Stocking Up


I have a new favorite grocery store. It’s the studio.
Since I got rid of the beloved yet pesky Explorer, I don’t have a four-wheel drive.
I don’t like driving on snowy icy roads in any case. I did that. I’m all done. Snowy icy road at the other farm:
I do not know how I survived. Especially that one time when I nearly ran out of aluminum foil. As God is my witness, I’ll never be aluminum foil-less again!
Okay, really, that’s not the main thing, but I am stocked up on aluminum foil and other things. I have freezers full of food (and yes, a generator to run them in a power outage or coolers to store them if it’s cold outside). And home-canning and pantries and cabinets and shelves full of food. Food is not something I’m likely to ever run out of if I don’t go to the store the entire winter. I’m not stocking up for the end of the world as we know it, though, just for a possibly snow-stuck winter in which I would prefer to have the choice of not braving the roads during bad spells. Since I have food running over here, it’s more things like toilet paper, toothpaste, and light bulbs that I was focused on. The sort of things that we in our first-world spoiled lives consider convenient comforts.
I made several trips to the store to stock up, storing things in the house and the studio, where I won’t be holding workshops again until spring. I made sure I had several of everything that seems to make life comfortable and that one doesn’t want to realize one has run out of on a snowy day.
We don’t want to go out in that, do we, Precious?
When I was all done, I realized I’d bought more of one thing that anything else.

Apparently, I think the thing I will need most to get through a snow-stuck week is not aluminum foil, after all. It’s wine.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on January 8, 2015  

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  1. 1-8

    It’s important to have enough wine when trying to get through the long, cold days of February. That’s why I’ve learned to make my own.

  2. 1-8

    Truer words have never been spoken!

  3. 1-8

    Even though, I live in town there are times that I will/do not like to get out and after having lived in the country for 20+ years I learned to stock up. Today, it is the bitter cold that is keeping me home. I don’t need a lot but I have like 2 eggs in the house. I don’t see any baking in my near future. :chicken:

  4. 1-8

    ROFLMAO I love you Suzanne!!!

  5. 1-8

    I hear ya!!

  6. 1-8

    Make your own! The kits are easy and provide you with 28 to 30 bottles!! And you have the privilage to say “Yep! I made it!”

  7. 1-8

    Haha! Great post. I followed your link to the aluminum foil story…. I remember that story! I… I remember Clover. She was a darned fine goat.

    *sniff* I think it’s time to go make some cookies to commemorate Clover. We shall call them Clover Cookies.

    I be tinkin’ that I, too, need a glass of wine.


  8. 1-9

    LOL. Wine indeed. I have a one year old and a two year old and I UNDERSTAND.

  9. 1-9

    I am so happy to see the mention of the foil, I have wondered and worried, I was about so send some to you. Now on those cold and windy winter nights you can sit with Precious and have a glass of wine and some of your lovely cheese and just enjoy a nice warm cozy fire.

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