First Snow on the Farm


Does she not need some reindeer antlers and a holiday bell around her neck?

Clover may have been prancing, but the goats haven’t been all that pleased with this week’s late autumn preview of winter.

The babies have definitely been confused. WHAT IS THIS COLD WHITE STUFF?

As for me, oh does it make chores cold! I have to break up their water for drinking every morning.

And keep a steady supply of hay available.

Though they did figure out the snow was good for something.


And more slurping.

We didn’t have a particularly heavy snow–just a few inches. Just enough to imagine what a real snow would be like. A real snow that would really coat the hills in a blanket of soft white. I can’t wait to see, though I’m a little scared.

Maybe the birds were scared, too. They returned, in force, to the feeders.

The chickens have been eager for their scratch, too.

Why would I be a little scared of snow?

Well, there is that road thing……. I have to get Princess nearly three miles to the bus on a rough country road where no snow plow dare travel. And sometimes, not me, either. Sometimes I’m scared just to go down the steps.

She stayed home on Tuesday, due to my eternal wimpiness, and helped with chores.

This is her idea of a jacket. A flannel pajama top she now wears all the time, even to school, as her jacket.

Coco enjoyed helping with chores, too.

I had fun later taking a rake out there, climbing in under the snow-drooping wire over the top of the chicken yard and banging up at the packed snow to shake it down. On top of my head.

But hey, at least I had help with the chores on one frigid day!

If you can call getting slammed with a snowball help.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on November 20, 2008  

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  1. 11-20

    ROFL I love the pic of the little one wondering what all the white stuff is :lol:
    I’m so jealous of your snow. When I was a kid, we’d get it like that all the time here in east TN, but now we’re lucky if we ever see a flake, and if we were to get a couple inches like that, the town would SHUT DOWN. I look forward to watching your farm through many snowfalls.

  2. 11-20

    :weather: What a pretty dusting of snow!Yes, Clover needs reindeer gear and a bell necklace. Your Princess is a sweetie. I have an 8mo old Princess my grandbaby Baby Brooke.Keep Warm!

  3. 11-20

    The second pic down? The one where she is wondering, with her mouth open? She looks as though she knows a few curse words and she is utilizing them.

    Gosh that is a funny pic.

    We aren’t that far away from you, but you are the mountains and I know it is going to be tough, but watch – they have a gazillion “snow days” built into the schedule for school, so you won’t be driving too much when it actually pours.

    but a personal snow plow? just a thought.

  4. 11-20

    The goats are so cute and fuzzy!

    I’m looking forward to our first snow. It’s always so exciting!

  5. 11-20

    I know no one agrees with me but I soooo miss snow. I haven’t seen it in three decades and would move back in a minute if I could. And don’t you just love watching a dog in snow. NEW TOY!!!

  6. 11-20

    We haven’t had snow in forever…I want snow!

  7. 11-20

    :smile: YOu’re going to have a wonderful winter in the hills!

  8. 11-20

    Yes the snow came early here. I didn’t take any pictures :weather: It was so pretty sparkling on the trees. Maybe someday we’ll get our garage cleaned out and be able to use it for parking a car in. I liked your pictures, especially the first one.

  9. 11-20

    We got snow too. Its too early for snow. I have a teen work at a jr/hi school and the girls like pj’s to wear to school. Usally they wear the bottoms like sweat pants. I wonder if their mothers see them get on the bus in the morning. lol. They just roll out of bed and put shoes on and go to school. lol.

    That pj top is bright and cheerful. So how can Princess have a bad school day wearing that?? :sheepjump:

  10. 11-20

    Good Morning Farmer Sue!! LOL Snow does make new challenges on a farm for sure! If it gets any colder your water bucket is going to freeze solid – we use tank heaters for ours and you can buy them at any farm store or feed mill. I dont advise using them in a plastic pail though, unless you get like a birth bath heater… or you can get heated water buckets also… Looks like life is right were you want it to be!! Congratulations on ‘making it’ happen for you and your family!

  11. 11-20

    Oh my! That second picture looks like me when it snows, lol!

  12. 11-20

    The goats have their own slushies! The mountain looks beautiful with a coat of snow. I have to say that I like your daughter’s new jacket…uhm, pajama top. Real cute!

  13. 11-20


    wonderful pictures – so envious – snow before thanksgiving – unreal. I see a lot of pajamma tops around these days!!! we would have died when I was in high school!!! hmmm.

    I have a box ready to send you on Friday, filled with chicken things I have found, some chicken towels and even a christmas chicken towel. is there a way to get the box number to send it to? I remember it being mentioned some time back. You can ask Georgia about me if you need to. I would want you to have these things before Thanksgiving.
    thanks, jane

  14. 11-20

    I definitely have snow envy. I was watching the weather
    channel and wondering if ya’ll were under that pink. Guess so.
    I attached a link you might find interesting. :flying:

  15. 11-20

    LOL, love the pics of the goats in the snow!! Bet Princess had a good surprise day off.

    You might want to learn how to drive on snow… :eek: Or not. I hate driving on snow and avoid it when ever it’s possible.

  16. 11-20

    Lovely pictures. It’s nice when you are cosy inside looking out!

