The Height of Vanity


I rarely post photos of myself on my blog–for a couple of reasons. One (main reason) is that I never ever never like a picture of myself. Two, I’m usually the one taking the pictures. IT’S MY CAMERA, PEOPLE. One time Morgan wanted to take my camera up the hill to take pictures of something and I made her get her backpack, fill it up with clothes, and tuck my camera down in the middle of it for protection in case she slipped or something. I’m freakish about people touching my camera! I mean, who will take care of it like I do, who??? Even I should do a better job. There’s usually mud on it. Sometimes cookie dough…. I DON’T DESERVE TO TOUCH MY OWN CAMERA!!

Okay, enough of that, back to me.

In the beginning (and for a long time), I had (a cropped and smaller version of) this picture posted in my sidebar:

It was taken two years ago. People have been complaining about it. The other day, someone said it looked as if I was looking out from under a horse’s tail. Someone else told me I needed to do my roots. (Thank you for your concern. You’ll be glad to know that I stopped highlighting my hair a long time ago so that root problem no longer exists. I’m a farmer. I don’t have time for hair highlighting. Or money for hair highlighting.) Mostly, I think people wanted/expected me to look like this (a still taken from my SAM-e contest video, which was shot in November):
I don’t really like this picture, though. A still from a video means I was in the middle of talking when the still was taken and I just look weird. Yet everyone I’ve shown it to likes it better than the new picture that I just put in my sidebar, this one (which was taken several days ago):
I was pretty much satisfied with this one as far as pictures of me go. And that would have been the end of the story, but then someone told me that picture MAKES ME LOOK OLD.


I think I look pretty freaking good for 92, so back off.

Okay, I’m not 92. I’m 24. Sheesh, I do look bad for 24, don’t I?

Okay, okay, I’m 45. (Honesty is such an unimaginative policy.)

So I dragged this child out into the snow yesterday to take pictures of me. Which meant I had to let her touch my camera and everything.
I don’t think she’s taking this whole thing seriously enough, do you? Come on, MORGAN.
You’re too far away, MORGAN. Come closer, my child.
That’s okay. It could be cropped down to something semi-decent in sidebar size….
But wait, there’s more!

Here are your choices–including the one in the sidebar right now but NOT including the one that was there before (too much hatin’ on that one!) and not the one from the video because I don’t like that one at all. Poll below–you get to pick which photo goes in my sidebar. (I KNOW. Could this post be more ridiculous?) Other than Photo #1, which was taken several days ago, these were all taken yesterday within a short period of time. The differences are in lighting and angle.

mejan10Photo #1. (The current photo in my sidebar.)

IMG_0974x2Photo #2.

IMG_0922bPhoto #3.

IMG_0933aPhoto #4.

IMG_0923cPhoto #5.

Vote! And forever hold your peace. And I will forever hold my obsessing. And the same picture is going to stay in my sidebar until I really am 92.

[poll id=”15″]


Note to add: Since #2 seems so popular…. I worked on it to get the yellow out that a few people mentioned. Here is a less yellow version (feel free to comment on which version like best):
(I like Photo #4 best. NOT trying to sway the vote or anything….)

Second note: I put this “compromise” version of #2 in my sidebar. (Crop not quite so close, which was freaking me out on that one for some reason.) FOR NOW! If the vote swings another direction, I’ll change it. But it seems pretty overwhelming so far. And NO ONE is voting for #1, so I might as well get rid of that fugly thing!
Suzanne McMinn

Someone asked in the comments if I’ve been wearing my hair like this since high school so I’m going to post this old photo just for kicks. This photo was taken when Morgan was a baby, so I was about 31. (She is almost 14 now–will turn 14 in about two weeks.) I wore my hair in a similar style to this throughout my teens and 20s, and until my late 30s. I always had bangs, parted my hair on the side, and had it styled in layers, sometimes longer than this pic, but never much shorter. DO NOT DIE LAUGHING FROM THE MAKEUP. I used to wear way too much makeup. (In case you don’t even recognize me, I’m the one holding the baby!)

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on January 8, 2010  

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  1. 1-8

    I had a hard time choosing those were good pictures. For me it was between 2 and 5. But in 5 theres a dk shadow (spot)on your nose,but I like that your eyes showed up so well in that one. So I chose 2,the coloring is really good in that one. :)

  2. 1-8

    :snowman: :woof: :snowman:
    I agree with Leah, I think 2 is a nice photo, it is just what I would have thought you would look like had I had not seen a pictue of you before, your personality really shines through.
    As to the remark about you looking older than your age and as to your hair,– REALLY! I was a hair stylist fo 30 years, and I think your hair is lovely.
    I dont think you look your age at all, If I looked at the second photo, I would guess middle twenties maybe, or perhaps Morgan’s older sister. We should all be so lucky. Must be that good ole mountain air, hard work and the people your surround your self with.
    When you get to be 92, update your picture and we will vote again, but until then—-.


  3. 1-8

    Out of lurking (after reading at least a year) to say #2. The lighting is much better and brightens/softens your face.

  4. 1-8

    I just noticed the ring on your left hand,—anything I missed?

  5. 1-8

    Suzanne, I think you look great! I think some people obviously have way too much time on their hands to be complaining about which pictures you put up, your hair, etc.!

    I did vote #2, love the picture :) But, I have not had any problem with any of your pictures !

    Have a good one !!!!

    I do love to see pictures of you, your family, animals, house, scenery, etc. Keep em coming!!!

  6. 1-8

    Just letting you know (I’m sure you do anyway) that you are one beautiful lady. I voted for number two because of the coloring it just makes you look even more beautiful.

  7. 1-8

    By the way, what did the Woolly Worms predict for this year? Have they been correct?

  8. 1-8

    :duck: JUST A SUGGESTION. to look younger you might eant to go with a lighter lipstick and part your hair to the side more with perhaps a streak or two on the crown of your head and then pehaps a trim with shaping…show a smile with teeth.

  9. 1-8

    I’m suggesting a slightly different hair style and in foregoing expensive salon cuts – something as simple as parting your hair on one side or the other instead of down the middle would be nice. Or even wearing it the front straight back held with a clip. I think you’d be amazed by the difference this would make to reveal the sides of your face. Your skin is lovely, let it be known! Off to vote now! :sun:

  10. 1-8

    I’d take no notice about the comments.

    I like them all, they look very natural.

  11. 1-8

    I like them all. I like your hair how it is, in fact I am trying to let mine grow out to look like yours. I like your style. I do highlight my hair and it is expensive. Keep up the great website and stay warm!

  12. 1-8

    But seriously?

    ANYWAY, I think all of your pictures would have worked out just fine. As for favorites, I voted number 3–I like the kinda coy angle (I now see I was in a crazy minority with that one) but number 2 was my second choice.

    What’s the story with the woolly worms?

  13. 1-8

    Suzanne, let there be light — on your face! That’s why I chose #2. I don’t know what you look like in person, but I’d rather look at your pic with some light so we can see your eyes!

  14. 1-8

    You have guts to open yourself up to this. I did vote though.

  15. 1-8

    I don’t think it really matters what picture you use. I would not want to see a photo looking like a glamor shot picture. I want to see a photo that if I ever get in your area and see you, I’ll recognize you and say hi. Not a picture that I think boy she looks familiar, wonder why. lol

  16. 1-8

    Morgan looks so similar to you in photo 2!

