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I’ve had many questions over the past couple of years about selling prints, and up to now I haven’t been able to do that, but I’ve finally found a way to set up a print “store” through which you can buy prints of all sizes and finishes, posters, notecards, mousepads, mugs, even t-shirts, with CITR photos, if you are so inclined! You can find it all at the new CITR photography shop here (via SmugMug). (And I’ve added a link in the sidebar as well.)

So far, I haven’t actually added a huge number of photos to the site–I have to dig back for the original large files for each one, through thousands of pictures in hundreds of folders. However, I’ll keep adding to the shop, and also you can request a particular photo if there’s one you really want and I haven’t added it to the shop yet.

Also, and most importantly, the thing that put me on this little exploration to finally find a place/way to sell my prints was looking for a way to provide desktop wallpaper. Many people have told me that they use my photos for desktop wallpaper just taking them off the site (I do not mind if you use my photos for personal use like that), but I also always wonder how terrible the pictures must look screen-size as wallpaper because the size that is published on my blog is pretty small! So, I’ve been wanting to provide a photo a month for desktop wallpaper/screensaver in large size that will actually look nice. At my photography shop, you can find galleries for various photos under various topics (mostly animals), but you will also find a Desktop Wallpaper/Screensaver gallery. All of the photos in all of the other galleries have a watermark–the watermark only appears on the screen as you’re viewing the photos. If you purchase a print, the watermark will not appear on the prints. However, in the Desktop WallPaper/Screensaver gallery, the photo available each month will appear without the watermark, making it available to be downloaded (FREE!) from the screen in the large file size for use on your computer.

So, please check it out, and let me know what you think!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on February 17, 2011  

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  1. 2-17

    I really like your new site. It’s a great idea. My husband is a graphic designer and I know he puts a lot of his items on Shutterstock to make extra income. Not sure if you are interested in some thing like that. Just thought I would let you know.

  2. 2-17

    I just purchased the rooster on your porch pic. I would love to have a great pic of the Pocatalico River. I remember sometime back you had one up of the princess bath. Anything like that would be cool. I would hang it in my kitchen w/ my soon coming rooster pic and be reminded of lazy days in Pocatalico.

  3. 2-17

    This is awesome! Thank you so much for doing that…I am heading over there right now. Your pictures always make me smile and laugh….I love them. You have a great talent in the art of photography.

  4. 2-17

    Cool! Just took a peek for now — will be back after work to order – Have a great day!

  5. 2-17

    Great way to capitalize on ‘work’ you’ve already done. Make those pix work for you…only drawback is building up your inventory while crocheting two baby blankets!

  6. 2-17

    Wonderful! Thank you!

  7. 2-17

    Wonderful job, Suzanne! It looks so nice! I would love to have a wallpaper shot of all the goats at the gate waiting for their cookies. My kiddos love that one!


  8. 2-17

    Oh that is awesome =D I hope to be able to buy a few photos eventually xD =3

  9. 2-17

    Now this is exciting news, Suzanne!!!
    I have always loved your pictures because I love the content and I love knowing the story behind each picture. To be able to purchase notecards and T-shirts with CITR critters on them….Jackpot!
    As excited as I am about this, the company I work for won’t allow me to view the site on this computer. I can view your blog and just about everything else but they restrict certain websites and SmugMug is one of them. But, you can bet I’ll be doing some looking when I get home tonight!
    Thank you again…..this is wonderful news!

  10. 2-17

    Well, it’s about time!!!I am sure I will be back to smugmug to purchase. You have the cutest farm animals, I just want to reach out and scratch their ears!!

  11. 2-17

    Yay! This is great! Thanks Suzanne. We love our CITR calendar, but being able to have a desktop wallpaper or a print is great.

  12. 2-17

    I’ve been thinking about doing something like this with the pics from my farm site too. Great Idea. :woof:

    Suzanne in northeast Kansas

  13. 2-17

    So glad for you…and glad for me too! :-)

  14. 2-17

    How exciting. What a great idea! Your pictures are so special. A wonderful way to give one of a kind gifts to people we care about. Thank you Suzanne.

  15. 2-17

    You can also use to sell your pictures on all kinds of merchandise, just in case you want a different variety.
    Now to go browse! :duck:

  16. 2-17

    Suzanne P L E A S E add the happy card photo. That is probably my favorite. I looked and it is so good. You deserve every penny you get from them. All your photos are lovely. I would like a moustache mug for the donkey photo. BO has a donkey and moustache also. THANK YOU

  17. 2-17

    Your posters are wonderful! On my classroom door, welcoming the children, was a poster of a baby chick…….the caption……..”I was born great!” Perfect, huh?