    We don’t seem to get much snow now in the North East of England now. It’s about 8 years since we had a really deep fall. When I was young we seemed to get lots of deep snow. Must be global warming. However we aren’t getting warmer summers!

    Like you it’s the driving I hate, taking my grandchildren to school and nursery. If we ever get any deep snow I’ll have to borrow my daughter’s Freelander.

  17. 11-20

    Suzanne, you can buy water warmers at either Around the Farm in Ripley or at Green’s Feed in Charleston. We have two-one for the chicken’s waterer and one for the dogs. It sure saves a lot of work and cold hands, and the animals love it. I think they were $30-$40 each. Well worth the expense, and we’ve had them for about 4 years now.

    The snow was nice, but the black ice was a terror getting to work. I posted photos on my blog. Also photos of canning pears in the snow!

  18. 11-20

    The snow is not so bad. It’s the mud and the ice that make for treacherous driving. I feel for ya. And I don’t miss that part of WV at all.
    My son just moved back there a few weeks ago and the kids are having a great time playing in the snow. And building snowmen.
    I don’t blame you, I’d stay home too! Living as far out as you do, I hope you have a 4X4. It helps.
    Love the confused goat pictures. Give them a cookie and they’ll know all is well. tee hee

  19. 11-20

    :butterfly: I love Princess’ p.j.s! I was going to comment on how cute and colorful her jacket was!! The water warmer is a great idea, my friend has one for his birdbaths, and the birdies are always chirping!! Have a great day! :sheepjump:

  20. 11-20

    My daughter wears pj bottoms all the time. I won’t let her wear them TO school, but I know she takes them with her and changes into them for her afterschool activities. (drama/theater)

    My son won’t wear a winter coat to school. He just wants to wear a zip up hoodie. I don’t get it. At least my younger 2 are still smart.

    Looking forward to our first big snow. I just hope it comes AFTER we get our woodburning stove put it!

  21. 11-20

    We got our first snow too. It’s beautiful.

  22. 11-20

    Brrrrr! So glad it is you and not me…however, I will be up in the cold neck of the woods, soon enough. That Princess…she is so cute! Little character! :mrgreen:

  23. 11-20

    I got my heated water bucket at Walton Thriftway. They ordered me a 5 gal one & it was in the following week. When I was at Green’s they only had the smaller ones. The side of the “hollow” where I live gets the sun & snow melts off really fast but I can still look out my front window and see lots of snow on the other side. :treehugger:

  24. 11-20

    Aww!!! Clover’s first winter!!!

  25. 11-20

    I like snow better in photos than actually having it. Thanks for sharing! :flying:

  26. 11-20

    I like how you call a few inches of snow a “dusting.” Here in my neck of the woods, a “few inches of snow” shuts down entire cities. We’re just not equipped to deal with it.

    The goats have sno-cones in a bucket. And on a tree. And on a log.

    It’s like Dr. Seuss out there…

  27. 11-20

    Love your blog!
    It does look wet & snowy.
    We had a cold wind blowing yesterday.

  28. 11-20

    I love the way snow makes everything look brand new. We already had one storm that dumped 17 inches on us. That made the couple of inches we got last night look like a dusting. lol

    The water warmers really do work and last for years.

  29. 11-20

    I am so glad we don’t have snow!

  30. 11-20

    I wish it would snow here! I hope you have 4w-drive, though!

  31. 11-20

    Your goats are so brave! Mine were appalled by rain, mud, ice, or snow…which means that, in Vermont, they stayed indoors from November through April. Those heated buckets are a godsend.

  32. 11-20

    I vote for reindeer ears and a bell, but Clover will probably end up eating the ears. :) Send some snow our way, will you please? I can’t wait to see some white stuff. I’ve missed it so.

    I love the pattern on Princess’ jacket/pajama top. Maybe that’s why she wears it. Thanks for showing us some of the white stuff. The view looks good of the hills too now that you’ve cut down those trees. xxoo

  33. 11-20

    We’ve had a couple of light snows up here already (northwest Canada, eh). I thought for sure it was going to snow again last night. Instead a cold fog rolled in and froze all the trees and shrubs spooky white. That second photo reminds me of a Persian cat we had and her first experience of snow. She was SUPPOSED TO BE an indoors only cat, but she escaped every chance she found. One day she escaped and made it all the way across the yard before realizing she was in about 8 inches of snow, whereupon she stopped dead in her tracks and YOWLED for us to come rescue her! I also recall doing chores on cold snowy winter mornings … not fun. I used to keep two sets of water buckets, and the back porch was forever crowded with one set thawing for the next day! Actually, now that I write this, I kinda miss all that …

  34. 11-20

    I am fully capable of driving in the snow and am a good driver in snow – but I hate it. I hated it so much that my husband and I moved to Florida for several reasons, but the snow (or lack of it) was a major factor.

    Love the picture of the goat giving its displeasure!

  35. 11-21

    Love the pics as usual!!!! We’re getting snow but my daughter picked Edinboro (near Erie) to go to college and they got 2 feet last week and have another foot today and it’s still snowing! I wish she didn’t have to drive in it either.

  36. 11-21

    We got snow, too. It’s been snowing for a couple of days now and my back is killing me because I was just showeling some of that white stuff.

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