Winter Comes Calling


Winter came on tiptoes, sneaking in the back door, turning the knob very quietly so as not to alert Autumn. We looked for Autumn everywhere to tell her! And we found her….
Winter took advantage. Yesterday morning, after breaking in through the back, she tried to make it snow.
It started out raining then turned to big, fat flakes that fell into slush when they hit the ground. Winter has not yet grown into her full power.
It’s not her time. She’s pushy, though. Wake up, Autumn!
We still need you!
And we miss you!
If not for yourself, for us.
Autumn pays us no heed. Her leaves flutter across the grass and go still again.
I call my staff together and we hatch a plan. Remember when I tried to trick Winter by turning the calendar over early? I was eager for Spring, but I made Winter angry and she came blasting back.
Maybe I can make Autumn angry, too! I’ll rouse her from her slumber. I’ll make her fight. I’ll beat Winter at her own game!
I’m living dangerously again, aren’t I?

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on November 28, 2009  

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  1. 11-28

    Suzanne–When do you sleep???. I am a librarian and my husband and
    I came into the library this afternoon(Friday) to do some painting and move my desk around. It got to be midnight and I was packing up and I decided to do my Saturday voting for you. I find you have already written your blog and it’s only 1 AM here in WV.
    Anyway, I got my vote in–I think I was #17,878. Not bad huh?
    I’m all for calling Autumn back, too.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. 11-28

    Autumn still reigns here in California, with brilliant red and gold trees. Wow. It rained a little today, but it was still beautiful. I want to win your canning book! I have never canned, but my mother used to every fall, and I want to learn! Thanks for your blog, I voted for you again today. :)

  3. 11-28

    Well, I thought winter was arriving here a couple months ago, but Autumn fought it off………..just a trace of snow, Autumn is still fighting!!

    Would love the Ball book…….need to read the bible!

  4. 11-28

    I have an old Ball Blue Book but would really like to win a new one. I’m new to your blog but enjoyed it today.

  5. 11-28

    I enjoyed sitting in our breakfast nook watching the snow flurries fly about today. My son and daughter-in-law will be here for a week starting Monday – I hope we get at least some flurries while they’re here, since they didn’t get any in Okinawa and won’t get any in Turkey.

    Voted today: 17938 votes.

  6. 11-28

    So far only slush here in Wisconsin…but the cold wind off Lake Michigan makes it feel like winter. Our leaves are long gone, but our grass is still a vivid green.

    Would love the canning book…

  7. 11-28

    We still have leaves hanging on here in southern England, and we long for snow – probably only get 2-3 days of it a year if we are lucky!!

    Can we Europeans be entered in the Blue Ball draw?
    if so, I would love it, canning (bottling to us) is a dying art over here

  8. 11-28

    I still want the book!!!

    It’s 11:35 pm here and still 76 degrees. I miss the seasons this time of year.

  9. 11-28

    I love the first pic’ of Clover – she is so smiley. :) May I please enter the giveaway? Thank you [and yes, I voted too! :)]

    Good luck

  10. 11-28

    …love your writing….and so glad that your ‘staff’ :chicken: :sheep: :woof: :duck: is helping with the plan hatching :snoopy: ….watched those big fat snowflakes across a few hilltops from you yesterday …beautiful!!

  11. 11-28

    What is your elevation? for here in NY in the Hudson Valley the grass is still green in spots where we are there has not been a real”killing” frost. Your photos are lovely.
    I love the Ball Blue Book too! would love the new one! Mine is about to fall apart from over use lol time to get a new one! I also have one from the 1930’s that had a print out of the Ball Radio hour times on it and the stations around the country that carried it

  12. 11-28

    Morning Suzanne and all…………I don’t know what I’m doing up this early but I have already voted for Suzanne and read the blog…for some reason I woke up and now I’m ready to go back to bed…Hope everyone has a great day planned. I would love the Ball Blue Book too.

  13. 11-28

    Hi Suzanne,
    I am definitely not ready for winter and hope you brilliant plan keeps autumn around for a while yet. I would love to win the book.

  14. 11-28

    What a fun way to start the day. Just love your websight. The only thing is that round here we say…”Winter comes a-callin’ ” lol

  15. 11-28

    Let it Snow!! Let it Snow!! Let it Snow!! My family has been enjoying the chill in the air with a fire in the fireplace!! So cozy!! :snuggle:
    I am scared to can!! I want to can!! I would love to have the CANNING BIBLE!!
    Happy Weekend!!
    Hugs Granny Trace

  16. 11-28

    I really really want to win that book. I voted for you this mornin’!

  17. 11-28

    Lacy, where do you live. I need to move there before the snow hits here in RI. I hate snow!!!!