  18. 2-17

    Good luck with selling your prints.

  19. 2-17

    I have been enjoying your blog for several months now – first saw it on Mama Pea’s side bar link. I especially love your photos and I’m so glad you have found a way to share them more. The rooster above needs to be added to the screensaver group…..just sayin’. I’m not a hard core “homesteader” for sure, but do enjoy the country life on 10.6 acres with my hubby. My oldest son is currently in the process of building me a little hen house so I can add a few laying hens for fresh eggs at home. Keep up the good work – I look forward to checking in on you every few days!

  20. 2-17

    Great idea, Suzanne! Your animal photos are just adorable.

  21. 2-17

    Yay! That’s great! Haven’t checked it out yet, but you better believe I’m headed that way!!!

  22. 2-17

    very nice

  23. 2-17

    I have been looking for some nice blank cards, Just glanced at your photos right now but they look like they would be awesome. Just got to figure how to order them.

  24. 2-17

    The desktop/wallpaper didn’t work for me….instructions said….

    “To use as personal desktop wallpaper or screensaver, view the photo in the X3Large size. (Move your cursor over the right edge of the photo to view sizes.) Right click and save for free!”

    That part works just fine, but the photo is still poor quality on my computer when I set as wallpaper…very “grainy”, if that makes sense.

    I love that photo of the daisies in water and really wanted it to look like it does on your site, oh well! Maybe it’s just my computer, although it is fairly new with Windows Vista Home Premium.

    Just thought I’d let you know. Thanks for all of the entertainment and knowledge you provide us all! :sun:

  25. 2-17

    I love the flowers in water. It is my new background. Very spring!!!

  26. 2-17

    Yvonne, I will try it in an even larger size. It’s possible you may be seeing ‘grainy’ as the stylized effect I photoshopped on it……

  27. 2-18

    Nice! This is what I’ve been waiting for. But now I have to decide which poster I want. This might take awhile. :clover:

  28. 2-18

    Oh Suzanne!!! I just looked at the prints, posters, etc site and I am just in LOVE!!! The Scenic and Nature gallery blew me away and I will have to have the barn pictures…especially the one of the old barn with the white fence in front. That is a masterpiece in so many ways…reminds me of Ansel Adams somehow….I’m just in love with it!
    Now….I have to join SmugMug in order to purchase, correct? How do I do that? Just go on their website and then I can buy from you and you will get the money, right?
    I have to have this stuff. HAVE TO HAVE.

  29. 2-18

    Carol, you may have to register to make a purchase, I’m not sure. That would be because they would be taking your card info to pay. You don’t have to join anything, though. Just whatever you have to do to make an account to pay. You may not have to register, I’m just not sure!

  30. 2-18

    Suzanne – you are not only talented, you are just plain NICE!! If I were in your position, I would probably charge for everything!! Thank you!

  31. 2-20

    The desktop/wallpaper didn’t work for me either…
    Unlike Yvonne, MY directions said.
    “To use as personal desktop wallpaper or screensaver, view the photo in the ORIGINAL size. (Move your cursor over the right edge of the photo to view sizes.)
    Right click and save for free!”
    Well the download was a 12 MB photo, looked like a Georges Seurat painting, was only a corner/edge of your photo.
    Even so, once it was downloaded I could do nothing with it—I can’t “right click!” ( that’s not a political statement, it’s a computer statement.) (MAC 10.6/Safari) I’ll try again in a few days…

  32. 2-20

    bonita, as the description says, that one is a stylized photo. I’ll offer a different free photo every month. On a Mac (at least on my Mac), you can do Control-click then “save image as” to download. Works on my Mac, anyway. I increased the option to Original size. You don’t have to open it in that size. You can still open it in the X3large size if you prefer.

  33. 2-21

    Oh, Suzanne, I know it’s stylized, that’s why I liked it…but it only downloaded a bit of the pic but at an extreme zoom. trying again soon

  34. 2-21

    bonita, if it doesn’t work, let me know. This is new, so I may need to figure out how to do it differently/better. I want to be able to provide free wallpaper from my photos. The will is there, LOL. I may need to finetune the delivery, so thank you for bearing with me.

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