Pickin’ Beans


I’m going to pick beans. Do you want to come with me?

You need a bucket and your chore boots. C’mon!

There are green beans to be picked. Hurry!

I wonder if I will ever get any squash this year? Maybe I can ask the green beans.

Or the tomatoes.

My, I have a lot of chickens following me. It must be supper time.

I wonder whose idea it was to plant so many green beans. I forgot there were this many.

Was it your idea to plant this many beans? I can’t pick all these beans! That’s impossible. That’s too hard! I’m delicate.

Uh oh.

DO YOU SEE THAT? THERE’S A SPIDER IN MY BUCKET!!!! I can’t pick beans now!

Maybe tomorrow!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on August 19, 2010  

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  1. 8-19

    Mmmm. Have you ever made “soup” with cream or milk, beans, butter and a bit of salt and pepper? Takes me back and it is very delicious! “Comfort food”. I wish I had some beans this year.

  2. 8-19

    Mmm, green beans with bacon, green beans and new potatoes, green bean casserole, dilly beans, 3 bean salad, linguica stew.

    Better hurry up and pick ’em, you have a lot of bean dishes to make :)

  3. 8-19

    Feed that ugly hobo to those chickens.

  4. 8-19

    itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout…. :lol:

  5. 8-19

    :snuggle: I don’t plant that many beans any longer. I once did. I’d plant enough for the rabbits, the deer, and myself. Then when they were heavy with young beans(I love them young and tender,with no spots)I would pull up the entire patch of plants and head to a shade tree. I know they would continue bearing, if left in the ground, but that’s why I planted lots. Then it was over and done. All under the shade tree.

  6. 8-19

    Don’t you remember? YOu planted all those beans so you could can some! You might need to find another bucket,haha!

  7. 8-19

    Oh my aching back…that’s a lot of beans!!
    In all your posts that I’ve read, I have never seen the mention of a snake…maybe you don’t even have them there, but I would think they might hang around that garden. I’m sure the presence of chickens, & especially gunieas, might deter them though.

  8. 8-19

    Bucket, chore boots and pants optional I presume?

  9. 8-19

    I remember one winter when we lived on the green beans and tomatoes that my mother had canned. Even so, I never tire of canned green beans and buttery cornbread. Many suppers were canned tomatoes and a slice of cheese toast. I see delicious meals in your future.

  10. 8-19

    wow, all I have is two 4×8 raised beds in my backyard and I’ve been picking beans for weeks. I think you have a LOT of beans in there Suzanne :yes: :yes: :yes:

  11. 8-19

    By this time of year I normally have 50-70 quarts of green beans/and or wax beans on my canning shelves. I have 0. A big, fat 0! The drought hit us hard. I’m hoping the beans will start up again now that we have had two weeks of on and off rain. The plants are mostly still alive, but weren’t producing much. We have a gazillion spider this year!

  12. 8-19

    That was supposed to say A gazillion (Far more than a million) spiders this year. There are spiders everywhere!!I’m leaving my curds and whey and running like crazy!

  13. 8-19

    I can remember my niece praying that the beans would die, or get struck by lightening or something so that she would not have to pick. We used to make “dilly beans” and I still love them. Have to buy them at the farmers market though. No more garden.

  14. 8-19

    You’re right. If I had a spider in my bean bucket, I’d be running back to the house and not coming out. I think I have a total of 4 or 5 bean plants. I think it’s just right. If we could eat green beans everyday, my husband would! But this way I go out and pick and we have enough for a side dish about every other day. Good luck with your bean and spider problem! Maybe one of the chickens will eat it for you. :chicken:

  15. 8-19

    Melissa (comment #1) we called those cream beans in our family and it was my father’s favorite vegetable. He would put them on top of buttered toast and sop up every bit.

    My sis in law that thinks green beans are icky and just shudders at the thought of cream beans but she does make them for my brother on occasion.

  16. 8-19

    Love your post and perspective!
    I wouldn’t pick beans into a bucket with a spider in it, but I suspect you actually did get down to the task and will show us a down home recipe tomorrow.

  17. 8-20

    That is A LOT of beans!! 52? Was it 52 that was forgetting to get a different seed to plant and just kept planting those beans? LOL!

    1 5-gallon bucket full of beans makes 24 pints of canned beans. Go from there! We aren’t huge bean lovers, but I like to make green bean casserole in the winter, so this will be enough for us.

  18. 8-23

    Wow, that’s a lot of beans! My back and knees wouldn’t do that many either! Now I only plant pole beans, no bending or crouching! :)

    Spiders are our friends in the garden!

  19. 8-24

    Wow! And I thought I had a lot of beans planted! Green beans are hard little buggers to pick. Just the work to pick them should make them a much more expensive veggie to buy! If I were to ever sell mine they would cost a bunch for all that work! :yes: I’m canning mine too. Already have a bunch of dilly beans put up, and a few cans hot packed for winter time. Good luck!

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