    I love that Suzanne is having “staff” meetings now. lol

  18. 11-28

    I voted… number 18082!
    BRRR… its cold there in WV.. I really do miss the snow ~
    Please enter me in the giveaway for the Ball Blue book… Thanks and have a great day~

  19. 11-28

    Snow would be fine by me! Got my votes in. For some reason, I also tried to vote for someone else (just to see), and it worked. Not one of the front runners, of course. I have no idea how to use this in any way at all — but thought it was strange. Please add me in for the Ball Book today also. Thanks!

  20. 11-28

    I’m still waiting on fall here in FL. It has finally cooled down, but I’m worried winter is going to get here and fall won’t have ever came by to see us.

    I would love to win the ball blue book of canning. I’m now the official canner in the family.

  21. 11-28

    Your goats have the best faces!

  22. 11-28

    Oops, I thought you could drag and drop those faces! Never mind!

  23. 11-28

    You just click on the smileys and that’s how they drop in the comment box!

  24. 11-28

    The cold winds in Michigan the last two days sure feel like winter! I guess if its coming, bring it on!!
    I would love to win a Ball Blue book!! I’ve never canned before! I would love to learn how!
    I just voted!
    Have a Great Day!

  25. 11-28

    I would love to win the Ball Blue Book! I have canning supplies and equipment on my Christmas list. I am so excited to get started canning.


  26. 11-28

    :shimmy: OH yeah, baybee! I want the Blue Ball book!!!

  27. 11-28

    The snow fairy tried to share a few flakes with us too…thankfully it did not last long! But it is 27º this morning…brrrrr!

  28. 11-28

    i guess the old farmers almanac is right on. i cant wait to see what it has to say about dec, here in the sunshine state, we had a hot summer. didnt get the rain we needed it was hanging around georgia. they needed it more. dec is our driest month and we turn into a bon fire in the springtime. i have the ball book, its very old. i have never canned, my mother always scared me to death about not doing it right. someone could die….i wouldnt do it right…. blah, blah, blah… will you teach us suzanne? step by step.

  29. 11-28

    I’m glad we don’t have to worry about snow where we’re at. It hardly ever snows here and that’s ok with me. Had to shovel plenty of driveways and sidewalks before…
    Still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I’ll win the canning book!

  30. 11-28

    Winter tried to sneak in over here too a few weeks ago but so far fall has been really fighting back with beautiful warm calm sunny days. I’m so proud of her! I voted again this morning and YES …I would LOVE to win that canning book Suzanne! :hungry2:

  31. 11-28

    Mornin’ y’all!!! I’ve voted everywhere I can. I was not ready to see those snowflakes Suzanne. I too want autumn to get angry and stick around a bit. They’re saying we’re due for more by Thursday again. I hope we don’t have a hard winter this year, but my fear is that we’ll be seeing quite a bit of snow this winter.

    It appears to me that you did have a quorum in your staff meeting. That makes the vote to keep autumn official… doesn’t it?? :sheep: :chicken: :cowsleep: :woof: :snuggle: :duck: :pinkbunny: :pinkpig: :heart: :ladybug: :turtle: :butterfly: :happypuppy: :happybutterfly:

  32. 11-28

    Dallas is hanging on to autumn, Suzanne. It’s been an odd one with the trees turning in different order….right now the big oaks are changing from green to brownish red to RED. The maples, what few there are, are in their mid-stage of green to gold to orange to OH WOW!!! And the Bradford Pear trees….they are everywhere in Dallas and they are late turning this year but they are going to be amazing. They go from green to light red to darker, rich red to burgandy and then to almost a black plum color…and the lovely thing is you find all those colors on one tree!
    Winter is coming, tho…there are bare branches all around and the winter birds are coming to the feeder now. Nuthatches, chickadees, brilliant red cardinals (they all come in summer, also, but you see them more in winter). We can’t stop winter…it will march on regardless of our desires. But winter has it’s own beauty, doesn’t it? CHRISTMAS!!!!

  33. 11-28

    winter is sneeking into PA too. I can not complain. Nov has been just wonderful. This time last year it was so cold and did not warm up until What May?? So a little snow might be ok I think. As long as we get some warm days here and there we might surive.

    Hey did I mention I would love that Canning book!!!! Yep I would.

  34. 11-28

    We had snow flurries on Thanksgiving day. The audacity of winter… I would love to win the canning book so next year I can still taste a bit of summer even when winter shows up.

  35. 11-28

    I am ready for snow and ready for it to be over! But, I want a good snow not a couple of inches. I am ready for it to stay light longer in the day.

    I would love the BBC bible. Thanks! :happyflower:

  36. 11-28

    is the ball blue book a reprint? mine is from 1977. if it is the same then dont enter me in the contest, i wouldnt want to be greedy and take away from someone who doesnt have one. thanks suzanne.

