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I just got the cover art for my December book! Cover art is a funny thing and you never know what you’re gonna get. I talked about the input I have into cover art here a few months ago when I was filling out the “Art Fact Sheet” for this book. Honestly, at this point, I don’t even remember what I put down, but I’m happy with the cover. The colors are nice and the people are pretty. And, wow, they made my name big. I’m blinded by the font! This is the first time they have ever made my name that big. I’m pretty sure it must be a mistake… When the powers-that-be find out, heads are gonna roll!!

Anyway, this book is part of my “Haven” series. You can find out more about my “Haven” books and the other stories in the series on my “Books” page, but I just want to say that these books are connected thematically and by setting. They are not connected plot-wise and you can read them in any order. They are stand-alone stories. They are all set in a small West Virginia mountain town where an earthquake combined with weather created an atmospheric “perfect storm” that released positive ions…and subsequent paranormal activity. I wrote a post last year called Yeah, It’s Like Spiderman about a conversation I had with my oldest son (17–he was 16 then) explaining the “Haven” series premise. That post says all I know about positive ions.

The backcover copy of Protected in His Arms reads:

He Had Only 72 Hours . . .

With the clock ticking, U.S. Marshal Gideon Brand knew a little girl would die unless he could convince genuine psychic Marysia O’Hurley to help him. But he never planned to enlist Marysia’s help with bullets flying in the background and her as his unwilling hostage!

She Wanted a Lifetime . . .

Now the two are on the race of their lives to discover the link between the plane crash that killed Marysia’s husband and the disappearance of a judge’s granddaughter. And as Marysia learns to embrace—and not curse–her ESP, she’s about to discover another more passionate side to herself in the sexy lawman’s arms. . . .

Haven: One small town can be otherworldly.

A hot, sexy lawman! Paranormal activity! A plane crash! A federal judge on the take! Mafia gunmen! Car chases! What more could you want? And it’s all set in the West Virginia backwoods. It will be on store shelves the first of December 2008, but you can pre-order it here!! (You know you want to!)

The first review is in! “This is the BEST BOOK EVER!! Do not miss it! Buy it NOW!”
Suzanne’s mother. (Okay, she didn’t really say that and she hasn’t read this book yet, but I know it’s what she would say anyway! And don’t you believe her?)

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on September 17, 2008  

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  1. 9-17

    finding your books locally has a been a lesson in futility. guess I have to set aside my dislike for amazon and dust off the credit card. oh, better yet I wonder if has them?

    congrats on the book art. looks good to me!

  2. 9-17

    I love the cover! I love this series of books too. I just read a Silhouette Romantic Suspense novel. I work nights and was off Friday night so I bought the one out now by Carla Cassidy and read it in about 5 hours. Yours sounds like such a great ride! I love all the twists and shocking things that happen in the Suspense ones. I’m definitely going to preorder yours and look for your older ones too!
    Oh and your name DESERVES to be HUGE!

  3. 9-17

    :thumbsup: the cover looks great!

  4. 9-17

    Now I can’t wait for December. I’m going to have to put your book at the tip top of my christmas list. Well….after goats.

  5. 9-17

    More books should be set in WV..and you know not have us all as toothless inbred hicks.

    I do like me some paranormal activity.
    Just so long as there are no radioactive spiders.

  6. 9-17

    I like anything that deals with ESP and our world. Where can we get it locally? I have not seen any of your books here even at half price books

  7. 9-17

    Category romance novels are available in stores the month of their release, so this book will be on store shelves in December. They aren’t kept on store shelves otherwise, which is why you can’t find them in stores except during the month of their release. However, you can buy them anytime (until they run out) from online booksellers, or you can ask your local brick-and-mortar store to special order.

  8. 9-17

    LOVE the cover! I already have that on my to-be-ordered list from eHarlequin, so November 1st I’ll be buying it. (Love that you can order a month in advance from them.)

    -Kim A.