  17. 1-8

    Good morning, Suzanne! I admire you for allowing people to speak their opinons so freely about how you should wear your hair, etc. I would read your blog whether there was a picture posted or not because you have such an enjoyable writing style. You have become my friend (that’s why there is a bowl of no knead bread in my fridge right now)…you never steer me wrong. Even my husband asks each evening now, “So what did the chicken lady have to say today?”. I voted because you asked me to and I chose #4. Doesn’t have to do with your hair or your eyes or your smile or the lighting…none of that. I just happen to like #4!

  18. 1-8

    I’m truly shocked that people would have the gall to make those sort of comments. IMO that’s pretty rude. :bugeyed: But since you asked us to, I still voted.

  19. 1-8

    Suzanne, you’re beautiful, inside and outside! Now that that’s settled, Number 2 is definitely the best shot. Shows your face in brighter light. AND, as my grand daughter always says, “COUNTRY GIRLS ROCK!!!”

  20. 1-8

    I like all your pictures. (I can’t believe the nerve of some people either)

  21. 1-8

    That’s funny. My daughter had to do the same thing for me. I think I look great in person but I’m not photogenic! :purpleflower:

  22. 1-8

    I voted for two…great light in that picture but I also like 4 and would have picked it if it had more light….of course with all these snowy days I think I would vote for anything that had sunlight in it! Great job Morgan but your mother is an easy composition I think.

  23. 1-8

    Looks like photo 2 is in the lead…I’m like that with my camera. Anyone who touches it has to put the strap around their neck. They look at me kind of weird-like. But, they do it cause they want to use it.

  24. 1-8

    Jo, it’s Just a ring!

  25. 1-8

    I think #2 is the most flattering; however, you really need to do something with that mop of hair. Too wild, over shadows your pretty face.

  26. 1-8

    Stop obsessing. You’re beautiful.

  27. 1-8

    Re my hair, it’s wash-and-wear! I don’t have time to “fix” my hair. (I’m a farmer!) Ross’s girlfriend used to say I looked like a hippie, LOL.

  28. 1-8

    Ugg I hate it when people feel the need to voice their opinion on ones appearence and hair style. Get a life people. Geeze.

    I did vote for #2. But it was a hard choice all the pics including the orginial one are all very nice.

    Suzanne some people are just jelous of you. You are very pretty and you do not need make up or new hair styles. You like who you are and that is what is important. There are people who can not accept that in other people because they cant not feel good about thelmselves so they have to point out other peoples small and unimportant flaws I guess. Do not change a thing about you. You are wonderful just as you are.

  29. 1-8

    I was a hippie — What’s wrong with looking like a hippie?? :devil2: I recently cut about 5 inches off and it’s still pretty long – I’ll be 60 this year and have wrestled with the idea that I’M TOO OLD to have long hair. I think there’s some kind of rule out there for old ladies. It’s a little easier to take care of when it’s a little shorter — dries faster and it’s still long enough to pull back to get it off of the neck in summer. As far as your hair goes … follow your bliss. I only disapprove when I see a woman in a mohawk. I mean, what’s that about?

  30. 1-8

    Lordy, lordy, who opened this can of (wooly worms)….

    but since the subject is out there….
    I voted for number two…

    Now lets go back to you Do Debbie stuff….are you going to make a quilt or what….LOL

  31. 1-8

    I love the 2 pics of you crouching in the snow and the one of Morgan. She has her mom’s sense of humor :)
    Number 2 is my favorite because of the lighting and it’s the most natural pic.
    Not many of us like pictures of ourselves, do we? I really do like the pic from the video, perhaps because it shows your sweet smile and looks very natural. In fact, I enjoyed the whole video. It was fun to see you among your dear animal friends.
    We love you just as you are, Suzanne, so don’t change on account of us :)

  32. 1-8

    I think you are beautiful inside and out and as far as pics go, I like #2!

  33. 1-8

    I think your true followers are just being TRUE FRIENDS! Not rude I would hope if I had a pic that did not flatter me my friends would say you are so pretty we need a better pic!!!
    We love you No matter what you look like! I love the new pics! I can see your beautiful face! I too live on a farm and some days only the goats, sheep and longhorns see me but I do get my hair highlighted and styled every 3 months… It makes me feel good.
    I just round up all my purchases in my check book one dollar and then I have enough to pay for my hair style!

  34. 1-8

    I am also the holder of the CAMERA. Lots of family pics but few of me. My pic for my Facebook site varies between my boots,(the garden boots with stars) or one of my watercolors. But I digress. I love photo #2. Your face is bright and you look younger that the current side bar photo. Hope this helps.

  35. 1-8

    Picture number 2 is my favorite!! You and Morgan look so much alike!

  36. 1-8

    I don’t mind the comments, so don’t worry about it. This post pretty much opens it up (voluntarily), so feel free. I’m a romance writer–I can take criticism. (LOL)

  37. 1-8

    It’s funny, I was just looking at pics of 2 of my friends and noticing how they didn’t look at all how they do in real life, one looks better than her pic and one looks not as good as pic It’s funny how that happens.

  38. 1-8

    They’re all beautiful photos!!! And you are very, very brave to put this post up! Imagine that…..a brave farm girl!! :happyfeet: I think #2 looks natural………your smile is like we’re in the middle of a conversation.

    and I read on some photog blog…..a picture taken from up above will give the most flattering photo.

  39. 1-8

    How do you stay so thin?!!!! You look MAHVELOUS DAHLING!!!

  40. 1-8

    I think whatever picture YOU choose to put on YOUR website looks great to me! I sure hope your feelings weren’t hurt by some of the comments you had – mine sure would have been. Sheesh!

    That said, because you asked us to choose, I chose #2 also. But it really doesn’t matter to me – you are lovely in all of them. :hug:

  41. 1-8

    I’m glad that you decided to change from the one currently posted. I thought you looked worried in it. We can’t have you worried, now can we? I agree; photo two is the winner!

  42. 1-8

    Suzanne, Although I read you daily I haven’t commented for a while. And far be it from me to comment on someone’s photo/look… but since you asked…
    You have this beautiful long wavy hair, but I think it gets in the way of your pretty face and it looks like you’re hiding behind it. If I may suggest, try pulling it back but not in a severe way–just to open up your face/self a little bit more. One other thing is the angle of the photos. In many of them (the old one) your head it tipped down and you’re looking up with your eyes which is not an attractive pose as it makes your eyes look small. I love the tilted head shot–looks very open and friendly.
    Just my 2 cents worth… thanks for your blog and sharing your experiences.

  43. 1-8

    If you want to know which photo I like best, you can look here:
    I’ll post whichever one you all pick in the sidebar, though! I’m game!

  44. 1-8

    Hi Suzanne.. I was reading your comments and got as far as bev and had to stop. I’m sure some of them are nice comments but come on~really??!! I think you are a beautiful, sincere, hard working woman who has brought so much joy to all of us!

  45. 1-8

    Polls are fun. Thanks for including us in the process. There does seem to be a clear winner! :woof:

  46. 1-8

    Whew, am I glad you decided to do this! You’re a beautiful lady, but photo #1 just doesn’t reveal you in a flattering light. I love the contest idea! I voted for #5, but #2 was my second choice. Morgan did a great job!

  47. 1-8

    Suzanne- LOVE the ” Hippy ” comment. Voted…number 2. You really are a beautiful person inside and out….times have changed it is always easier to open & frank via email…in person you would not hear a peep out of their piehole.

  48. 1-8

    Peeking out from a several month lurk to comment on this one! ;D I really like (and voted for number two) It looks completely natural and joyful and beautiful.

