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It’s exciting as we approach the finishing stages of the studio! Before I show you all the latest progress, I want to remind you what the studio looked like when we started.

Ack, that’s no good!

After the demolition, there was drywalling and painting. Notice that closet in the back was removed to make way for more space in the kitchen.

This week, the cabinet frame went up and the sinks went in.

And the floor started going down!

And down.

And it’s finished!

And it immediately got so dusty and dirty from work continuing around it, you can hardly see how pretty it is.

But eventually the work will be done and the floor will be clean. It’s beautiful. I love it and am so happy with my choice there.

Coming up: Next week will be all about trim and finishing the cabinets. Appliances will start going into place and finishing touches added, such as the self-closing main door and other assorted health department requirements. The countertop on the sink wall will go in last because it is on order and won’t be in until the beginning of May. The studio should be finished by mid-May. I’ll have the health department out for a final inspection and get my permit! Thank you to all of you who helped make it happen. I can’t wait for all of you who can to come see it!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on April 21, 2012  

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  1. 4-21

    The studio is beautiful!! I have to ditto the idea of video classes. I live on the complete opposite coast from you and do not think I will make it to your area anytime soon. But, it would be fun to see you tube videos.

  2. 4-21

    Love the idea of video classes.

  3. 4-21

    Wow Suzanne it is sure coming along nicely. Very pretty and functional.

  4. 4-21

    Looking good! I hope to stop by for a minute if you are home on May 16th and sounds like it will be done are almost by then woohoo!


  5. 4-21

    Please consider using you tube.
    MDS9 San Diego

  6. 4-21

    It’s looking awesome in there!

  7. 4-21

    Love the floor…I think we may do the same thing! So excited by all of the progress! I am sure you are happy, happy, happy!

  8. 4-21

    Yeah! Lookin good. Was in Spencer for a week (last week) visiting relatives and you were in my thoughts. You will be up and running soon.

  9. 4-22

    Love the paint color!

  10. 4-22

    Coming along in leaps and bounds! It’s looking fabulous :yes:
    I thought of you yesterday when I attended a basket making course in a craft studio on a small-holding in the UK…I was thinking how fabulous your craft studio is going to be, and realise just how successful your venture is.
    :happyflower: :happyflower:

  11. 4-22

    whoa, that flooring is beautiful. glad the studio is coming along, and I’m anxious to see the finished project. (my photo still hasn’t arrived though…:bugeyed:)

  12. 4-22

    I love the brightness with that paneling gone! I also think the flooring is beautiful. I know two people who have used it and they like it a lot.

    Congratulations on a job well (almost) done.

  13. 4-22

    The floor is beautiful! You made the right choice. It goes especially well with the soft green paint color. I like that even though it’s going to have a lot of commercial style sinks and appliances and prep areas it’s more warm and inviting.

  14. 4-25

    amazing already!

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