Simple Things


Favorite simple pleasures from my weekend–

Baking birthday cake for a family party.

Hanging cut herbs in the kitchen window.

Brand new rocking chairs for a brand new porch.

Air warm enough to open windows in November.

A kiss.

Favorite simple pleasures from your weekend?


  1. Becki says:

    A kiss?

    Do tell!!!!! :treehugger:

  2. Kim A. says:

    Congratulations, Joye!

    Simple pleasures from the weekend: Shopping in Value Village, spending some time with the cats for adoption at our local Petcetera (three of my co-worker’s foster “boys” are there now, looking rather bewildered), and coffee with a couple of friends at Starbucks. Plus lots of play and cuddle time with my own fur kids.

    Okay, I have to ask, what kind of cake was that? It looks delicious! I want to sample a piece! 🙂


  3. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    That cake looks good enough to eat!!! You sure do a great job decorating cakes. Congrats to Joye. A KISS? Do tell. My pleasure was spending time with my son, Rusty his wife Shannon and my 15 month granddaughter Kali. WE visited, he mowed yard and they winterize the pool. Went to church and got revitalized. That’s my week-end. Have a great day and :hug: to all. :wave:

  4. leanne says:

    Congrats Joye!!! :snoopy: My best moments this weekend were playing chase around the house with my daughter, curling up on the couch at night by the fire when the house was asleep with a good book, and watching my daughter chase the kitten around the house, laughing her head off as she was doing it.(my favorite sound to hear). :purr: :purr: Hope everyone has a great day.

    Leanne :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

  5. Susan says:

    Playing with my two fur balls. :purr:

    Started reading a book that I wasn’t sure I’d like and finding that it’s fantastic. :shimmy:

    Watching the first real snowfall. :weather:

  6. Estella says:

    What simple pleasures?
    Congrats Joye!

  7. Brandy says:

    Congratulations Joye!

    The cake looks fantastic, the candles look so pretty!

    Glad you had a good weekend!

  8. Lis says:

    Beautiful cake!

    My favorite simple pleasure, finding an autographed copy of Bret Hart’s autobiography in the bookstore at the Saturday. :snoopy: I knew he was signing there last Tuesday, but I didn’t think they’d get any extras signed.

  9. Magdalena Scott says:

    Simple pleasures of the weekend: (1)Sunlight through the beautiful autumn leaves; (2)A nap; (3)Writing in my sitting room in front of the gas fire.

    NOT a pleasure: discovering that my Jeep is a mouse house. Did you know mice eat seat belts?

  10. Suzanne says:

    Becki, I can’t kiss and tell!!! 😆

    Kim, it’s really just a regular chocolate cake mix with creamy white frosting!

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