    And, I love your hair!

  49. 1-8

    Hey, Dixie – as I sit in the back of the church and look toward the front, I have decided that at a ‘certain age’ you must cut your hair short and get a perm so everyone realizes you are….worthy of respect? Not sure why but I think there is a law.
    Me and you – lets be the lawbreakers! :devil2: Mine is staying long too!

  50. 1-8

    Well, I liked them all but I had to vote for one so I like #2 in the snow. You were having fun with your chick and it showed in your face. The other pictures show who Suzanne McMinn is too…mischievous, risk-taker, strong woman, good Mother, lover of Nature, great cook…so there were no bad pictures!

  51. 1-8

    Suzanne…I’d give my eye teeth to have your hair!!! I love it. It was a toss up between #2 and #5….I like #2 the best but it’s yellow…so I went with #5. After seeing your favorite I went back and checked and I really do like #4…it really looks like you with your personality. But…my vote is already in…sorry. :hungry2: (pitchfork!)

  52. 1-8

    I think you look great and not old at all. You look like you have more important, and fun, things to do than worry about your hair. (I’m the same way, except my hair is super-short. I’m constantly getting hit on by women, which isn’t bad, just funny.) But the new pictures are great!

  53. 1-8

    My favorites were 2 and 4…. after I voted, I almost wished I had voted for 4! But what the heack, because honestly they are all good!! You really are beautiful Suzanne … inside and out… you are beautiful, wonderful, creative, and brave (for doing this post!)

  54. 1-8

    Suzanne, Are you polling all your farm animal family? Wonder which one they’d vote for?

  55. 1-8

    BTW, Just noticed that your Circle C needs to be updated to 2010…

  56. 1-8

    Suzanne, you are a beautful woman. And I must admit I noticed how your still photos didn’t match your Sam-e video. The new photos taken yesterday are not only more flattering, they look more like the real you: Beautiful inside and out!


  57. 1-8

    Well, that was insane. It’s YOUR camera, and from what I could tell it is YOUR blog! Don’t you have the right to post the picture that YOU want? I didn’t vote. The way I see it, my blog is for me. Yeah, I like my readers, like having them, and reading their comments. But if what I have in there is so offensive or annoying to them they are welcome to move right along. Shouldn’t that be true of YOURS (or anyone else’s)? Have a great day!

  58. 1-8

    I told Suzanne yesterday that #2 would be the favorite. However, I personally vote for NON OF THE ABOVE. I think the shot from the video is the best one, but it’s not in the running. I think it should have been. :yes:

  59. 1-8

    I agree that you should post whichever pik you like best! :shocked: We’ll be here no matter which you choose Suzanne!

  60. 1-8

    Randy, actually, I write my blog FOR my readers! I like to include everyone in things like this sometimes, like naming my goats. They named Mr. Pibb! It’s all done in fun.

  61. 1-8

    Sweet thing, I have always hidden behind the camera also. You are braver than I, in being able to ask others to pick their favorite picture. If you are like me, you are still scared to death!

    We want to see your nice face! I liked number 2 because your face is brighter in that one. Very nice.

    Don’t be afraid to come in front of the camera more(speaking from a scaredy cat)! It is nice to see our friend in a pic every now and then! :)

  62. 1-8

    #4 is best, but I would suggest that you get a haircut and use a lighter shade of lipstick. Happy New Year and thanks for the entertainment!

  63. 1-8

    I think #4 is pretty cute, but I don’t care what photo you put in the side bar. You’re one amazing writer and one kind person, and whatever ends up in the side bar, I’ll still be reading you everyday. Thanks Suzanne!

  64. 1-8

    Suzanne, I’m glad you don’t take yourself too seriously….that you can handle people’s critique’s of you. :shimmy: I don’t think I would be brave enough to take it.

    I love your look because you look natural, lovely and free-spirited!

    As far as the pics go, it was hard to decide…..I voted for #2. I’m not sure why I like it the best.

    I love you no matter what picture you have up!

    (p.s. I like the picture you changed to currently, but just to let you know….when I see it out of the corner of my eye I think it’s a picture of Jesus… :lol: I’m not kidding! :lol: I think it’s the hair coming down straight on both sides that does it. :smilerabbit: )

  65. 1-8

    Jesus?? Oh Lord!! Hahaha…. :lol:

  66. 1-8

    I like number two. You are a brave girl opening yourself up to comments. I just recently stopped cropping myself out af all photos. I have a fear my children will think I never existed if I don’t stop.

  67. 1-8

    Sweetie, you are a natural woman, be proud and do your own thing, as we used to say. I like them all, but voted for #4.

  68. 1-8

    You are indeed a lovely lady….so don’t let the camera be your enemy. I hate having my picture taken too, but I recently changed my mind. My kids! Our kids need to have pictures of us. One day – a LONG LONG time from now – you won’t be here, so your kids need pictures of you for their hearts & memories. My mom has 1 picture of her mother & treasures it. My other grandmother…I don’t think we have one, except for her wedding picture (which I treasure), and her 50 anniversary pic. A lot happened in her life between those 2 dates & we have not record of it. With digital cameras, we can always delete the REALLy bad pictures…so you will still have control, but please teach Morgan to use your camera, and let her take more pictures of you just being you.

    Sorry to go on & on. And I agree…you are VERY brave to literally put your face out there for comments from US! =)

  69. 1-8

    :dancingmonster: All your pictures are beautiful. Period. I just voted for #5 because it looks like you’re up to something.

  70. 1-8

    I too like #2! Your face looks kind and soft in that one – and I think that’s really you. It also makes you look smart!

    I also would like to know how you stay so slim?????

    Love your blog …. I read it at work cause I too live out in the boonies where there is no high speed internet connection. The first thing I do when I come in to work is “catch up” on your blog from the weekend!

    Keep up the great job!

  71. 1-8

    Well I like #2 the best but I have to say I don’t approve of your sweatshirt and the snow behind you is a little too cold looking. There is a errant hair on the left right above your eyebrow but to the right of that, kind of in the middle…well I don’t like that one. And I can tell you’re not thinking positive thoughts during this photoshoot, your aura is all wrong. AND I can tell that the minute you stood up you said something snarky, like, “Jeesh this is ridiculous, let’s go make cookies.” But other than that you’re simply lovely.

    Smiles (from a chick whose sidebar picture is from my wedding, 10 years ago and I ain’t ever lookin’ better then that.)

  72. 1-8

    You look great Suzanne, very youthful and natural. The only thing I wish is the pics showed more of your lovely face, but #2 does a pretty good job of that.

    Maybe it’s that mountain air, or hard work…I wish I had whatever it is!

  73. 1-8

    GO # 2!!! lol You only like #4 because your security blanket is still covering part of your face! You’re a beautiful woman…pull that hair back and show that face!!

  74. 1-8

    I voted for # 4 before I even read the rest of your post. They are all good pics so any one of them would be good..

  75. 1-8

    I like number two the best before you took the golden color out :sun:

    It looks like sunset to me and that is my favorite time of day to shoot pictures, I love the golden glow.

  76. 1-8

    I can leave it golden!

  77. 1-8

    I voted for number 2. I also liked number 5. But number 2 without yellow is perfect! :happyflower:

  78. 1-8

    ;) Suzanne, you are sooo funny! I and so will any clear thinking individual say ” YOU ARE GORGEOUS!” In ANY photo. Glad to hear your not coloring/bleaching your hair anymore. I did notice something in the photos… there something you need to tell us???? Did I see a ring?????? HMMMMMM?????? :bugeyed:

  79. 1-8

    I liked #2 & agree on keeping in the golden warmth. But heck it’s your blog, you can do whatever you want :yes:

  80. 1-8

    I voted for #2, but I like it without the yellow! You have beautiful, healthy skin – let it shine!