  9. 9-17

    WTG Suzanne! You know you are famous when your name gets to be bigger then the title! woohoo :woof:

    And, moms are always right when it comes to matters like that!!! :thumbsup:

  10. 9-17

    Great cover and the best part is how big your name is. Congratulations! When I opened the page up and viewed the cover your name is what stood out to me more than anything.

  11. 9-17

    Groovy cover…I like your name big…makes a statement! you know if people ask…”Do you ever read Suzanne McMinn”? that is all you have to say…is your name….super cool!

  12. 9-17

    Looks great! I will look for it in December.
    I can’t wait to see my name on the front cover of a book.
    I write picture books and middle grade. Both my middle grades take place in West Virginia and one of my picture books (Amazing Miss Maizy)is on a farm in Jackson County.
    Congratulations again

  13. 9-17

    It’s a great one, but best yet is the font size of your name!!!

  14. 9-17

    Congratulations on a great cover and what sounds like an exciting and interesting new addition to the Haven series. I like seeing your name printed in large letters…make it easy to find when I go to the bookstore…right.

  15. 9-17

    I guess this makes you a “big name author.” And we knew you when…. :)

    Congrats! It looks terrific!

  16. 9-17

    I am officially swooning!!!! *falls to the couch* He is a hottie – do they make these after pictures of real people or are they completely fake? PLEASE tell me that he is real somewhere so I can go hunting for him!!! LOL

  17. 9-17

    Sounds wonderful. They gave you a good cover.

  18. 9-17

    BTW – congrats! Sorry I missed it the first time I commented, I was a bit overtaken! Lol

  19. 9-17

    LOL, Heidi! Yes, the way they make these covers is they photograph models in whatever pose they want and then an artist paints the cover (with all the background elements to go with the story etc) and paints in the models from the photograph.

  20. 9-17

    Now with every thing you do how in the world did you find time for this I love the cover
    and you deserved the big name REALLY YOU DO!

  21. 9-17

    Now I know why I can’t find your books out here! I will start looking online for them from now on. Next time I have some money in my budget for reading materials that is what I am going to do. (I wonder if I can do without gas for a while? Then I could get some books! Lots of books!)

  22. 9-17

    The cover looks great!
    I have ro order your books from Amazon. I live in a small town and the nearest place that carries your books is 70 miles away.

  23. 9-17

    Woo-Hoo! The cover looks great.I like books with Psychics, I’ll be on the look out for it!

  24. 9-17

    Great cover, especially the font they used for your name! I can’t wait to get it. :shimmy:

  25. 9-17

    Hey that guy on the cover looks just like the guy named Jessie who was on the last Big Brother TV show. Hey Heidi, Jessie was from Iowa.

  26. 9-17

    I think i’ll just stand here and jump and down until December cause i’m so excited!! :snoopy:

    I love these “Haven” books! :yes:

    Jake’s a Girl.

  27. 9-17

    Fantastic cover – love the colors and the models and especial THE BIG NAME

  28. 9-17

    OK that was especially THE BIG NAME lol

  29. 9-17

    The new cover rocks, Suzanne!

  30. 9-17

    Congratulations Suzanne on your new cover, and book coming out! I know you’ll celebrate your “new baby”!!! :mrgreen: :rockon: :bananadance: :shimmy:

    Dukie…how cute!!! :mrgreen:

  31. 9-17

    :cattail: :fan: :butterfly:

  32. 9-17

    Fantastic cover! :flying:

  33. 9-17

    Ohhh, I can’t wait to get it!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like it’s right up my reading agenda! :whip:

  34. 9-18

    I’m going to read this book or at least one of your other books. From the writings on your blog, I’m sure the book is good.

    FYI. I awarded you a blog award in a post on my blog. Hope you don’t mind, but I think your blog is great.

  35. 9-18

    Great cover, Suzanne! I love getting new covers. The suspense always kills me. Always a plus when it’s pretty AND your name is big. :) I’ll be looking for this one!


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