries…i will contemplate that move…

  5. 1-24

    I love Clover! And your winter arrangement is just smashing.

  6. 1-24


    Your effort to overcome the winter blahs was so much more impressive than mine. I simply put a fun, colorful picture on the desktop of my computer (where I am most of the time). Whatever works, huh? Love your decorating style!

    Thanks for the encouragement to vote at the weblog thing. Another blog I enjoy (in a different category) was also a finalist, so I got to vote for it, too. It’s quite an achievement to have come so far in the competition, but then again your blog is amazing. Good luck!

  7. 1-24

    I now feel inspired to go out into the cold to find something to decorate my own house.

    Your arrangements are beautiful, as always.

  8. 1-24

    I love the things you find on your outings. Hope winter treats you better the rest of the year.

  9. 1-24

    I love your “Winter in a vase”, simple yet so pretty! Isn’t it great to get out a stroll through nature and see?all the wonderful possibilities?

    Poor Coco. As they say, “if looks could kill”! LOL! Perhaps Coco would like a date with my BIG MACK…a very handsome Pyrenees if I do say so myself ?

  10. 1-24

    Congrats on the finalist in the Bloggies. Very cool. Of course someone so powerful that she can bend winter to her will? Well, we would just assume she’d be a finalist in The bloggies!!

  11. 1-24

    Have you read any Robert Service? He has some funny stuff on cabin fever, etc. You did the right thing; getting out of the house. You don’t want to get goofy on us now.
    Suz in the Tules

  12. 1-24

    Wow. Yes to everything everyone else said. And that rooster could have had a major part in West Side Story! Belated happy birthday to Princess Morgan – I’m just creeping out from a few days of the intestinal crud when all I wanted to do was sleep and hang out in the bathroom. Even my beloved cat, Emma, deserted me! Except at 9am-ish when she wanted me to get her a can of soft food each morning. Please do make sure you stock up on toilet paper!!!

  13. 1-24

    Arent the goats, chickens and poor coco and dookie cold in the winter white? I see furry coats and feathers but – brrrrrrr – the sun helps but – it was 80 here yesterday and now 30s. unreal.

    Love the winter displays!

  14. 1-24

    :chicken: I love the picture of the rooster, for some reason I have always liked chickens. And I voted for Chickens in the Road.

  15. 1-24

    You are so creative! I love what you do.

  16. 1-24

    That Bad Boy Rooster looks like a meany!Coco looks ticked.And what big paw prints the kitty left in the snow…I’d have been wondering too…… :dancingmonster: ? I love your new nature decorations. Next yr, the pine brances in the vasse would be cute with minature oranaments hanging from it!

  17. 1-24

    Poor Giant Puppy…it stinks sometimes being a girl!

  18. 1-24

    First thing every morning I read your post, then I read Pioneer Womans post. So …Of course I voted for you both ! Keep up the good work ! Doris

  19. 1-24

    Thank you for wrangling Winter into submission. That must be why our forecast of snow this weekend changed to cold and rainy. Which is MUCH better. After being stuck inside for more than two weeks due to snow, I’m sooooo over it.

    Are you planning to breed Coco?

  20. 1-24

    So creative! This always cheers me up (I’m in the middle of an ugly cold). And I just voted :yes:

  21. 1-24

    Have made my vote for you Suzanne!
    Good luck.
    I look forward to your blog every morning !!!

    Lovely simple arrangement !


  22. 1-24

    you have my vote. Love your blog!!!!!!!!11

  23. 1-24

    Thanks for taking us on your winter walk! I really liked how you brought some of the outdoors in. How creative. I love the first two pictures of the goats. I love the pictures your camera takes, what brand is it?

  24. 1-24

    Great looking arrangement!

  25. 1-24

    How in the world did you manage to resist Coco’s sad eyes?!

  26. 1-24

    Are you going to be selling Coco puppies in the future?

  27. 1-24

    Yes, we are planning to breed Coco with another Great Pyr, but not on her first heat. That’s why she’s jailed right now!

  28. 1-24

    Bringing the beauty of winter in with you. What a great idea!!! I sure wish that it was 50 degrees here!! It was a cold 18 degrees out today and was even colder yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer, the online weather service says that its supposed to be colder (around chilling degrees).

    Walks are so much fun, I wish that it would warm up on a day where I don’t work so that I can take a comfortable walk. **brrr**

  29. 1-24

    Poor Coco, she looked sad.
    Your arrangements are gorgeous!

  30. 1-25

    I was going to go outside to find things to make an arrangement of branches being inspired by yours. But then again the temps dropped here to single digits with much lower windchills again so I sewed prairie bonnets instead. Maybe it will get alittle warmer soon, just maybe….. I hope! Blessings.

  31. 1-26

    I just found a pattern for a knitted kid sweater…

  32. 2-15

    I love your pictures, you should keep on taking pictures and improving yourself with it. NICE!

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