    Nancy in Iowa

  81. 1-8

    i like 2 best. i don’t like your lipstick. thats what making you look older, its too harsh.

    don’t you love the snow today?

  82. 1-8

    It’s JUST a ring! Nothing more!

  83. 1-8

    LOL I love reading all the comments from everyone! Liked number two but I am a big fan of more color than the low light look. Later!

  84. 1-8

    I like #4, love the smile! You are a natural beauty Suzanne!

  85. 1-8

    Well I voted for number 2 because it does show more light on your pretty face. And, you’ve got guts woman putting yourself out there for public criticism. However, I don’t think any of our comments matter worth a hoot if 52, your kids and your staff like what they see. I’m sure Clover would like a picture of a cookie rather than you but hey, you can’t please everyone. Happy weekend.

  86. 1-8

    The children and I agreed that we like 4 best. :sheep:

    I don’t like anyone using my cameras (and have very few pics of me). Our children are really into taking pictures lately so I’ve been a little less stingy and letting them use mine sometimes. My 9 year old is pretty good at it, but my 5 year old likes to take close ups of cat fur, dog fur, the ceiling, etc. lol

  87. 1-8

    Peoples opinions are truly amazing! We all see thru such different eyes! I also hate ALL photos of myself. BUT I still have to offer my 2 cents worth! lol You would look so much more open & friendly if you would wear your hair off your face, you appear to be hiding like a moody teen……Everyone has a personal comfort zone & as such , ‘nuf said’…….

  88. 1-8

    4 and 5 are the best. A slight head tilt, give photos a posed look as opposed to the driver’s license head shot. No one expects you to offer a glam shot, but this is for the sidebar.

  89. 1-8

    Wouldn’t it be great if we all could post our pictures and get feedback? I would love to hear what would make be more attractive, I know all the animals appreciate your effort to look pretty for them. Where is our food woman? After seeing you in person I am wondering who this person is in the photos. Not the lovely and beautiful woman I saw in October. I think your hair is hiding you pretty face. At the party you were moving around quite a bit and the movement must have swept it back from you face. We love you no matter what your sidebar photo looks like! I think Clover needs higlights!

  90. 1-8

    I love #2, beautiful! However, you are obviously beyond beautiful on the inside and the ousdie is just a bonus, right? :happyflower: And judging by the previous comments, you aren’t going to live down this ring issue – I smell a ring blog post coming soon…. :) Have a wonderful day!

  91. 1-8

    **Outside** I can spell, I just haven’t had enough coffee to type this morning. :lol:

  92. 1-8

    I like photo 4 as well.
    So for me 2 or 4 will do.
    Deffinately golden hair. It defines you. Dnt let go of it however hard anyone tells you to …………..

  93. 1-8

    OMG, I am laughing so hard! I knew that the first new picture was at the request of other readers, so I didnt want to comment….however, you are a much more attractive woman than P#1,really, trust me on this. P#2, and 4 are my favorites, and both make you look great. I am 61 and have given up on the pic thing. At this stage of the game, there are now far too many places on me that need to be concealed, lifted, tucked or just plain removed in every pic i see of myself, so enjoy it while ya still got it!!!

  94. 1-8

    Less crop on number two is much better. This post is not ridiculous; it is fun. “…Clover needs highlights…”, that is way funny.

  95. 1-8

    I loved the serene look in #5. You look good in all of them. You are who you are inside and that is what counts. Besides, any one who reads your blog on a regular daily basis(the way I do) knows what your are like from all the great stories you write. I was hoping that was an engagement ring on your finger. It would be so great if you and 52 got hitched. I think you are a very understanding person, considering you have a lot of opinionated readers. I’m sure you love the chalange though.I nominated you with three different e-mail adresses. GO YOU!!!

  96. 1-8

    & yes. the less yellow one. & if I ever have a blog, i’m having a cartoon instead of a picture of me. i feel the same way about pictures of myself as you do. We got back from a vacation once, and after looking through the 1,000 plus pictures, my daughter said “there are only 3 pictures of mom from our whole vacation!” :pirate:

  97. 1-8

    Suzanne, I voted for #2 and I love the color as it is. Leave in the golden glow. Thank you for including us and asking our opinions. Isn’t that what friends do, ask for advice, discuss new styles and looks? I’m glad we’re friends.

  98. 1-8

    But I really, really like the one from the video. Really, I do. I wouldn’t lie to ya.

    I always hate photos of myself so I understand this entirely. That’s why I only have a childhood picture of myself on mine.

  99. 1-8

    Did anyone ever notice in the pig squealing video that there was a ring on the man holding the baby pig. I assumed this was 52. I was wondering at that time….”hmmmm.” So you both wear rings…”hmmmm.”
    Did the two of you have a “hippie” marriage in the farmyard that only counts in your hearts, but not in the eyes of the law? Ahhhhh, now that sounds like the life of a romance writer!!! If you ever want to share, we’d love to hear more…if there is a story!

  100. 1-8

    What fun. Number 2. Closer crop. Not so much hair.

  101. 1-8

    My second choice is #4. I think it’s also great. I’m also one who hates photos of me. But a couple months ago I did what all the teenagers these days do — took a bunch of pics of myself. It ended up being a hilarous event and one actually was posted. By the way I’m 53 and you’re only as old as you feel inside, so somedays it’s 24 and somedays it is 92. I love your blog.

  102. 1-8

    You look very sincerein photo number 4. I went back and forth betweem 2 and 4, and finally settled on 4 because it just looks real.

  103. 1-8

    This post I agree with 100% I am the exact same way when it comes to my picture being taken I HATE IT but have known to make compromises lol.

  104. 1-8

    I think you look great.
    I was torn between #2 and #5, then I decided I like #5 best, and voted, only to find that most went with #2.
    I love your wild mop of hair. I have the same wild mop only really curly. I love your hair, I love my hair. I really do have to do something with mine though. I work in an office, so it sort of does matter how mine looks. I usually put it up for work, but at home I leave it down and wild.

  105. 1-8

    Suzanne, Your beautiful just the way you are!!! :shimmy: Keep on being you,don’t change for anyone. Stay true to yourself just like you have been.If you do make a change make it because YOU want to. And I did vote.

  106. 1-8

    I went with the majority but none of them are bad but I’m like you and usually hate pictures of myself lol. I too am usually the picture taker so luckily there aren’t many of me!

  107. 1-8

    I like #2 because I can see your beautiful face!!!

  108. 1-8

    Long hair is good but covers too much of your face. A Poney Tail would get it off your face and be easier to deal with unless you have side burns or something.

  109. 1-8

    I like the one from the video too, Jerry LOL!


  110. 1-8

    NO! Don’t take the yellow out! Yellow = warmth. It’s inviting. Blue = cold. It’s distant and standoffish (if that’s a word). I think that’s why so many people are voting for it, it’s the yellowest, the most comforting.

    From one photographer to another.

  111. 1-8

    I voted for 2 because it seemed more natural, but 4 is my second choice. It is really nice too. I HONESTLY like the one from the video best. It is the one you look the youngest in (if that matters). The only pics of me I like are the ones that are candid and I am just caught talking or smiling. I look like a goof in all others.

