Little Bitty


Look at that!

(Left to right: banty egg, one of my other hens’ eggs, a storebought medium-size egg.)

My little bitty banty laid an egg!!!! I’m sure it’s hers. All first eggs are small, but this one is small. It’s a banty egg.

Cute, huh? (It’s even pink!) I have no idea what I’m going to do with banty eggs. It would take two or three of them to make up one large egg. Morgan considers the banties to be “her” chickens, so she wants me to let them hatch more banties, and I will, but I’m not doing that till spring. So I guess I’m going to be making little bitty omelettes. Little bitty egg sandwiches. Little bitty deviled eggs. Little bitty pies and little bitty cakes–

Cleopatra: “I may never lay another egg for you, woman, if you keep this up.”

Okay, okay, don’t get your little bitty feathers in a wad!!! I’m just teasing you! I would be honored to have your massively huge omelettes!!! HONORED!!!

Sheesh, these chickens have no sense of humor.

Most of you don’t have access to the Charleston Daily Mail, so I want to share with you the actual paper (which I finally got hold of). Because I’m excited and I’m a dork. Bear with me.

See the front page of the paper?! Me!!

Here’s the column, inside. Right next to Dear Abby. My, Clover’s picture is big! Is the world ready for this much Clover?

Is Clover ready for this much Clover? Will the attention go to her head?

Clover: “I shall expect all my cookies on a silver platter from now on.”

Me: “You’re just kidding, right, Clover?”

I see you have no sense of humor, either………..

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on January 7, 2009  

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  1. 1-7

    What cute eggs. But, seriously, Clover may be on the path to stardom now. I mean, she’s already bigger than Dear Abbey! She’ll probably be discovered by an agent looking for hot new models. Then she’ll be on the cover of Goat Vogue. And we can all say we knew her when she worked for mere cookies.

  2. 1-7

    Hooray! I love how they made such a big deal out of your column making its debut. They obviously know how lucky they are to have you writing for them! It would not surprise me if you got syndicated eventually (maybe soon?!)

    I love the itty bitty eggs! We used to have banty chickens when I was a kid and they were “mine” too. They’re so cute and small! :chicken:

  3. 1-7

    I forgot to mention, I love the pic of the old house. It is sad to see it in that state. I think about the people who have lived there and in other places like it that I see around here.. who built it and what was their story? How many babies were born there, how many family meals were cooked in the kitchen, and bedtime stories read or told? I’m glad other people like those old houses too.

  4. 1-7

    Oh my…you’re going to have to make a lot of fuss of poor Coco – she gets her photo waaaay down the page – not only below both Honey and the chickens, but smaller too!!!

    Aww Coco, bless your furry heart. :woof:

  5. 1-7

    Oh dear, and now I’ve upset Clover by mixing her up with Honey!!! :fan:

  6. 1-7

    Congrats on your newspaper column debut. Will your articles be available on the paper’s website?

  7. 1-7

    I like :chicken: Bantys…especially when they sing. They are so sweet, and usually make good mommies. Congratulations on the newspaper column. :elephant:

  8. 1-7

    I’m so excited to see your name and photo on the front page of the newspaper. By the way, I think I remember that top banner being called a “reefer”. No, not that kind of reefer, I think it means that those blurbs “refer” the reader to the inside stories.


    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  9. 1-7

    Congratualtions on your column. However you do realise that Clover is about to be a big star now and everyone else will be in the shadows!

  10. 1-7

    Congratulations on your article! I bet your website traffic will really go wild now — best wishes to you!

  11. 1-7

    Congratulations Suzanne and don’t be surprised when you are contacted to do a reality show someday. The title should be: “Life in Ordinary Splendor”. I’d be a faithful viewer too! Pitch this to your agent.

  12. 1-7

    How cool! I missed this edition of the paper–what day was it published? Maybe I can find a back issue somewhere, or look at it at the library.

    Great pics with the article, btw. Did you select which ones to publish?

  13. 1-7

    Granny Sue, it was Monday! Yes, I sent the pics. :smile:

  14. 1-7

    How cool! Congratulations Suzanne!
    Thanks for all you share and the smile you always bring.
    You rock!

  15. 1-7

    Sorry but I think the Giant Puppy pic should have been at the top. You know the cuteness factor :D
    Congratulations on the column, maybe someday it will go national? How can we encourage that?

