My Inner Redneck


Ross brought me his old truck and signed it over to me.

(His “new” old truck is the white one in the background.) So now I have a pickup truck! It’s not 4WD, unfortunately, though Ross did add a 4WD emblem to the truck because it looked cool. It will, however, be handy when I need to pick up large materials or supplies for the farm. Ross got this truck in high school, and mostly what I remember about it is how often it broke down. Ross learned a lot about working on vehicles with this truck, and he loves doing stuff like that. He loved this old truck. It’s highly decorated in….a somewhat redneck style.

I love that this truck will always make me think of Ross. I will almost feel like Ross when I’m driving it! I’ll feel competent!

And strong!

And confident!

And awesome!

And redneckky!

Until it breaks down.

Then I will start crying. Like a baby. And call my cousin.

Nobody tell Ross.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on April 10, 2012  

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  1. 4-10

    That was really nice of him to do that! Now you can look like a real farmer at the feed store. :D

  2. 4-10

    What great kids you have!

  3. 4-10

    I love your truck, Hey I thought you had to live in Georgia to be a Redneck, lol. Anyway, I have a question, what kind of chickens lay brown eggs and what kind of chickens lay double yolk eggs. Been trying to find out, so, I knew you’d know the answer. Thanks, Sheri (redneck in Georgia). lol

  4. 4-10

    It’s great to hear that you are a new proud owner of a truck. Ross is awesome for doing that for you. :D

  5. 4-10

    I forgot to ask, where do I see your answer to my question? Sheri

  6. 4-10

    Fix Or Repair Daily — that spells FORD! Hey at least you don’t have any rebel flags! “Redneck” is bad enough but add a rebel flag to that and there’s no hope for you!

  7. 4-10

    Sheri, all kinds of chickens lay brown eggs! As for double yolk eggs, as far as I know, that’s not a specific breed of chickens. I find double yolks usually in larger eggs, sometimes. I think that’s just a random sort of fluke.

  8. 4-10

    Once you get the racks on, you can haul your animals! Bless Ross.

  9. 4-10

    Love the truck! That was nice of Ross to give it to you. What a good son he is. You are going to love having it. You can haul stuff and by your self!

  10. 4-10

    Looks like you may be getting in touch with your inner mechanic. Nice thing about that Ford is it is fairly easy to work on…

  11. 4-10

    thank you Suzanne for your answer, I want to get me a few, not a lot of chickens. Now do you eat your chickens, don’t know if I can do that, Oh my Heavens, I know for real I can’t if I name them, I better stop thinking about it cause I will talk myself right out of using the eggs, I am just not right, ok ok ok, I’m good. Eggs are good, just wanted to make ya laugh, hey you have a great day and go out and show off your truck!!!!!

  12. 4-10

    I’m glad you’ve got all your kids home. That was so sweet of Ross! Good luck with your truck.

  13. 4-10

    Yehaw!! You go Momma Redneck!! lol Love the window decal…. we have shirts that say “Save a Horse Eat a Politician”. :dancingmonster:

  14. 4-10

    I have always wondered how you managed without a truck. I live in a suburban-type neighborhood and every time I turn around I need a truck! Oh well, one day I will finally have a truck again — when I get my ranch! :)

    I see a trailer in your future!

  15. 4-10

    That is sooo cool!!! Now add the gun rack, lights on top, and mud flaps! Instead of the female sillouette on the flaps – you could have a naked man….just sayin’!!

    And just think of all the new mechanical things you’ll learn to do! Hey, my kid sister was changing her own oil when she was still a teenager.

  16. 4-10

    You can fix the light mechanix on it and do the oil changes yourself if you want. It is a good place to start. Or when Ross is on leave he can do it.
    That is real nice especially if it runs good.
    Redneck in Oregon!

  17. 4-10

    I wish my son would leave me a truck. Not only need a gun rack, but a muddy 4 wheeler in the back. You are luck! Everyone needs a truck town or country.

    Have fun!

  18. 4-10

    That is sooo cool!!! Now add the gun rack, lights on top, and mud flaps! Instead of the female sillouette on the flaps – you could have a naked man….just sayin’!!

    Blah!!!!! naked man mud flaps, you just made my day!

    Suzanne – you have the base of every young man’s dream truck in my area. (I think rednecks are everywhere) Every guy I knew growing up had a similar truck, oh the memories…..

  19. 4-10

    When I was young… many, many, well a long time ago, the saying was:

    F: Fix
    O: Or
    R: Repair
    D: Daily

    LOL – I think they’re great pickups!

  20. 4-10

    How did he drive both trucks there? Guess he towed one. That’s cool that he gave it to you, usually it’s the parent giving the kid a vehicle!

  21. 4-10

    Suzanne, back when I had my big bad Dodge Ram, Hemi engine, 4X4, quad cab pickup, my brother (a long haul trucker) got me two window decals – one was “Redneck Woman” and the other was “Silly Boys, Trucks Are For Girls”. Guys walking by in a parking lot would trip over their own feet reading those decals. And my students at school got a big kick out of them. And then ….one day I got stupid and traded it in on a Grand Cherokee. I’ve regretted that every day since. I think I’m gonna go looking for another pickup.

    That was so nice of Ross. You’ve raised some good kids!

  22. 4-10

    mmmmm need roof fogs and a gun rack. ‘Way to scare the daylights out of N’thners far from the interstate. With that truck, you can haul pokey and jack and claim to be haulin’ a&&.
    Those 150’s are real workhorses…even if they break, they’re fixable!

  23. 4-10

    Bless Ross, you have such wonderful kids!

  24. 4-10

    Found On Road Dead is another term for the word Ford. ;)
    I love my big Tundra.

  25. 4-10

    Ross is a good son that was raised “right”. Also, I believe that the military instills a real respect for ones mom. From what I’ve heard bad things might be said about a girlfriend or wife but NEVER about mama.
    When my husband and I split up I was not so upset about him leaving as much as I hated to see the truck leave. So I went out and bought myself a Toyota Tacoma X-cab 4X4 and put on licence frames that said “girls like to play in the dirt too” and I do take it off road 4-wheeling every so often…you gotta use it or you’ll lose it.
    I have used the truck a lot and a few of my friends have borrowed it. You are always popular when you have a truck. lol
    If you worry about breaking down, for less than $90 a year you can get AAAplus and they will tow your vehicle up to 100 miles up to 3 or 4 (I forget) times a year. I’ve used my AAA twice to tow my car. Plus there are discounts for quite a few places if you show your card.

  26. 4-11

    I drive a Ford truck too! It is a Ford F250 and I have to climb up into it. My friends laugh at me when I get out wearing heels, but I don’t care! A dear friend told me one day that women whe drive trucks are sexy! Woo Hoo, I get to be sexy! LOL!! :dancingmonster:

  27. 4-11

    The chicken beside the truck is so cute. I think she is giving it her approval. I’ll bet she is cheaming how to get you to take her for a ride~~ maybe even let her drive.

  28. 4-11

    I drive a Ford truck too! It’s a 1994 F150, a pretty two-tone turquois blue. We don’t use it very much now but it’s fun to drive. I’ve even used it to pull a 5th-wheel camper 100 miles to where we go camping.
    Nobody better mess with me on the road when I’m in my big truck! Love it!

  29. 4-12

    We wont tell Ross… but that chook sneaking around the truck looks like she could be awfully chatty… lol~ Ross is a sweetheart for letting you have his old truck. >:O

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