  112. 1-8

    I agree with the other readers that you have a beautiful complexion and the reason I think I like number two (and your video pic) is best is because I can see your face better. You have a pretty jaw line, cheekbones, and eyes to boot, so it isn’t that we don’t like your hair (I think it looks nice!) but rather that we want to see your face, too! LOVE your blog and just made grandmother bread for the first time…totally made my day. My Grandmother made bread and you can’t help but be inundated with memories when you cook or bake certain things from your childhood. Thank you so much for sharing.

  113. 1-8

    Yes, #4 is very nice, but #2 is lovely.

    Blessings from Ohio…

  114. 1-8

    I hope this is not a repeat comment, I haven’t read all 110 comments, yet. (But I Will!) Suzanne, I hope you don’t use the one with your head tilted to the side, even though it is the sweetest. I read an article once about body language, and the writer wrote that is one way women automatically show submissiveness. The author wrote that it is like saying: “I am little and weak, please don’t hurt me.” Is that a shock or what?! He said we should hold our heads straight and high with self confidence and assertiveness (not aggressiveness). I think it does make us look more at ease.

  115. 1-8

    Pretty is as pretty does and because of that, you are gorgeous!

  116. 1-8

    Hi Suzanne! :wave: I also voted for #2, but the more I look at the one from your video, I think I like it best. Since the old photo is used in your Charleston Daily Mail column, are you going to change it also? That’s how I found you was through your column in the paper. So glad I did! The highlight of my day is visiting here.

  117. 1-8

    Well here goes: All the photos make you look much older than you are. I have been visiting every day for the last two years, also have some of your books, and have always dislike your hair style. Way to 70’s ish. You got stuck in high school and haven’t given it up yet. I was a former hair dresser in another life some 30 years ago. Maybe it makes me overly aware. I see this style on lots of women at wal-mart and I always want to get in and do SOME thing. I know, I know, it easy and your always working but it’s not the most attractive.

    Ok, I really do like your site and enjoy the letters you send. I lived on your type of farm for 20 years but I had guine hens, turkeys, horses and of course 7 cats and three dogs. I sure do miss it.

  118. 1-8

    Hi suzanne,I think it’s your hair that’s throwing things off,You still have a lot of old blonde hair there,you should get it put back to your natural color,and do something with the front.Angle the front,maybe some long layers,it looks like tomuch hair for you,like you are trying to hide behind it.I’m not trying to be mean,but I’m a hair stylist,so I can’t help myself!!

  119. 1-8

    I still like the SAM-E picture best – the coloring of the photo and your smile….they are soft and natural looking

    then I like #5 you have that “look” that says “dont you wonder what I have been up too?”

    I too HATE having my pic taken and am the “keeper of the camera”…
    I find the pics of myself I “like” are when I’m not looking directly at the camera (someone taking my pic when Im not looking)

  120. 1-8

    Both my husband (also a photog) and I love, love, LOVE No. 2.

    As for this vanity issue .. I have to say that years and years and years ago when I first became a river guide the thing that I loved most about all the OTHER girl river guides was their lack of vanity. Up in the morning, washed face, brushed teeth, braided hair, pony tail, cap or bandana .. and they were ready for the day. They were tan, fit, confident and BEAUTIFUL. They never, ever looked in a mirror. Eventually I stopped taking one too. I have to say .. it’s a beautiful feeling just going with what you’ve got, being clean & healthy and fogettahbout all that other stuff. ESPECIALLY if you’re a farmer/river guide/confident tree-huggin chick! :heart:

  121. 1-8

    I’m back. By now I’m nearly sea sick from scrolling this page up and down so much to “look again” and to compare again, whew! I know that different computer monitor screens show light, bright, and colors differently depending on the brand and settings. Looking at mine (and I have it set as bright as it will go – oh, don’t tell me my monitor is about to go out), after going up and down about 100 times, I still like the one I voted for, #2 with the yellow, because it is lighter on my screen than without the yellow. That way I can “see you” better. I also like it with more snow showing around you, but it is not close up enough, I think. I will say: You are the prettiest farmer I have ever seen!

  122. 1-8

    Oh wow…80’s hair!!! I have a whole box (under lock and key) of pictures with hair just like that!!! Like you, I’ve gone back to a long, simple style which works well for the lifestyle I lead, with natural highlights (read “gray” here), lol! Easy to throw into a pony tail, under a ball cap, or dress up if I need to! I love the hair…it’s part of what makes you “you”…and since it’s your hair, I say you should be the only one who cares!!! Love all the pics, but voted for #2!

  123. 1-8

    I love pic # 2. Mostly because you’re smiling. You can see your teeth. You look happy…not just grinning.

    I have to say I used to hate pictures of myself. I’ve gotten over that. (as you can see on facebook if you go to my photos) I just thought, ya know I’m me… take me or leave me.

    I must say I’m a bit taken aback by some of the comments. I don’t think you look old. I would never tell you to color, highlight, or cut your hair. Coloring your hair costs money which is something you’re very frugal with. If *you* don’t want highlights any longer.. let them grow out! What else are you supposed to do?? You like your hair long (as do I)… then keep it long! I think what we see is what makes you… you. You’re not that same chick with the nails and bangs and baby on her hip. You’re better.

    I love Suzanne they way she is. I think she’s a gorgeous lady inside and out.

    Don’t change a thing!!!

  124. 1-8

    Hi, Suzanne–
    I like the close cropped version of #2, but I really think you should ignore all of our comments and just go with the one that YOU like best.
    I do think it is pretty amazing that, as of this moment, 930 people have voted for their favorite photo, and 118 people (now 119 with this one!) have felt strongly enough to a comment. What a solid base of followers (but we already knew that, didn’t we?)!

  125. 1-8

    I liked #2 but I also really liked the ‘still’ where you’re smiling. You just look so youthful and friendly. I’m glad you decided to change your avatar pic. Change can also be good sometimes. :)

  126. 1-8

    Keep #2 the orignal color it’s not yellow everyone voted for it because the coloring was better…looks natural to me!

  127. 1-8

    Re what 52 likes best, he likes #2, too.

  128. 1-8

    Being the one behind the camera rather than in front of it is my regular mode of operation as well. Looks like it was a fun photo shoot. Maybe I should drag Thing 3 outside and do the same…..

  129. 1-8

    Do you really read all the comments on your posts? Where ever do you find the time?

    I like your long hair. I LOVE long hair and am growing mine out long too. I wrote a blog post on how to grow it long and how to keep it healthy when it gets there. It might be of interest to you. It’s here:

    Perhaps you should braid it to keep it healthy and protected from the elements, since you are outside all the time. Just don’t wear an elastic in it. That’s not good for it either.

    I think you are very pretty! A real healthy farm girl!

    I voted for #4. Its more natural and jaunty looking.

  130. 1-8

    Sheryl, yes, I read every comment!

  131. 1-8

    I can tell you are shy in front of the camera…maybe because I am too. You are beautiful, dear, so hold that head up high and smile with confidence! I personally like #2 the best mainly because I can see more of your face and character… :yes:

  132. 1-8

    Photo #2, hands down!

  133. 1-8

    It was a toss up between #2 and #4. My daughter was helping me vote. She also helped me vote in the Bloggies thing so she deserved to pick. Originally she liked #4 best but when she saw #2 without the yellow, picked that, so “six to one, half dozen to the other” as Mama used to say.

    I would think that the people who see you everyday would have the best idea of which one looks most natural.

