CITR Retreat 2011 Registration Opens!


Are you ready for the CITR retreat? Join us for an exciting adventure in the scenic hills of West Virginia! This event will take place at Camp Sheppard in Roane County, West Virginia.

The Chickens in the Road Retreat 2011
September 2nd and 3rd
A Hands-On Experience in the West Virginia Mountains

Learn old-time skills and fresh, new methods in a hands-on way with in-person mentorship from fellow CITR friends. Classes will include cheesemaking, preserving, soapmaking, breadbaking, candlemaking, homemade beauty products, and simple woodworking. Take home fun and functional know-how for self-sufficient living and old-fashioned crafting–and take home what you make, too.

The price of the retreat includes your accommodations, meals, classes, and supplies. The total cost per person is $275. You must be 18 years or older to attend. Your place can be held by either a payment in full or a deposit. Stay in the newly-built cabins, bring your own camper, or reserve an RV site. (There is no additional charge for campers, but there is an additional charge for RV sites.) If you bring a camper or RV, you may also bring the family, including children and even pets, to Camp Sheppard with you.

See the Camp Sheppard page for more details about the facilities and accommodations, RV site specifications, campers, pets, children, and outside links to travel and hotel resources (if you would like to extend your trip into a full WV vacation) as well as train, bus, airport, and car rental info.

The CITR Party on the Farm will begin at Stringtown Rising Farm at 1 p.m. on Sunday, September 4, to round out your weekend. (This is a free event and all ages are welcome. Children are particularly encouraged!) Accommodations at Camp Sheppard will be available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights so that you don’t have to rush off after the party if you would prefer to wait till morning to head out.

Browse the class descriptions on the CITR Retreat 2011 page then click the link at the bottom of that page to register and hold your spot! There are limited spaces available.

Your adventure starts here: Take me to the CITR Retreat 2011 page!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on March 1, 2011  

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  1. 3-1

    Wish I could…sounds like a blast.

  2. 3-1

    I am soooooo tempted. Must discuss with hubby!

  3. 3-1

    Ya’ll are gonna have such a good time!

  4. 3-1

    This would be a BLAST! You’ll have to give those of us who can’t go all the details…lots & LOTS of photos! :moo:

    Blessings from Ohio…Kim~

  5. 3-1


    When I registered myself, I paid two deposits (and included the name of my mother, who will come with me). I went back to register her also, but was told I needed to pay again! How do I go about signing her up for the classes without having to pay again (since I paid deposit x2 the first time around)?

    I probably did it wrong, but want to make sure she is also registered…


  6. 3-1

    We’ll fix you up, Erica! Hang on!

  7. 3-1

    Why the 18 year age restriction? I had considered coming with my 16 year old daughter.

  8. 3-1

    Honey, are teeny nursing babies allowed? I am scrabbling to find a way to get 2 of my daughters there with me, but Maria must bring her little one who isn’t even born yet! I promise you she knows well enough not to get to near the steam from the canners!
    lauriiiiiiie from st. louis

  9. 3-1

    Karo, that was a decision that we had to make based on the experience we want to offer attendees at an adult teaching level and the liability of having teens and/or younger children around pressure cookers, lye, hot candle wax, and so on. We may be able offer retreats in the future that are geared to younger age levels, but the event this year is geared to adults. I’m sorry! Thanks for understanding!

  10. 3-1

    Laurie, anyone can bring children (including nursing babies) but they must be staying in a camper or RV, not the cabins, and have a non-paid attendee to care for the baby. They could nurse between classes, etc. For liability issues, we can’t have children (including babies) in the hall around pressure cookers, lye, hot candle wax, etc.

  11. 3-1

    count me in for sure…. :pawprint:

  12. 3-1

    Someday, Suzanne, someday! But 17 hours one way is just too far. :no: :hissyfit: :cry:

  13. 3-1

    You’ll have the time of your life.

  14. 3-1

    Call me CrAzY…. I just registered!!! Yea!!! Why CrAzY? I just joined CITR w/i the last couple of days, know no one, will probably drive the 1600 mile-round-trip alone, water bath canned once, planted 1st garden last year, live in the burbs & the only critters I have are a husband, 13 yr old son and 2 slobbering, spoiled rotten English Bulldogs:) Wooo Hooo!!!

  15. 3-2

    Yay, Beverly!

  16. 3-2

    BeverlyC, Where are you coming from (locationwise)?…Perhaps there’s a ride share out here!

  17. 3-2

    I’m in Lee’s Summit, Mo. I don’t really mind the alone time :) But if someone wants to ride….the more the merrier!

  18. 3-2

    Bev, there will surely be others there who don’t know anyone. Yet!

  19. 3-2

    Pete, I may arrive alone, but I know I’ll leave as part of a great new “family”! I’m always up for a new adventure, so I can’t wait!!!

  20. 3-2

    Sounds like a wonderful event, I will try to attend if I can find a driver.

  21. 3-3

    Thank you Suzanne for getting me all fixed up! My mom and I are so excited – she’s already planning on showing off her soap to everyone “back home”… she’s from CALIFORNIA and still coming!

  22. 3-4

    I would really like to addend for many reasons, one being, I would love to meet Susanne, Dede, Cindy and Astrid, they have all been so nice to me over the years, I have never taken part in a blog before, and didnt know how to do a lot of the proper things, these Ladies were so kind and sweet to me. Hopefully I can thank them in person.

  23. 3-4

    Hubby is bringing me to Farm Party for my birthday present!

  24. 3-5

    Suzanne, I would love to come and understand that children can’t be around during the instruction — but I want to be sure I understand about the cabins. It sounds like you’re saying I could attend classes and bring my children (boys who will then be 12 and 15) if I have an adult friend with us to watch them elsewhere. What I’m not clear on is, we don’t have a camper or RV, can we stay in a cabin or are there other accommodations nearby? This is so exciting!!!

  25. 3-5

    Catherine, we can’t have children in the cabins (only in campers or RVs), but you can find outside accommodations in Ripley, WV (closest town):

    You can also find more info with links to B&Bs in Spencer (about 15 minutes from Camp Sheppard) on the Camp Sheppard page:

    We’d love to have you! We are nearly halfway filled now, in just a few days of opening, so don’t wait if you want to come!

  26. 3-6

    Thank you, Suzanne! I’m posting this for some of my friends to see! Will be working diligently towards working it out!!

  27. 3-7

    oh yay! Beverly from Lees Summit! I
    found you!!!
    don’t know how to contact you personally, but I’ll figure it out.
    laur in st. louis

  28. 3-7

    We have a ride sharing to the retreat topic to help people find each other here:

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