  16. 1-7

    :elephant: Front page?????? You go, girl!!!!! You’ll have to start a fan club!! I love the little egg! I think we used to call them “pullet” eggs, but maybe that’s something entirely different. I would blow the eggs( with a pin, blowing the innards out, and then dry it.) and decorate them. My mom’s friend, who was very creative, like yourself, used to blow eggs, and cut them out a bit, and put cute, Eastery things inside. They were really beautiful, and have lasted about 50 years so far! Great pics in the article. Famous farmfriends!! LOL! :sheepjump:

  17. 1-7

    YAY! Clover is on her way to stardom. She owes you a lot though, if it weren’t for your fantastic writing (and sending in the pictures) there would be no newspaper with her picture in it!
    How fun is this???

  18. 1-7

    Wow! Your picture on the front page above the fold! I know it’s not the whole article on the front page, but still it’s a wow moment!

  19. 1-7

    Those eggs are cute and all, but I am so happy for you! Kudos! :shimmy:

  20. 1-7

    I love that picture of Clover. She looks sweet, but with a little “attitude”! LOL! Congratulations again on yor column!

    I was looking back through your “pictures of the day” and saw the one of the winter trees. Today our trees have a thin layer of ice on them and really look beautiful.

  21. 1-7

    I am so happy for you. What you do here is special and the people of Charleston are blessed. :clap:

  22. 1-7

    How cool to have your pic,Clovers,Coco’s and the Shakesphere chickens in the paper.And, the story too, of course!Looking forward to reading your articles.Uh oh, now that means I’ll be spending even more time on my laptop, Ha, ha! :typing: :catmeow: :hellokitty: :purr:

  23. 1-7

    A well-deserved honor for a great writer who has a very interesting life….well worth recording! Congratulations.

  24. 1-7

    Eggs! Sweet!

    Hard boil the first ones, get a sense of how each kind tastes, then use them accordingly from there.

  25. 1-7

    Oh, thanks for sharing the actual photos of your column for those of us who live across the country and live the country life vicariously.

  26. 1-7

    Congratulations on the column!!

    Clover’s newfound fame reminds me of that Blondie episode where Daisy becomes the (WWII) troops’ pin-up pooch and she becomes famous!

    About the old house photo: I like to think that houses have personalities (as opposed to “spirits”…that’s just creepy).

    How can so much living go on inside something and it not be affected? I wonder if my childhood home would remember me?

    Working hard at

  27. 1-7

    How wonderful for you! I went right to the newspaper website and read it. May God bless you with more opportunities and ideas in 2009…

  28. 1-7

    OH SUZANNE!! I am so happy for you! Your columns will be as popular with the locals as they are with us folks out here in blog land..I visit you every morning–seeing Clover and you and 52 and all your activities is comforting and fun.. starts me off in a good mood..GOOD LUCK with the column and of course with your book writing too..MADELINE

  29. 1-7

    Congratulations on your first article in the Charleston Daily Mail!
    Good things are sure to come from here on out.

  30. 1-7

    Congrats on the column. Your blog is one of the most interesting reads for me. Entertaining, informative, and inspirational. Those adjectives are simply descriptive. Thanks for your efforts.

  31. 1-7

    Went to Charleston Daily Mail and tried to register, but THEY are having issues. I did enjoy your column and will keep trying to let them know. I can not be defeated that easily.

  32. 1-7

    Congratulations on your column and the well-deserved accolades! You’re on your way to stardom. We used to use the banty eggs just like any other eggs just use more of them. I still have a recipe my husband wrote out for making ice cream with banty eggs and duck eggs. Another possibility is to hard boil and then pickle them. I used to know people who sold pickled quail eggs.

  33. 1-7

    I loved the article and I loved seeing a photo of the actual paper – thanks! Wow, people will be coming from miles around just to meet Clover!!! Uh, I mean, to meet you! It might help prevent hurt feelings if you put Coco in charge of scheduling the interviews. :catmeow:

  34. 1-7

    How wonderful that must feel to see your work in living color in the newspaper! Congratulations!

  35. 1-7

    that diva Clover!….

  36. 1-7

    I had to share the egg pictures with my daughter because she wants banties. I’m sure she’d be claiming all the banty eggs as hers like she does right now with our green eggs. Several years back she went with my parents to buy baby chicks. The guy selling gave her a little banty chick was supposed to be her very own hen. She was looking forward to little eggs, but the hen turned out to be a rooster!

  37. 1-7

    It’s the little egg that could! Can eggs be cute? Because it’s such a cute little egg!

    I see Clover has the prima-donna thing down pat.

  38. 1-7

    That is great! Cute little eggs. And I’m so happy for you, Clover, et al. Those lucky folks reading the Charleston Daily paper – they have no idea the treat they are in store for!