    How about purple highlights? Don’t you think you’d like purple highlights? ;)

  134. 1-8

    Love #2 – the close up is better than the one you have on the side bar – don’t you just love this!? It’s been a fun post!

  135. 1-8

    I need to drink more. During the day… aT WORK. aM i THE ONLY ONE WHO CLICKS ON YOUR LINKS AND GETS RUBBISH? Whoops sorry fort he CAPS.
    Ok when I click on the link for the bloggies I get your new goat when I tried to vote for # 2 which is the best of the worst but there are NONE with your great face and that DARN Hair out of it I get a note that I have already voted. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr You have a great face don’t be afraid to show it!
    (Hoping she can’t blog me from reading her blog :hug:

  136. 1-8

    You are beautiful. I like photo #2 (before you took out the yellow because I like the warmth in it) but they are all lovely.

  137. 1-8

    I liked #2 especially after you adjusted the color. # 4 is still my favorite. You are beautiful inside and out, and very well preserved for 92. :lol: Just keep blogging.

  138. 1-8

    I’m going to skip voting. Anyone you choose is good to me.

    At 56, I too am “too old” (so my mama told me some years ago)to have long hair. I really don’t give a fig. I don’t have the money to pay to have it cut, colored and styled. It grows over 3/4″ a month and I’m too busy being a single mom and taking care of my kids to expend money I just DON’T have, on changing my looks. I am who I am and I’ve learned to be happy with that, gray hair and all. Perhaps if I had more resources, I would choose to color it, but right now I don’t. And I can either choose to be upset at “life” or I can choose to accept the situation I find myself in and be happy with all that I DO have, while striving to improve our situation.

    There are people out there who have no idea that “only $20” is a fortune to some of us and that “only $20” is the difference between basic food on the table and starving; or shoes on a growing child’s feet. While “rounding up” can work for many people, there is a level where that just doesn’t work. And that level is when every penny is already spoken for in the budget. When it’s ALL spoken for, every penny thoroughly examined, every purchase has had to pass the “is this REALLY a Necessity, or just a Want test, then there are no more tricks to making do – so you do without. And you can be a martyr with a poor-me attitude or a survivor with a “can do” attitude.

    We’re survivors and we can do anything we put our minds to do. And we choose to be happy because it’s SO much more fun than being grumpy and unhappy all the time. Cathy Can-do is so much more fun to be around than Debbie Downer ever can be. We may not have a lot of material things to give our kids, but we CAN give them fun and happy memories. We can give them a pleasant environment where love abounds and people take care of each other in which to grow up. And I think that in the end, our kids will be found to be the “richest” of them all.

  139. 1-8

    Okay, I vote number 2 also. Great picture. Morgan did a good job.

    And big points to you for posting the old picture! Mine are under lock and key — as they should be. But a question…do you ever pull your hair back?

  140. 1-8

    Maureen, I hardly ever put my hair up, only a few times in the summer if I am REALLY hot. I guess I’m just too lazy!

  141. 1-8

    First, I must agree, you are beautiful.

    But…. I think you should have her retake these, with more light, from the snow, from the sun, anything. These are all sooooo dark, which casts too many shadows, makes you one-dimensional, no glow. It makes you look tired, and it makes the photo less interesting… and you my dear are a VERY interesting person!

    I think that’s why people like the SAM-e photo… because there is actual LIGHT in it, so that there are highlights and shadows. Warmth. It has very little to do with your expression, you always have an interesting, warm, authentic expression.

    Speaking of warmth, these are not too yellow, I don’t think, but too green, and that’s not flattering for blondes with fair skin and cheekbones. I think many of the shadows come from your hair. I wish you would push it away from your face a little, so that we can actually SEE you!

  142. 1-8

    I just read all 138 comments. Whew. Because I had to vote I picked #2, but all were pretty. My favorite is the one from the SAM-e video, though. During that contest, I had googled some of the other contestants to see what was out there about them. Some have TONS of photos out there. Then I googled YOUR name, because I thought you must have a lot of info out there, with all the books you’ve written. Well, some very pretty pics came up, including the one where you are holding baby Morgan. So I revisited Google just now. There’s one with you wearing a WVU sweatshirt which is darling. Then one with you holding baby Annabelle. Nice memories some of the pictures brought back, of earlier posts with the goats and all. Whichever you choose will be OK with your faithful readers.

  143. 1-8

    Sirje, maybe I’ll try to retake some in the spring or summer. These photos, and the original old sidebar photo, were all taken in winter light, which really isn’t a very warm light anyway and the background is cold (not just literally!). The SAM-e shot was taken in fall in the woods and there’s more color in the background and there was more sun. This is probably just not the best time of year to be taking pictures!

  144. 1-8

    Maybe you could take some indoors in good lighting without a flash? Incandescent lights are a more warmer colourd light.

  145. 1-8

    My mom was very camera shy. I thought she was beautiful. When she passed away many years ago we realized that we had very few pictures of her and it broke out hearts.

    I take pictures for the sake of my grandaughter, even though I have 10 chins. lol I want her to be able to remember me when my time comes.

    I am getting more used to seeing myself in photos. Most of the time I still don’t like them, but at least the urge to tear them up had diminished. lol

  146. 1-8

    Hot would do it for me! Ponytail…priceless.

  147. 1-8

    Good Lord the make up in that older shot…oh, I miss the 80’s ha.
    I love #2 and #4, but I voted for #4.
    You are gorgeous inside and out!

  148. 1-8

    Hi, They’re all great, but I’ll vote for #2. Comment on the head tilt…to me, it’s like a dog saying “huh? I don’t get it.” So no head tilt please. You are beautiful inside and out!!

  149. 1-8

    Photos can be such fun :) I love them all.!!!! Choose :clover: which one makes YOU happy and use it

  150. 1-8

    They are all good pictures. I voted for #2. Wish I had your curls. My hair is straight, I have to pay if I want curls :no: Anyway you are a good sport and I love you and your blog no matter which picture you display. I also love reading the responses. So entertaining. :woof: :woof:

  151. 1-8

    Voted for #2. I too have long hair (almost to my waist) and have been told I tend to try to hide behind it when there is a camera around, and that I’m too old (at 56) to have it this long. It’s my hair, I like it and I don’t care what anybody else thinks, and neither should you. I would like to see some of these folks with their opinions post their pictures so we could critique them. That would be a blast. Take care, stay warm and keep up the good work with your blog.

  152. 1-8

    You are so brave to open yourself up to these comments.Please do not take this criticism badly. I am just conveying what my psychology major is telling me.
    My Mother used to yell at me to “get that scraggly mess of hair out of your face” daily when I looked exactly like you do. I wanted long hair to be cool but it sure wasn’t cool in the summer as thick as it was. It was, however, something to hide behind which is what I think you are really doing (maybe unconsciously). Easy to take care of, yes, but not really. I’ve tried to garden in the hot summer with it sticking to your neck and arms—doesn’t work. I’ve tried to watch football games in the wind—doesn’t work. I’ve tried mixing up cookies with it hanging down my arms—doesn’t work. I certainly hope you pull it back in a pony tail when trying to do those things, especially in the kitchen or around machinery.
    I also know why you “look up” in all your pictures. You think it will make your nose look smaller. And it does, but the problem is that the part in the middle of your hair draws the eye directly down to your nose. Win/lose situation. We all think you are a beautiful person and are all trying to give constructive criticism because we care. Boy, you would have a hey day criticising my pictures!! NO WAY!
    Peace and Love (still an old hippie at heart)

  153. 1-8

    I can’t believe I sat and read All the comments. I couldn’t stop. Now I have no time to comment. I love picture number 2 the best. It just seems to be a natural relaxed and pretty shot. I like the golden glow and think it just adds to the warmth. I must say that I really like the video picture also, and I like the bangs in the picture with the baby. So that’s my 2 cents. I have to go rest now…but it was fun.

