Conquering the Nightstand


Yesterday, I posted about my nightstand challenge, in which I was actually going to attempt to put something together. Because I’m so not good at that. Most of the challenge is in my head. And I have to admit that there turned out to be very little actual challenge in putting this little nightstand together. I thought I would have to put the drawer together. But no! The drawer and top were already all put together in one piece! This simplified things immensely.
And the rest of the parts just required screwing in, so I can’t claim a lot of accomplishment here, after all.
It turned out really cute. I was re-watching The Bachelor from the night before, on my DVR, while I was putting it together.
They look like they’re having fun, don’t they?
I love Prince Farming….
Back to the nightstand.
It fit just perfect in the spot I had for it and I’m really happy with it.
Next up, I have to get a new plug and/or new cord on this lamp. I bought this lamp at an antique store in Buckhannon about five years ago. Something happened to the cord during the move. I guess it got caught on something. The plug was torn off. It’s been sitting in a corner of my closet since I moved here, but now I have a place for it!

I will have to be shown how to do it, but I think I want to learn how to put a cord on a lamp, too. I bet it’s not quite as easy as the nightstand, but it can’t be rocket science. Right?

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on February 25, 2015  

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  1. 2-25

    Love your night table! Take my word for it, rewiring a plug on a lamp is easy. My FIL taught me how but I’m sure YouTube has videos

  2. 2-25

    It is probably one of the easiest electrical projects that you can do. I, too, have done it a couple of times. You did a good job on the nightstand.

  3. 2-25

    What a sweet little table. I was hoping the drawer was put together when I saw it, and that you just had to screw in the legs. You room is pretty, looks very spring-like!

  4. 2-25

    What a cute night stand, your room is very country and so pretty, I love the old glass lamps and have several of them that I use around our home.
    The batchelor is cute, but your night is cuter, will last longer and be more useful. :lol:

  5. 2-26

    Bunches of tutorials on YouTube for rewiring the lamp. Watch a few and you will get the idea. One is never enough for me as I am learning challenged. Love the color of the walls!

  6. 2-26

    If the only problem with the lamp is that the plug was torn off then the easiest solution is to put on a new plug. There are replacement plugs available (hardware store or hardware section of a WallyMart) that make that part easy. You only need to trim the end of the old wire nice and square (any scissors will do) then slide the end of the wire into the little door slot on the new plug, and then close the door slot into the plug. You might need to use pliers to get the little door to click into place. No need usually to strip the wire at the end — there are little spikes in the plug that dig through the insulation into the wire. The kind of plug where you have to strip the wire and wind each wire around a screw terminal is more of a pain to assemble, and you need to know how to correctly strip wire. And it’s uglier.

  7. 2-26

    If there was enough force on the lamp to pull off the plug, you should also check where the cord attaches to the lamp, as that may be loose.

  8. 2-26

    Its not rocket science, and you can do a very nice job. Love the furniture and lamp. Purple anything is pretty also.

  9. 2-28

    I love your bedroom – the lilac wall & lamp with your quilt look so beautiful together. The night stand is adorable, perfect for that spot.

  10. 3-1

    I forgot to mention the lovely sleigh bed, it looks like an old one—very nice.

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