    Beth in PA

  39. 1-7

    the front dadgum page?? you go girl! :clap:

    i love my little banty eggs. i use them and the coturnix quail eggs to make fancy little deviled eggs! people are amazed lol. i’ll also just hard cook a batch, peel ’em and put them in the fridge. the kids snack on ’em like grapes lol

  40. 1-7

    Wow front page intro – real nice :snoopy:
    On the old house – i love to go in and get something to carry it on; like those really neat windows with panes…whether the glass is in or out….door knobs…something to say it can’t all go away with no one to care…memories mean something. (All those things we call “possibilities”)

  41. 1-7

    This is so exciting!!!! (Both the eggs and the newspaper column!)

  42. 1-7

    Congratulations, Suzanne! You look good on paper! Hope they treat you well and pay you more than cookies!

  43. 1-7

    That Banty egg is cute..but I see NO pink in it. It looks soft creamy brown!!! But, I take YOUR word for it, because you are up close and personal. LOL :mrgreen: Anyway, it’s cute. MINI EASTER EGGS to dye!!!!! :yes:

    Congrats on the front page of the paper and your article!!! How exciting! I am so glad COCO is center stage. I love that giant puppy! :mrgreen:

  44. 1-7

    Congrats on the newspaper and congrats on the new banty eggs!
    Hint- 1 banty egg + 1 duck egg = 3 normal eggs!
    Most of our banty eggs yolks are the same size as normal eggs so we use them just the same.
    We had a banty a while back who was so small we named her sparrow. She was very sweet and yes, she could hatch and raise any egg we gave her, even partridges! You’ll never have to use that nasty defier of nature again (the incubator)!

  45. 1-7

    I hope this is a regular paying job for you, in addition to being a great writer, you’re also a great photographer.

  46. 1-7

    I used to have bantys. When they run free, they are very prolific reproducers. Experts at hiding their nests.

    Congrats to Clover for getting more newspaper space than Dear Abby!

  47. 1-7

    That is so cool to see your picture on the front page!

    We had banty chickens and their eggs were small. I don’t remember how many we had but they kept a family of five in eggs. I loved those little eggs, as any kid would :)

  48. 1-7

    Congratulations on your debut column! You better not let Clover know she is a star or it could go to her head, lots of luck trying to get her to breed then. Clover will be saying “He isn’t good enough to father my baby.” “You can’t be serious about that one!” and on and on. :rotfl:

  49. 1-7

    Aww, the little eggs are so cute! Watch out for Clover, she’s going to want a three cookie minimum when you take pictures. *G*

  50. 1-7

    Your little bitty banty is adorable and so are her eggs. My two youngest banties just started laying too, one green eggs, one pink. They’re so cute! I save them up and make chicken bread to feed the chickens. They love it, here’s the recipe

    Chicken Bread

    10 eggs
    1 cup oatmeal
    1 cup cornmeal
    1/4 cup wheat germ

    Add a little water if you need to make a nice batter. Pour it into a greased and floured bread pan. Bake at 325 for about an hour. Let it cool then break it apart and toss it out to the chickens. They’ll love your forever.

  51. 1-7

    Things are really going well, aren’t they? Banty eggs and front page placement! Wow! I think 2009 is going to be YOUR year. Congrats all around!

  52. 1-7

    I’m so proud of you and your critters!!! And congrats on the banty egg! I’m sure Princess will enjoy every bite! It must be gourmet – gourmet servings are always small!

  53. 1-7

    Banty eggs – scramble them up and eat em’!
    My bantys were the most prolific egg layers.

  54. 1-7

    Congratulations on the column, Suzanne!!

  55. 1-7

    Those eggs would look sooooo cute in an itty bitty easter basket lol. Clover is sooooo adorable.

  56. 1-8

    Poach them and put them on top of other foods – like stacked, you know? People will think they are quail eggs and that you have gone all Iron Chef on them!

  57. 1-8

    YAY! Look at the egg. Look at YOU!
    Congrats on the column!

  58. 1-11

    Congratulations on your new column! I read your first article from the tweet you sent and thought it very entertaining. I’m sure you will be writing for them for a long time to come.

  59. 1-11

    FYI for your agricultural terminology-challenged friends: A “pullet” is a pre-pubertal female chicken. When she starts to lay eggs, then she is a hen. The pre-pubertal male chicken is called a “cockerel,” when he matures and starts chasing and catching the hens, he is called a “cock.”

    FANTASTIC Job for the Daily Mail, Suzanne. You know that we are proud of you!

    Love ya,
    Cousin Sheryl

  60. 1-1

    Wow! Good for you! I love it! :sheep: :duck: :snoopy:

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