Dearly Departed


I do believe, after all this time, after all we’ve been through together–

–that the headless scarecrow is really dead.

In the beginning, he looked like this:
He was creepy even when he was fresh. (See how we made him here.)

I thought he was gone once before and then–

If you haven’t read that post, you MUST!!! (See Death in the Garden.)

He lived on to become the Fortune Teller in the Garden.

And he stood sentinel over our garden again this year,

Just when I thought he would go on forever and I was going to open a whole section on my website devoted to stories about him– Now this.

Goodbye, Scarecrow.

You know what this means. In the spring, I get to make a new one! It will be a good scarecrow. A sweet and merry scarecrow. A Suzy Sunshine scarecrow. I can hardly wait! I’m going to have the happiest scarecrow in the land! Nothing like the old scarecrow.
I just hope he doesn’t haunt me.
The way this one does!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on November 6, 2010  

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  1. 11-6

    Beware if you make your scarecrow too happy,the birds won’t take any notice! Off course he is going to haunt you Suzanne!

  2. 11-6

    It’s kismet: you were wondering what to do with the funky pumpkin ( Mr Headless Scarecrow was hanging on, doing his duty to the bitter end. But along comes Mr Funky Pumpkinhead, and at last the Headless Scarecrow can go to his much-deserved rest.

    I don’t think he will haunt you, I think he HAS been haunting you ever since he rose from the dead. He’s at rest at last. Maybe.

  3. 11-6

    Oh, I like the idea of using the funky pumpkin as the new head! Eek! Not sure how “happy” that scarecrow would look though. :)

    Great post filled with wonderful history. Thanks for it!

  4. 11-6

    That is the Meanest, most Haunting (!!!!) chicken I have ever seen! The scarecrow is pretty creepy; how EVER do you sleep at night! Hee hee!

  5. 11-6

    I MISS MEAN ROOSTER!!! I loved to read your stories of your on-going battle with Mean Rooster! He would attack everytime you went for eggs. You and your trusty rake had your work cut out for you whenever he was around. Now that he’s gone, I bet your trips to the hen house are a lot less exciting.

  6. 11-6

    I can’t wait to see the happy scarecrow. “Scarecrow.” You know, that’s such a funny word. It says exactly what it does. LOL

  7. 11-6

    When I saw “Dearly Departed” on the main page I immediately had to check which section..I was so relieved to see it was the garden department :D Has a moment of panic LOL

  8. 11-6

    I miss that mean rooster too.. :chicken:

  9. 11-7

    I laughed out LOUD!!!

  10. 11-7

    That Mean Chicken look sends shivers down my spine !! We just lost our mean hen, and she was the one that kept order over the flock and layed the BIGGEST eggs I’ve ever seen ! I do think the rest of them had something to do with her demise !Doesn’t pay to be TOO bossy!

  11. 11-8

    We had a scare crow for a while and the only thing it scared the crap outta was me. Everytime I would come around the shed and see it for the longest time, I’d jump……..

  12. 11-10

    Rest in peace, scarecrow. You were a good friend to Suzanne and her family.

  13. 11-15

    Suzanne, you have inspired me. I never thought I would blog, but you have made me think twice. I may have to but not until I catch up with your goings on which I won’t do for a long time as I just got here. This is SO GOOD!!!!

  14. 5-28

    Hahahahaha, “The way this one does.” (I was referring to the rooster) That was classic! Btw, R.I.P Mr. Scarecrow.

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