So many of you commented or emailed me about Kickstarter that I had to check it out. Kickstarter bills itself as “a new way to fund and follow creativity.” It’s a funding platform to help creative projects get off the ground. The Kickstarter philosophy: “A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide. A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement.”

Kickstarter accepts creative projects only, and a project must be accepted and approved by Kickstarter before it can launch. The Studio at Sassafras Farm project was accepted!

The way it works–you pledge your chosen amount. The funding is all-or-nothing. The project must meet its goal, be fully funded, or no money changes hands. For each pledge level, there is a reward you (as a contributor) will receive if the project is fully funded. There’s a time limit! I’ll have 30 days to meet my goal. You can keep an eye on the “days left” and the pledge totals every time you check the page.

The goal for the project must be enough for 100 percent completion so that your project is ready to open the doors. It’s exciting and scary–if you don’t meet your goal, you get nothing! (Scary!) If you meet it, you’re in business! (Exciting!)

You can help me even if you can’t contribute a pledge. A Kickstarter project depends on community and sharing. Please share my Kickstarter project link on your Facebooks, Twitters, and anywhere else you can! The more people who know about a project, the better the project’s chances of success. I added a few of my most popular farm videos to the page so there is something fun there to share with friends and family.

You can contribute as little as one dollar. Thousands of people can make thousands of dollars!

See me on Kickstarter and please spread the word! Here is my Kickstarter project page:

The Studio at Sassafras Farm

Thank you for your support! Let’s have fun with this!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on February 2, 2012  

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  1. 2-2

    I am trying to give you some funds on the kick start thingy. Is this a new registration because it wont accept my info from here. Please advise.

  2. 2-2

    Flowerpower, yes, you have to register on Kickstarter!

  3. 2-2

    Wow! New twist for venture capital. I hope you are successful!

    Looking forward to the future classes being offered.

  4. 2-2

    Ok….I was all ready registered with Amazon. There you go Miss Suz…its not a lot but I send it to you with my good wishes!!! :happyflower:

  5. 2-2

    Thank you!!!!

  6. 2-2

    Kickstarter looks like an awesome program… There are many people out there that simply want to help small businesses or individuals get going on their great ideas that otherwise wouldn’t have the chance.

  7. 2-2

    This is a great program and I know it’s going to work for you. I’ll pass it along to all my friends. Good Luck!

  8. 2-2

    I’d never heard of Kickstarter until I read this post. What a great concept–best use of the internet and social media EVER. And it looks like you’re getting off to a good start! I’ll pass it on . . .

  9. 2-2

    Great idea! Done. If it’s possible, will you be putting a goal marker somewhere on CITR?


  10. 2-2

    GrammieEarth, they don’t offer a code for importing that info from Kickstarter, but you can check the Kickstarter page every day and see what’s happening!

  11. 2-2

    I finally got signed in to Kickstarter.I can only pledge a small amount, but I know that every little bit counts. I love reading your blog and any donation (be it ever so humble) is worth it to me. I could pledge again in Feb, but I don’t get my sos. sec. check until the 3rd and that is when this ends,I think. I wish you the best of luck in this, you deserve it. I wish I could come to some of the retreats at your farm, but I am old and have osteo in my spine and just can’t get around very good.Looking forward to visting you through photos.Love and prayers, Shirley T

  12. 2-2

    Thank you, shirley! The project ends on Kickstarter on March 3. No money actually changes hands until after the project’s end date.

    Every dollar counts, so thank you, thank you to everyone!

  13. 2-2

    You are very,very welcom. I meant to say March 3rd. typo I guess.

  14. 2-2

    you did say after the projects end date~ then I could make another pledge by then. :hug:

  15. 2-2

    Suzanne , I have posted a message to my friends and family on Face Book to consider helping your cause. I have also set up a blog post for tomorrow 2-03-2012 on my “Attitude of Gratitude” posting for readers to consider sharing your story to spread the word and donate.
    I will tell you upfront , I copied your words from Kickstarter and linked to Kickstarter and Chickens in the Road…NO, photo stealing was involved!!!
    Please read the post tomorrow and share of any changes you don’t approve…

  16. 2-2

    Thank you, Blessings! And also–any time a reader asks me to use a photo on their blog to link back to me, I always say yes!!!!!

    On another note–I figured out how to embed the code in my sidebar, so you can all check the progress right here in my sidebar! (This is so nervewracking, LOL.)

  17. 2-2

    Suzanne, I will post and do what I can to help any women succeed! I may have to think of some way on my blog sidebar (???) I can send readers over to Chickens in the Road and Kickstarter to help…You have a month..right?
    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  18. 2-2

    Blessings, there is an “embed” code on my Kickstarter page just below the photo at the top of Poky at the barn door. If you click that, it will give you a code that you can put in your sidebar if you like! If you look in my sidebar here now, you will see what it displays. THANK YOU!!!

  19. 2-2

    This is such a wonderful idea! I’m delighted to make a contribution. :happyflower:
    Karen B

  20. 2-2

    Wow! I just saw that it is already 14% funded! One day…that’s amazing. And THANK YOU for helping me remember the site KICKSTARTER. I was just looking for it the other day and could not remember where it was. I’m going there now, to see what damage I can do to that studio fund deficit. ;-) Let’s keep that dream alive!

  21. 2-2

    I’m about to enter a (hopefully brief) period of financial instability. I should be able to pledge at towards the end of feb. once I am more sure of how things will roll money wise, but for now I shall share the kickstarter page on fb. This program/site is pretty darn awesome.

  22. 2-3

    I hope this works out for you. I just made my pledge! :happyflower:

  23. 2-3

    Suzanne, this is a great idea and I’m glad you put it on Kickstarter! Your blog has been a bright spot in my day since I discovered you a couple of years ago, and I am glad to be able to help. I wish you lots of success with your new project and hope to someday be able to visit in person for a workshop.

  24. 2-4

    Hello! It was easier to do the donation via Amazon than to register for the comments. Will be looking forward to seeing your little “bar” move up to your goal.

    I’m over the hill in Virginia and enjoy the blog.

  25. 2-5

    I truly hope you reach your goal! It is so encouraging to see someone make their dream a reality and support themselves with it. I pledged and have also sent a heartfelt message to my FB friends on your behalf. Farmgirl Hugs! Good luck…go rub that horseshoe everyday!

  26. 2-12

    Over half way there! I’ve enjoyed looking at the things other people who have sponsored you to see what else they’ve sponsored. Lots of people with ideas after my own heart! First of all though I want to see your studio succeed of course! Hoping for good things and re-posting on fb as well as telling all my friends!

  27. 2-13

    Two-thirds of the way there! I donated earlier in the month, but I’m keeping an eye on the total so I can donate again if need be.

    Hang in there Suzanne! It WILL happen.

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