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A few days ago, I posted a picture of Debbie, who is in my book, holding a copy of my book.
I decided to post a few more photos of people from the book, for those of you who have already read the book–and those of you who haven’t yet–to put faces to names. Here is my cousin Mark and his wife Sheryl (also holding a copy of my book).
Faye, when she was working at the little store:
Stringtown neighbor Frank:

And Skip (the day he came to check baby Glory Bee and tell me if I had a boy or a girl):

There’s actually a photo of Georgia in the book, but here she is again:

Ross, on the left, Morgan, and Weston. This photo was taken at Stringtown Rising, back when Morgan only had one eye.

CindyP, left, with me at Stringtown Rising, milking BP:
The pig man and his daughter:
The farrier, aka donkey hoof trimmer:

Charlie White, the county clerk:

Dr. Casto, going in for the preg check.

Friend Missy (of Pete and Missy), on the right, in the kitchen during a party at Stringtown Rising:

And even me, at Stringtown Rising. (That’s also me, in the above pic, to the left.)

(And that’s also Missy, in the red, and to the left in purple, my friend Sarah.)


And the Ornery Angel:



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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on October 22, 2013  

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  1. 10-22

    I was hoping to see who the Ornery Angel is! :hissyfit: Please tell me there is a photo of her somewhere in the book! :duck: I just love your storytelling. I think you are on the top five best authors list in my opinion.

  2. 10-22

    I finally got to pick up my book yesterday!!! Now I am resenting the fact that my life is in the way of me sitting and reading it from cover to cover all at once. I’m being good and savoring it little by little. So far so GREAT!!!! Thank you Suzanne for the pictures of the characters in your book, thank you for your book. You do know I am living my life vicariously through you don’t you? You are living my dream that I am not quite brave enough to do on my own.

  3. 10-22

    Thanks for the photos! It’s always nice to be able to put a face with a name. They all look like people I would love to have for neighbors and friends.
    I laughed loudly when I saw the photo of 52…how appropriate!
    And, I just finished your book, love it! DH is reading it now, he rarely will read a book but wanted to read yours. He had to wait for me to finish it first, though.

  4. 10-22

    Perhaps 52 & the Ornery Angel will forever remain, unidentified (?) & maybe that’s is for the best. It gives everybody lots of room to imagine. :shocked:

  5. 10-22

    Wonderful pictures, thanks! Great to see you have so many good friends and cousins around. Good people like that that we work, play, and eat with become like close family. Ornery Angel and 52, ha, God bless ’em (and us while He’s at it). :) As you’ve said, there is a lot of good in ’em. They just have a hard time “fittin’ with other people, for whatever reasons, in some situations.
    PS – We are almost finished with your book. It is wonderful! Already looking forward to a sequel. :D

  6. 10-22

    I thoroughly enjoyed your book – please hurry and start on another!

    ….Oh, and I remember all of the comments about Frank’s arms from a previous post! Wasn’t there someone wanting to meet up with him? LOL! :snoopy:

  7. 10-22

    So nice to see the pictures from your book. Just finished reading it today and found it so enjoyable, please write more about your farm life! I would love to see the farm, meet all the animals and smell your homemade bread cooking!

  8. 10-23

    Ah, dd in her princess costume. It’s still not rare to find her in costume versus “real” clothes. :)
    I am so proud of you, Suzanne, and glad we’re friends!

  9. 10-23

    All of my kids prefer costumes to real clothes lol. Yesterday I went grocery shopping with a Princess and a Ninja.

  10. 10-23

    I got my copy of your book friday, and finished it Sunday. You have amazing writing skills. I found your blog just before Glory Bee was born and have been reading ever since. The book put events in order, and the pictures in the book are lovely. It made me laugh, it made me sad, and the Acknowledgments at the end of the book put a lump in my throat. Love the recipes and craft sections.
    Like some of the others I am ready for your next book.

    Oh BTW I have one question if you don’t mind. I was born in Dallas and lived in Texas most of my life (now live south of Ft. Worth. In your book you said you lived on a lake in Texas. My first thought was what lake?

  11. 10-23

    steakandeggs—if you live south of Fort Worth, you are in my old stomping grounds. I lived on Lake Granbury for many years, right off 377.

  12. 10-23

    Thank you so much for posting the photos. Nice to be able to put names to the photos. Enjoying your book this week. Good job!

  13. 10-23

    Small world as they say. A couple of years ago you wrote about Mongan and Weston visiting their father and they were at the Ft.Worth Exchange. I wonder if you might have lived close.
    I have been to Granbury many times. A friend of my lived right on the lake and I went there quite a bit.

  14. 10-23

    My mistake I should have typed Morgan not Mongan.

  15. 10-23

    Loved the book! Read it in two days :D Thanks so much for posting the pictures……nice to put faces with names :sheep:
    Blessings~~Shine :sun:

  16. 10-23

    Does your publisher have any plans to send you on a book tour? Might you come to one of the bookstores in the Chicago area? There are several that are known for having book signings and it would be great for your blog readers here in the Chicago area–even Milwaukee, Indiana, etc.–to be able to meet you, buy your books and get it autographed (sorry about your phobia).

    The book “scene” in the Chicago area is very vibrant. The Chicago Tribune has a special literary supplement (Printers Row) which covers the book field and prominently promotes the many book events and signings in the area. Mention to your publisher that your Chicago area fans would love to meet you and buy your book (and maybe a few for gifts).

  17. 10-24

    Suzanne, I am so proud to be part of “your story”! Reliving so many wonderful memories through your words. Hope to see you soon!

  18. 12-13

    I just finished the book two nights ago and was sad that it had ended. So, I got on-line as soon as I could to find the Chickens In the Road website. Now, at least I can still feel connected. The book was fantastic and I hope you write another. I read about the book in my Oprah magazine and I ordered it on Amazon that same day!

    We bought a farm in Vermont back in March and it is a true joy. I feel like I can’t get enough of anything farm related. I’ve never been on a blog before so this is all new to me but I’m wicked excited!! :sheepjump:

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