  154. 1-8

    I have to be honest – why is this so important to you? Who cares what people think of your pics? I am offended on your behalf that anyone would say mean things about your pic – but really? Why do you care?

    And to be even more honest – short of the lighting in each picture they all look exactly the same to me. Same angle, same hair, darn near same smile [I think your mouth curled up a bit in one] but really what are we voting on?

    You are a lovely woman with many fans/readers – I wouldn’t worry about what people think you should post as your picture. :sheepjump:

    You seem very confident and happy in your own skin – why be concerned with which of the same [4] pictures we like?

  155. 1-8

    I voted for #2. I like the yellow because it is warm and fresh, and I think that it makes you look like you’re 20! Which I think you look fine anyway, besides it doesn’t really matter what someone looks like because you are only as old as you think you are and I am sure you’re not thinking that you are old! I know you strive to please your fans, but come on people, this is NOT a beauty blog!

  156. 1-8

    Omg!!!!! We could have been sisters in the makeup department…was it “Queen”, or one of the “hair bands” :shocked: that had such an influence on us? I am not sure, but seems like we both enjoyed a “healthy glow”….(lots of rouge)….I think we both look better now…maybe we have finally found ourselves!!!…I am 46 years old, so we probably have some of the same life experiences….I voted for photo number two…and I happen to like the yellow one–it gives you golden highlights…lol! I like seeing photos of you!!!

  157. 1-8

    I too like the second picture the best but they are all lovely pictures and I hope you are pleased with our choice! I do have to admit, I wasn’t too fond of the original picture…it just didn’t seem to capture your spririt. But God help me if I had to post a picture of me….would not be a good thing lol

  158. 1-8

    Suzanne, why don’t you put one of the other pictures next to the image of your book (i.e., your author photo)? That way you can have your number 4 and the people who liked number 2 best can still have that as your main blog image. (Hah! I’m cheating, because I like #4 best, too. But I also like #2. Just not as much. You look very content in #4. A happy, well adjusted woman of the land).

  159. 1-8

    I think all of the pictures of you are good ones. What is there not to like about that pretty smiling face? I like number 4 the best because in that picture(to me anyway) you are leaning in to me to listen to what I have to say. I like that. That someone cares what I have to say and #4 says that to me. All the pictures are good, I love that little smile you give and you are pretty in every single one of them.
    I can not believe someone would give bad comments about your picture! There is nothing wrong with any of them!


  160. 1-8

    you lived in texas. the makeup is forgiven.

  161. 1-8

    I like the “compromise” version of #2.

  162. 1-8

    Yes! You understand. I was in TEXAS.

  163. 1-8

    You need make-up and you need to comb your hair. You do look like a farmer – one that needs a make-over! Your blog is not any good anymore and your whole self-centeredness is the reason. Good grief!

  164. 1-8

    I really like #2 that you put in the sidebar, with the yellow taken out. Perfect! But, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the picture of you taken from the video. For some reason you look more relaxed and “natural” in that one. Too bad you took that one out of the running. :happyflower:

  165. 1-8

    Your lipstick looks great and I like the uncropped take of #2!

  166. 1-8

    Wass the big deal? It’s your hair. Wear it any goldarn way you want.You are beautiful you know. You have so much to give and you gift us daily with this blog.Thank you Suzanne.

  167. 1-8

    Here’s the “problem” as I see it: We saw how attractive you are in your video. Then we see your pictures and they just didn’t look like the same person! I highly respect you and didn’t want to offend you so didn’t say anything but I agree with the others. #2 is the clear favorite as to me, it looks the most like you in real life (like we saw in your video). I do like the “still” picture from the video by the way. Very pretty chicken lady!

  168. 1-8

    The reason I voted for number 4 is because you can see more of your lovely face and great smile. Number 5 is my second choice.

  169. 1-8

    Shannon/#161 — OMG, this is hilarious. And so very true! Nothing compares to DFW airport and the cowboys in their ol’ boots & hats walking with their impeccably dressed and made-up, uh, wives/friends/whatevers?? Unless you count getting all dressed up to go grocery shopping. Thanks for the great memories!! :lol:

  170. 1-8

    I like #4 the best – Am new to your blog and am enjoying it a lot.

  171. 1-8

    Hi Suzanne, I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Seeing all the snow you have actually makes me feel wimpy. It’s very cold here in northern Alabama.
    I love seeing the great pics. Love the chickens!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! Stay warm!
    Julie :sun:

  172. 1-9

    I like all the pictures. I am thinking it should be your decision how you wear your hair; not some stranger that thinks you look like you are looking out from a cow’s tail. very rude and so not true. Your pics are beautiful just as your writing is.

  173. 1-9

    I hate to have my photo taken also..they never seem to show just how beautiful I am (in my dreams)..just kidding, folks!! I like the #2 photo minus some of the yellow.. you are too pretty to hide behind hair in your face.. :heart: :heart:

  174. 1-9

    I really like photo #2. I think because your lips are slightly parted and you can see a glimpse of your teeth. Proves that you, like the recent photos of 52, still have teeth. And, from the looks of it, your OWN teeth–not the store-bought kind. lol Even if they were store-bought, teeth are important.

  175. 1-9

    Can I add another 2 cents? I thought about it again. I think this lipstick probably looks great in real life (I’m not just saying that, it looks like it’s probably a great color for you), and looks great in the warm video still shot, but in general I think it’s much too dark and matte for the photos. I’d go for something closer to your actual lip closer for the photos, with just a little gloss, which will then accentuate your natural coloring, rather than challenge it.

    Also, I totally get the wash and go hair thing, I also have that unruly mermaid wavy hair thing, so I usually just tie mine up and forget about it. But maybe, just for this! maybe give it just a tick more love than usual for the photos? I’m thinking just a little smoothing fluid, just a bit, only because wash and go doesn’t read like wash and go on photos. Cameras are jerks. They misinterpret everything!

  176. 1-9

    How did this go from “Which picture do you like the best?” to “Nitpick hair and makeup?”.

  177. 1-9

    JoLinda, I wish I could give you a really big hug, you just said what I’ve been thinking! :snuggle: My GOODNESS!

  178. 1-9

    Suzanne you are such a good sport. You are a beautiful natural gal in every aspect of your life that is why we follow you. My hair dresser moved 4 years ago and I have been doing it my self ever since. My fave hair style lately has been shower and a braid. You are right who has time for anything else. Especially when I could be drinking coffee and reading your blog.

  179. 1-9

    Marmy, whoever you are, you need to get some manners. What is wrong with you, talking like that? Time to turn the mirror on yourself and get an attitude make-over, I think. In the immortal words of Thumper, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”

  180. 1-9

    JoLinda, you’re right, it is nitpicking. But I’ve had my professional headshots and portraits taken more times than I care to remember, and there are things that you’d never think matter on a headshot, but they do.

    I think Suzanne looks fantastic, and doesn’t need to change a thing. But things just read differently in a photo and you actually have to work harder to get a photo to be an accurate representation of you in everyday life. That’s just the way it is.

