There and Back Again


For the next week, there will be no Clover.
No Giant Puppy.
No, not even any Mean Rooster.
This is so unbelievable that I can scarcely believe it myself as I type these words, but I am taking a vacation. I KNOW. Shocking. In fact, it’s so unbelievable that it would not be happening if not for the truly wonderful and generous gift of this trip from my cousin Brad, who is flying me and my dear little Morgan to Florida to visit with his family (whilst my menfolk stay home to go to football practice and work and take care of the farm). It’s a girls trip.

I am abandoning the farm, heading out of the holler, leaving on a jet plane. However, I would never leave you. I will be posting every day as usual, just, well, not about the usual topics.

In 2006, I took an amazing dream trip of a lifetime. I posted about the trip at the time, and maybe about five or six of you who actually frequented my blog back then in that misty, distant past will recall it. Most of you, however, will not have seen that series of posts as they are nigh on three years old and not indexed in my current archives. I will be republishing the entire series of posts from that magical trip, with photos remastered from the original files along with expanded content. It was incredible fun for me to take the trip again through this series of posts, and I hope you will enjoy it over the next several days, too, as you take the trip with me.

I will continue to post new content, reporting in from sunny Florida, every day on my Daily Farm Photo page, so be sure to keep up with our current trip there. (Every once in a while, someone tells me they have no idea what the Daily Farm Photo is. See the top of my sidebar? Where it says Daily Farm Photo? Click there. It’s not just a thumbnail photo in the sidebar. It’s an entire “sideblog” where I post a new photo from around the farm, with some small commentary, every day, and there is also a comments section.)

I’ll be back in a week with new farm stories. Till then, see you in Florida and….

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on August 8, 2009  

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  1. 8-8

    How wonderful for you and Morgan!! You deserve a vacation.

  2. 8-8

    I hope you have a wonderfull holliday and look forward to your stories
    I am sure you will have a lot to tell……….

    gwen :wave:

  3. 8-8

    Wow! Have a marvelkous trip and take lots of pictures!

  4. 8-8

    Have a wonderful girly trip with your princess.

    Whereabouts wll you be in England? I’ll ask the sun to shine. (Well, no harm asking!)


  5. 8-8

    A GIRLS week!! You deserve it……….everyone needs a vacation :happyflower: So does Morgan, school will be starting soon :happyflower:

  6. 8-8

    England in August… YES! :sun: Florida in August…NO! :no:

    Have a great trip! :snoopy:

  7. 8-8

    How wonderful!!! Have a great time. Take your sun protention. Are you going to be near the ocean??

    I love the picture of Mean chicken.

  8. 8-8

    Good for you, good for you, good for you! Have a wonderful time and, yes, you MUST tell us all about it! C

  9. 8-8

    Safe journey, Suzanne! I just returned from a nearly 2-week trip to California, where I had to leave my critters and farm. I couldn’t believe how much I missed them, even though I was enjoying the new sites! I look forward to your posts away from home.

  10. 8-8

    Hove a wonderful trip girls!!
    Have fun!!

  11. 8-8

    Have a great time. We will miss mean rooster, Clover and Giant puppy, but I can’t wait to hear of your adventures in FL!

  12. 8-8

    Enjoy! Of course I’ll be here going through withdrawals, but somehow I think I can survive it. Take lots of pics and bring back lots of stories.

  13. 8-8

    Be ready for 90+ temps/70s at night. Very humid, afternoon thunderstorms. Bring your strongest sun screen (use in the shade, too) and sunglasses. Have a great time!

  14. 8-8

    I hope you and Morgan have a great trip. You are luck you have someone to take care of the farm so you can go. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  15. 8-8

    Gads…I need a vacation. But, we are getting the oldest ready for college. And well, that sucks you beyond dry. No vacation here. Will have to live vicariously through you I guess.

  16. 8-8

    Have a great time!! A vacation…what a novel idea…

  17. 8-8

    Have a wonderful vacation ! :sun: :snoopy:

  18. 8-8

    My dh and 12-year old daughter just returned from a dive trip to Fl. He had told her if she got her scuba cert, they’d go to the Keys. She did, they went.

    I stayed home to finish (finally!!!) repairing the damage done to our house from last year’s Hurricane Ike. I got four 4-shelf barrister bookcases to house what’s left of our storm-damaged books.

    For Kiddo, it’s been a rough year. She started middle school, then tthe storm. Then, eight months of chaos as everything, it seemed, was under construction.

    Then, tragedy. Between her b-day in late April and Father’s Day, two of her friends died. Kids that we knew since she started kinder.

    In December, there’s a big family wedding. She wants us to go. Hey, it’ll be fun!!! The groom knoows how to throw a wedding party. This will be his fourth.

  19. 8-8

    I think I can, well I know for sure I can fit in a (large) suitcase and I :pirate: ‘ll pay the extra $30 if I can come too! LOL!

  20. 8-8

    I finally get moved to Iowa and you zoom off to Florida! Oh, well, you have totally earned this vacation. I just hope the menfolk remember to give cookies to the critters. You girls have a fantastic time!!!

    Nancy in Iowa now – I have to figure out how to change my name below!

  21. 8-8

    OK – let’s see if this attempt to change my identity works….

  22. 8-8

    Hope you have a wonderful trip. Look forward to seeing your photos.

  23. 8-8

    :happypuppy: Have a wonderful vacation…You have a great cousin!!

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