Today, It Is Green


It is green again.

It’s not a miracle. Or maybe it’s a tiny one. It’s not a surprise. And yet it’s strange even while familiar. I am in love with spring this year, even with its unexpected, early heat.

The animals lounge in sunny patches, soaking up the sunshine. The chickens burst out of the chicken house in the mornings, eager to greet the days. They hid from winter, burrowed in their hen house, feathers fluffed to blanket them from the cold.

The sun streams in on my back in the milking pen, low enough in the sky in the mornings to sneak in under the shelter’s roof. The steady ping-ping of Beulah Petunia’s warm milk hits the bucket, and sometimes slides over my fingers. I hear the sheep baa-ing from the next pasture. I hear the faraway sound of roosters up the hill. I walk across the creek carrying my bucket of milk, wildflowers nodding along the banks.

I go home, take care of milk, skim cream, think about dinner, write, take pictures, work. The sound of chickens outside is a constant accompaniment—hens clucking, roosters crowing. I hear the birds chirp through open windows. Green is everywhere I look.

I have a spare moment. My house needs cleaned.

I take a walk in the green instead.

I can clean my house in wintertime, you know.

Today, it is green.

Blue sky,
green trees,
little farm,
and me.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on May 6, 2010  

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  1. 5-6

    I love these photos, but now I’m craving a CD with your barnyard sounds! I think that would be such a cool sound in my apartment! It might drive Emma, my Princess Calico Cat, bonkers. But I’d enjoy it. Tell Clover she could have her name on the label, er, on the jewel case.

  2. 5-6

    Life is good!

  3. 5-6

    To so enjoy spring almost makes a harsh winter worth it ~ enjoy you fun in the sun and green!
    :sun: :yes:

  4. 5-6

    And it seemed like over night every thing popped with green! And you’re right…….we can clean the house in the winter :) Too much to do outside now!

  5. 5-6

    I can feel everything you wrote today…well put. Sure hope you get your cow up by the house before the weather gets bad…can’t imagine going far to milk her. “You live in the Peaceable Kingdom”and work your butt off everyday…the good life!

  6. 5-6

    We do need to take time to enjoy Spring,with all it’s little marveles and gentle breezes. Otherwise it will be gone before we know it!

  7. 5-6

    Lots of green here too. I finally got a chance to get out into my garden to some clean up in one of the flower beds. Felt good to be out in the sun and dirt.

    Good pictures. You might want to think about doing a book with all your farm animals and nature photos in it.

  8. 5-6


  9. 5-6

    Wise choice—–there will always be housework to do, so enjoy the other moments of sunshine that aren’t there everyday.

  10. 5-6

    I love green, too. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  11. 5-6

    It is green in northern PA. Can you believe this early Spring? I have my tomato plants outside awaiting planting as well as parsley and basil plants. Usually I don’t even think about putting anything out until the latter part of May. I’m liking this early “green” and enjoying the unusual warmth. Love your pictures…especially the one of the creek.

  12. 5-6

    Sounds Heavenly! I leave the housecleaning for winter too. Who needs to do that when you can be outside in the green and sunshine!

  13. 5-6

    SOUNDS SO DELIGHTFUL AND RELAXING! I felt as though I was walking with ya enjoying the first morning coffee. I ask myself and others what really is important sounds like you have found it. Take the time to stop,slow down,enjoy and admire the beauty around us everyday.

  14. 5-6

    I have learned this too, that cleaning can wait. Enjoy your green. It’s too bad the heat will hit today as I’ve enjoyed the sounds and changes of Spring the last couple of months, watching the neighborhood birds, squirrels, rabbits, UPS man, ‘lawn boys’ and other goings-on. Never realized all the action. The one benefit of non-employment: smelling my own rose bushes.

  15. 5-6

    Neat photos and also, neat springtime. I love spring. It’s so…..’new’.

  16. 5-6

    You are so truly blessed. An idyllic setting for your farm, wonderful kids and 52 and to top off all this you have 52! The pictures are beautiful. I agree with you and the others that house cleaning will always be with us but spring is all too fleeting. Enjoy :snuggle:

  17. 5-6

    This is exactly how I feel about Spring. It’s hands-down my favorite season. Everything coming back to life again, even me. I feel inside like I imagine the plants do, down in the dark, cold and pushing up toward new light and warmth! I can’t get enough of the bird songs and the soil. I could cry from the beauty of it, and sometimes do. There’s no Spring like a Spring in the Northeast or Northern Midwest, but I’m partial! lol I have a magnet that says ‘Gardening Forever, Housework Whenever’. Amen!

  18. 5-6

    We’re getting our spring snowstorm in the Black Hills today! It’s heavy wet stuff that will melt as soon as it’s over and the temps rise. Nice day to stay inside and sew! Everyone is in their houses except the goose. He loves this weather! I don’t think the tourists that here already do though!

  19. 5-6

    I personally think that “Green beats Grime” any day of the week. Housework is for rainy days.

  20. 5-6

    You bet! I always think that on the nice warm days, especially in the spring. House cleaning is for winter and rainy days. Of course I think I may have another saying for then too but I’ve forgotten!!

  21. 5-6

    Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons, mild and welcoming. Yet they always carry a hint of things to come……

  22. 5-6

    Suzanne, I too feel spring strongly this year. I was anxious for it to arrive and now that it has, my intention is to breathe, notice, hear, and smell every part of it fully. Your photos put a stamp on that! thanks for the beauty from your piece of heaven in West Virginia! :heart:

  23. 5-6

    GORGEOUS!!!! love the picture of the creek!

  24. 5-6

    I love spring….especially spring on a farm. Your farm even sounds beautiful Suzanne…enjoy your day. Chic :hungry2:

  25. 5-6

    I almost feel like I’m there too!

  26. 5-6

    After seing all the green spring this morning took a walk around my little yard and snapped a few shots and went to my moms and snapped a few pics posted on my face book sight can see at [email protected]

  27. 5-6

    Where do you get all that energy from? I love reading your blog; it is inspiring.

  28. 5-6

    You sound very happy and content with your little piece of Heaven here on earth!!! Life truly is good.

  29. 5-6

    Love this post!!! :happypuppy:

  30. 5-6

    I LOVE IT!!! I’m a spring and summer girl.
    Green in Ohio too.

  31. 5-9

    Green is very good. Except that I’m allergic to most of it. I wish I could mow the grass, clip the bushes, plant the garden, smell the roses. I’ll just be content to walk among the green trees again soon.

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