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I love this Google earth view of my farm. Below is a very (very!) vague and non-exact drawing of the boundaries. It’s totally not drawn quite right, and is somewhat skewed from the perspective, but it will give you the idea of how this 100 acres lies, which is generally within the ridges all around. The cleared area in the foreground is the far upper reach of the cattle farm that is on the other side of my farm.

This “airplane” view reminds me that while down here on the ground, I feel as if there is a lot of flat land around me, this farm is truly nestled in the wild and wonderful hills.

A year ago on the eve of Thanksgiving, I posted Landing on My Feet. It was an exciting, scary time for me, and it has been a wild and wonderful year. I appreciate so much all the support and encouragement over this past year as I’ve found my way in this big change. At this time, as I still feel a bit stunned that it has actually been a year, one of the things I am thankful for is you.

Thank you for being here, and here is to Year Two at Sassafras Farm!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on November 21, 2012  

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  1. 11-21

    Awesome! Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours! I enjoy your writing. Take care.
    Debbie :wave: :wave:

  2. 11-21

    Congratulations on all you have accomplished in year one. Here’s to year two! Happy Thanksgiving from our farm to yours.

  3. 11-21

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. I look forward to
    your photos and sharing about life on your farm. You are how I feel a little bit of farm life form my house in my neighborhood. Yesterday, after hard work from a group, 4 Chesapeake Hens, our city will allow those of us in neighborhoods to have up to 6 hens. At last I will have a litte tiny bit of the country in my backyard.

    in a neighborhood

  4. 11-21

    What a year you have had. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family; have a wonderfully blessed 2nd year at Sassafras Farm. I enjoy all you share with us. :duck:

  5. 11-21

    It’s a beautiful place! I am so envious. And I’m so glad you share it with us.

  6. 11-21

    Congratulations! You did it! All you need is 100 acres and lots of will-power! and prayer of course! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to reading your book too!

  7. 11-21

    Awww! Have a wonderful year 2 on the farm! Thank you for all the joy that you bring to me & mine. :happyflower:

  8. 11-21

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Look how far you’ve come in a year – an impending novel (which I can’t wait to read), horses, and a better farm. Congratulations – you work so hard and deserve it!

  9. 11-21

    Have a wonderful second year . I do look forward to your posts every day. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  10. 11-21

    Your farm is truly protected there in the hills, it looks like the hills themselves are giving the farm a hug & keeping it safe. It has been a blessed year, with many trials, challenges and triumphs… May you, yours and everyone here have a warm, safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. 11-21

    I love this view! Congratulations on a special year and may you have many many more. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  12. 11-21

    Here’s to a fantastic year two! Congratulations, Suzanne. I can’t wait for your book. What a year!

  13. 11-21

    A Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family, Suzanne, and to all of the online CITR Family from all of us here at Golden Bucket Farm.

  14. 11-21

    Awe,,,thank you!!! a big thank you!!!! look in the mirror tonight and think::::how far you have come!! what you have learnt along the way:::what a journey for you and your kids:: I have loved reading and catching up on all your blog posts:::you have made me laugh a lot and cry some,,,just you remember::your never alone:: you have a lot of us crazy stalker’s,,,,oops,,,fans,,,who want to know what your doing every day::lol,,,,Congrat’s to all of you! hat’s off to ya,,,,enjoy a great meal::: and tie one on if need be::: you my dear have earned it! that’s for sure!!! now where is that spell check????aha,,,,found it! muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  15. 11-21

    Happy Thanksgiving ! Happy Anniversary! Happy Venison!

    The post about the mountains hugging you, that’s how I feel when I go home. Just like the hills are folding you up in their arms. Love it!

  16. 11-21

    Very interesting view. The rocky outcrop stands out, very interesting.
    It shows you do need a four wheeler,with a trailer. All the items that need to be brought back down to the homestead.

  17. 11-21

    You literally bought Hidden Valley! I am completely happy for you. I remember reading last winter all of the troubles you were having with the water heater, culvert, odd flooding, etc. I am jealous in a positive way for you and your family. Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  18. 11-21

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy every minute with your family. Happy Anniversary to you and Sassafrass Farm…you deserve each other :)
    I’ll be here as long as you continue to share your coordinated chaos!
    How’s the Bee-Hind doing this week?
    :heart: :moo:

  19. 11-21

    Yes, I want to join the others in thanking you for opening up daily about your life on the farm, with your kids, and whatever else is going on. Every morning I get up, make my morning coffee and breakfast, sit in my armchair, open up my iPad , and visit the CitR blog site . You’ve often made me chuckle out loud, relate to those special,sometimes difficult, moments with your kids,,and wonder in amazement as you expend so much energy, getting through what needs to be gotten through, getting done what needs to get done. You are an amazing woman,Suzanne! We are blessed to know you.

  20. 11-21

    Wishing you and your family and very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! Thank you for all of the joy you give to us, your readers.

  21. 11-21

    …reaching cross the virtual miles in order to clink glasses in a toast… Thank you, Suzanne, for all you do and for all you share. May those wise old hills shelter you, your family, and Sassafras Farm for decades to come.

  22. 11-22

    For a woman who has moved a mountain, the hills may seem like flat land. :purpleflower: Have a blessed 2nd year!

  23. 11-22

    Sometimes we don’t understand why the bad things happen until we realize the good things that follow… :pawprint:

  24. 11-22

    Suzanne, Sassafras farm is where you were meant to be, nestled in the valley with our beloved West Virginia hills surrounding you and yours.May God Bless. :heart:

  25. 11-23

    It’s easy to think about having someone in your life again after having your former spouse visit for Thanksgiving. I bet he’s cute. :) It’s going to happen again for me because I want it to. He’s looking for me, and he plays tennis and likes horses.

  26. 11-23

    I could write a book – good as Gone With the Windand twice as long. But who would want to read it?
    I would rather share the good and rewarding things
    Oh well I think I shall go to bed!!!!!!!!!

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