Another year, another prom! This year, it was Weston and Morgan both. Morgan, a 9th grader, is too young to go to prom, but social butterfly that she is, she finagled her way into being the just-a-friend date of a senior who didn’t have a date. Morgan is one of those people who is going to make the most of high school.

Notice the tri-color rose in the boutonniere Morgan is holding. The boy with no date actually took three girls to the prom, so he had his boutonniere made to match all three of their dresses. (Morgan was the official date, or else she couldn’t go. The other girls were older.)

One of the popular spots to have photos taken before prom is the McIntosh Mansion. Here is where they discovered their flowers had somehow not come with pins to attach them, which created some confusion and consternation.

He propped his in his pocket and she propped hers in her dress and we went on!

By the way, I got that dress for Morgan for $40! Out of a vast sea of prom dresses that cost hundreds of dollars.

It didn’t take long before they were acting like goofballs.

Which promptly upset the fragile flower situation.

I promised to find pins before prom time and left them to goof around on their own while I headed to the World O’ Pins. I was going to Weston’s girlfriend’s house in town to watch Weston and Mariah get dressed. Her mother is an accomplished seamstress (i.e. she has a lot of pins). They have a farm outside town, on a road worse than ours, and rent a small place in town so they can get their kids to school in the winter. Mariah’s mother made the body of the dress, and Mariah did the lace and detail work. She was still making last finishing touches to the bodice.

Mariah, tying the bow tie they sewed for Weston.

Helping him on with the cummerbund, which they also made.

By prom time, it had started raining, which didn’t make for the best photo op at the high school. Here is my cousin’s handsome son, Madison, who just finished his first year at West Virginia University.

He was with his girlfriend, the lovely Amanda, who is still in high school.

The lovely Amanda, who tricked me into taking Morgan to the 4-H livestock show by saying she needed Morgan to braid her hair–then when we got there, her hair was already done. (Really! See here.) Then she never came over to train Glory Bee for me. I almost tripped her going into the prom for that. (I’M JUST KIDDING.)

Morgan and her friend, arriving in the rain. Still clutching their pinless flowers.

I saved the day with my pins and told Sheryl (my cousin’s wife and Madison’s mom) to put them on. She’s a nurse, so if she stuck them, she’d know what to do. Or at least it would be her fault!

And then the prince and princess arrived.

Mariah never fails to look like a princess in anything, but this dress was especially princess-like.

It was the most beautiful dress I saw going into the prom, and no surprise–because it was a homemade dress. Here is a view of the back.

These two……… They’ve been together for two years now and they are like two bugs in a rug. She is one year behind him in school, and will be going to WVU, also. They practically lived together this winter when Weston spent a lot of nights at their house in town so he, too, could get to school and not miss too much his senior year. Big changes coming up with college for Weston and a year of separation before she joins him at WVU–though he will be home many weekends, I know. To see her, not me! I think they are one of those high school couples that will make it past high school. They have something special.

I’m very probably looking at my future daughter-in-law. I’m pleased.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on May 16, 2011  

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  1. 5-16

    Geez, they all look so fresh and grown up. How proud you must be. . . I rather think Mariah’s dress looks custom made or couture rather than homemade.

  2. 5-16

    They ALL looked so Nice..Morgans pretty blue dress for $40.00 WOW what a steal. Mariah is a great seamstress, her dress is absolutely beautiful!
    to the PROUD parents

  3. 5-16

    :snoopy: They all look so beautiful/handsome and happy!!
    Morgan just glows with happiness with a ting of spunk. :) Blue is her color.
    The Prince and Princess were adorable. What a wonderful dress.
    Granny Trace

  4. 5-16

    Wow – beautiful pictures! Morgan’s dress was gorgeous: what a deal! And Mariah did look like a princess.
    I agree with you: I always let someone else do the pinning on of corsages!
    Looks like they had fun – I’ve never seen a tri-color rose. Very imaginative!

  5. 5-16

    Love the pictures- what great kids you have (including your ‘almost’ daughter!)

  6. 5-16

    WOW, Suzanne, you must be so proud! Weston and Mariah are such a beautiful couple – they DO look like a prince and princess. And Morgan looks like a model on the red carpet in the pic of them arriving in the rain. What lovely young people!

  7. 5-16

    Wow, Mariah’s dress looks amazing! She could probably make her own wedding dress, wouldn’t that be the coolest? Congratulations on looking so purty everyone! :happyflower:


  8. 5-16

    My daughter went to the senior prom when she was a freshman. Two years later and she and her date are still together. I usually refer to him as one of my “kids”. I’m actually a bit envious of them! Wish I had been that lucky when I was a teenager. Your children & their dates look beautiful!

  9. 5-16

    Very nice, you have to be one proud mama.

  10. 5-16

    Morgan and Mariah stole the show! You have a beautiful girl, Suzanne, and so does Weston…that dress was just lovely. Looks like a very good time!

  11. 5-16

    Excellent color for Morgan! Her and her date are adorable! Mariah’s dress came out fantastic! Love the train and lace. And how handsome Weston! They all look absolutely wonderful! All this Prom talk is making me excited. I have two boys graduating and going to Prom in a couple weeks!

  12. 5-16

    They look all so beautiful. Very exciting time for them. I remember prom so many years ago…….. Weston and Mariah look so much in love. Wedding bells in the future it looks like. Morgan looks fantastic in that blue dress. An love the boutonniere it is really neat. Thanks for sharing your pics with us. :happyflower:

  13. 5-16

    They all looked amazing! Thanks for showing us pictures! 8)

  14. 5-16

    Great pictures and those girls are so beautiful! Weston looked really handsome too. My oldest and my 3rd daughter found someone special like that early on in highschool too, and like the other commenter said, I’m a little envious. But really it just makes me happy that they have something I always wished I had (Mine happened in college :) )
    It looks like everyone had fun, even the parents getting together and helping and taking pictures. Great memories!

  15. 5-16

    Nice to see more of Madison and Amanda! Everyone looked so wonderful.
    Weston definitely doesn’t smile all the time the way he smiles when he’s with Mariah. I noticed that at your house and I see it more and more in pics you share :snuggle:



  16. 5-16

    Lovely young ladies all and handsome young men. The colors are delightful. Morgan was beautiful (that blue was perfect!), and so was Mariah, who is a very talented young lady. Weston looked sharp, and that haircut was made for him! Hope they all had the best time ever. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope all the mommies and mommies-to-be are doing well.

    Pat in Eastern NC

  17. 5-17

    That Morgan is such a beautiful treasure. You’re so lucky to have such great kids. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    (I don’t remember seeing Weston wearing glasses before, but I do remember Morgan getting them, and now we never see her wear them!)

  18. 5-17

    Morgan wears her glasses, but usually just at home at night. Weston just got glasses last week and is wearing them all the time, so you will see him with glasses again!

  19. 5-18

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Mariah looked beautiful in that dress – it took me back to being 17/18 and having an amazing tiny waist like that :) So glad her and Weston are happy together.

  20. 5-18

    Mariah’s is a really beautiful dress.

    Great deal on Morgan’s dress too. Pretty.

    Everyone looks so nice.

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