  181. 1-9

    GOOD GRIEF!!!!! talking about opening a can of worms–we could open a bait store on this one! I have never left a comment that is critical to anyones comment, but some of them are a bit over the top on this subject.—
    I thought the topic was basically to “choose your favorite picture,” it sort of went from that to hair style, hair color camera lighting, and how to use the camera!!
    I wonder, are these the same floks that leave comments about how good they feel after reading your posts?? They need to think of your feeling too.
    I didnt reconize a lot of the names, but I can tell you this, the majority of your readers are happy with any picture that you may choose to put on your sight, It was, however, nice of you to ask everyones opinion—personally, I don care if you have a chicken sitting on top of your head, I read your post for its content, which we all of us enjoy, not to critique your picture in the side bar. Choose the picure you are happy with and PLEASE dont ask any opinions on changing it until you are at least 92.
    Thank you.

  182. 1-9

    Oh–forgive me, but I cant let this one pass—this MARMY person–are you for real??? We need to send you a book on manners, not that you could read it!! Do you have a blog site, and are using this name to leave nastyness on other peoples blogs because you are jealous?

    SHAME ON YOU—but wait—people like you have no shame. I feel sorry for you.You are a puddle of pity to say things such as this.
    I agree with Myra completly.

  183. 1-9

    I think Number 5 is the one.

    You should check out the issue of Goldenseal magazine from last summer. There is a nice feature in it about some back to land people from the 1970s.

  184. 1-9

    Omg!!!what is with reply #164!!! You are a farm work with animals, and mother nature…damn, I wish I had your hair…you know Suzanne, You just post whatever picture YOU like…wear your hair the way YOU like it…and write what YOU want to write…it is YOUR blog….I come to your blog because you live the life I wish I did….hair, animals, :sheep: :cowsleep: farm…etc…please don’t change for all those would be “fashion consultants” out there…damn you should see me when I am out with my dogs….scary!!! You are YOU, and that is what we like…

    Have a great weekend, and enjoy the snow :)

    Big HUG, :hug:

    Amber Lynn :airkiss:

  185. 1-9

    Suzanne, I’ll bet you are having a good laugh over this!! :snoopy:

    I picked number 2, won’t nitpick, just glad to know what you look like! That is what makes your blog so nice. You are open and friendly, post your name and photo freely, and it would be great to just drop in and play with the goats. On the other blogs that I was forced to look at when voting for you, you can’t even find who wrote it. So they must be ashamed of their work, don’t you think.

    I guess close to 20 years in Texas is why I have to put make-up on to go to the feed store!! LOL

  186. 1-9

    Oooops… forgive my bad grammar. Now I am embarrassed!

  187. 1-9

    It cracks me up that this post is a run-away hit in the comments. And since you asked…
    1. I like #2 but the original that wasn’t cropped. It is so cute.
    2. I can’t believe anyone EVER commented about your appearance before they were asked. It’s not good manners, people!
    3. It’s not about appearance, is it?
    4. You are a brave woman, Suzanne. I would block anyone who wrote something unflattering about ME!
    5. I like to see pictures of you.
    Thanks :moo: :sheep: :chicken:

  188. 1-9

    I agree with all the other “Marmy” comments. This post was done for fun and you OBVIOUSLY haven’t been around here very long. If you can’t play nice Marmy, take your judgemental self and GO HOME. Sorry Suzanne for some of the comments, while some were posted out of love, others are just being plain mean. LOVE your blog – I look forward to reading it daily!

  189. 1-9

    :lol: Haahhahahah when does Country girls have time for all the make overs & etc , we love Suzanne the way she is, she makes our day & she can`t be beat in what ever she does as far as I am concered, Am sure their others who feel the same as I do :happyfeet:

  190. 1-9

    #2 is night, but I love the personality in #4. You’re more sassy than #2.

    What I really want to know, though, is WHAT’S UP WITH THAT RING!?

    (Just kidding. :lol: )

  191. 1-9

    you are a beautiful woman! but, like in my case, you need 100 shots in order to be able to pick the right one!

  192. 1-9

    I liked the original cropping of photo #2, more close up…we all hate pictures of ourselves so don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re very lovely!

  193. 1-10

    I love the fact that you are doing this. I would love to get some advice from others but am not sure I could take the heat. You’re a brave soul!
    I picked #2 but the only thing I think might help a little is if you soften the color of your lips with a little lighter color. I love your naturalness, if that’s a word. You know what I mean.
    Love ya anyway,

  194. 1-10

    I can see why you like number four, but to me, it’s between 2 & 5.
    You seem beautiful without a picture though Hun.

    I stumbled on here in a Google search for tips on a big-pot-a-beans…I absolutely love it.
    (the website.. your beans are nearly identical to mine already)
    In fact after checking out the site my wife and I have decided we want to be your neighbor. If not that then the neighbor of someone like you ;-)

    Have a great day!

  195. 1-10

    Wow…uh, is it just me or is that “marmy” or whatever around post #164 an absolute freak dysfunctionally roaming the earth without a life?
    …somebody slap that lowlife…seriously what a freakin’ LOSER.

  196. 1-10

    I voted for photo 4, too. I think you should have whatever photo YOU want on your blog.

  197. 1-11


    I believe that you are a beautiful person inside and out and whatever picture you chose will be just fine. To the ones that said something about your roots and that you were looking out from under a horses tail….well that’s just RUDE!

  198. 1-11

    I have very long hair. I find it extremely offensive when anyone makes comments about my hair being in my face, or why are you hiding your lovely face? Sometimes long hair flies in the face! Especially when you are outside in cold, windy weather having your picture taken!

    Those of you who are saying that, don’t you realize how RUDE you are being? What if someone told you that your short hair makes you look old and dumpy? How would you feel? Personally, I believe women should have long hair. Do I ever tell anyone that? Not only NO, but HECK no! My mother raised me better than that!

    Hair, makeup, clothes, are all personal choices. It’s no one’s business to be making comments. Readers, just pick what photo you like and keep the personal comments to yourself.

    Mel (I am female)

  199. 4-25

    Oh Suzannah,
    you’re so darn funny…what does it matter about your hair???
    I am just like that, tho. I don’t like pictures of me, especially ones taken unawares. Yikes…at least give me the chance to smile and pick my face up…
    I have finally decided to heck with it…I yam who I yam, and that’s all that I yam…
    I could spend hours reading your funny farm posts…
    Love your blog..

  200. 5-25

    Out of those pictures I do like #2 the best. But honestly I REALLY REALLY think that the picture from the video is a really good one. Sometimes I don’t think we are the best judge of pictures of ourselves–this happens to me ALL the time. I HATE pictures of myself too and hardly EVER find one that I like and when I do I have to go to my husband for a second opinion because I have learned not to trust myself. And I think those people who were talking bad about ANY of your pictures are just mean.

  201. 8-30

    I voted for #2.

  202. 2-8

    I picked #2 also Suzanne! This farmgirl still highlights, but only becuase if I didn’t I would have two gray streaks one from each temple, doesn’t THAT sound a little frightening (in the vein of bride of Frankenstien maybe?)!? Your hair is beautiful, and as natural as the many wonderful things you are crafting/making/baking/growing/tending there at your farm :heart:

  203. 3-21

    I picked Number 5 because it looks sassy–like you’re about to be up to something. However, I have no problem with any of your pix, or your hair….I’m 65 years old and my hair is down my back (I braid it for convenience) and I say wash and wear hair is the best. I enjoy your Blog, I enjoy all of your pix and I love your attitude.

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