  37. 11-28

    Winter came and we hope went. Temps in the mid 30’s, but that is winter in our part of Florida. Love your tempting Autumn, but you know it never works. Still voting and keeping my fingers crossed that the judges appreciate content as well as votes. CAUSE YOU GOT CONTENT.

  38. 11-28

    I’ve been voting every day Suzanne. I viewed a few of the other videos one day, including ditzy Bridget, and can’t figure out her surge. Sending you good vibes for the job anyway.

    Yes, Let’s keep winter at bay awhile longer please.

  39. 11-28

    Good Morning,

    This morning I was determined to try foxfire in addition to my regular browser. I googled foxfire and then installed it, it only took a minute. At the end it asked if I wanted it as my main provider and I said no but it still came up as an icon next to my regular internet explorer button. I clicked on there and a google search came up on the foxfire page. typed in chickens in the road blog and clicked on that link to your blog and voted again! ( After voting the way I normally do every day). I know we can help to get the vote closer if we all took the 5 minutes to get through the process the first time. Next time you just start at the clicking on foxfire icon after you do your first vote.Good luck

  40. 11-28

    I LOVE autumn….but I’m ready for the snow to fly! Plenty of wood, plenty of meat in the freezer and plenty of veggies canned and frozen. If we get snowed in, got plenty of books to read and jigsaw puzzles to do. I’m gonna shake my fist at ol man Winter and say “Come on…is that all you got?”
    (I’d like the canning book.)

  41. 11-28

    Still voting for you daily (and hoping for the Preserving book).

  42. 11-28

    Definitely too cold and windy for me to run outside, but not quite winter here. Enjoyed the pics of autumn fleeting. Would love to win the Ball book.

  43. 11-28

    It’s the new 100th anniversary edition!

  44. 11-28

    Definitely wanting the canning book!

  45. 11-28

    I’ve never tried to can anything before, my grandma used to do it all the time. Sounds like a great experience, though!

  46. 11-28

    That farm in MO is aching for the 100th Anniversary Addition. 100 years of canning, how cool is that!

  47. 11-28

    Of course I would love to win the Ball Blue Book of Preserving. Afterall, it is the bible of canning!!!

  48. 11-28

    Indian summer will return for the next two days and then back to climate change…..oh I forgot, in WV the climate changes about every three days regardless. Enter me in the Ball Blue Book Bible of canning….anyone giving away pressure cooker? Ours is looking its age…bought in 1974 replacing Grannies old one that was bought in 1953 I think the story went.Until then my grandparents used the hot water bath method. I was eying some of the frozen blackberries in the freezer yesterday….almost pulled a package out for a cobbler but I have to wait for a deep snow on the ground to enjoy my next cobbler.

  49. 11-28

    Hello all–we woke up to a beautiful light snow yesterday morning, but it melted way buy noon, I love the snow, not ice–just snow.
    I call it nature’s makeup–it hides anything we dont like to look at and makes everything look clean and fresh.
    I looked at the Sam-e posts this morning, we could use a few more for our Suzanne, it only thakes a minute, so please leave a comment for her.
    Thank you.

  50. 11-28

    The secret to enjoying winter is to embrace it. And one of these years I am going to learn how to do that!

    Please enter me in the Ball Blue book of canning contest.

  51. 11-28

    We actually had a colorful fall here in Dripping Springs TX…. firey reds, oranges and golden yellow leaves. Such a treat! I happily cast my vote for you and I would love to win the Blue Ball Canning book. :happyflower:

  52. 11-28

    Our WV snow turned into a couple of inches and is still on the ground this morning. I wasn’t excited, but my little ones were. Bring back Autumn anyday over snow. Canning? I need to do more!

  53. 11-28

    We are visiting our daughter and son-in-law in Kansas, and winter is flirting around with things here as well. Frosty, cold early mornings, with that winter-blue night sky still even though it is six in the morning! We are having oatmeal and peaches this morning. I canned the peaches this summer using the directions given in my 1930-something Ball Blue Book! My grandmother had this book, then my mother, and I have it now. My daughters and daughter-in-law have copied recipes from it. My grandgirlies helped can the peaches this summer. Ball is a part of our lives!

  54. 11-28

    I hope you didn’t just give winter permission to come early. I’d like to be entered in the contest for the Ball Blue Book please.

  55. 11-28

    :snoopy: 18,382 just reporting in! Is today the day? 20,000 or bust! :woof:

  56. 11-28

    Hey Suzanne!

    Winter tried to make her appearance here in Hurricane, WV yesterday. We did have a few fluries. My 5 yr old son was so excited! He got out his gloves and scarff. He was getting ready to make a snowman! lol He was disappointed that we didn’t get a big snow. There is more frost on the ground this morning which looks like it did snow but it didn’t.

    Please enter me in the Bible of home canning giveaway! :hungry:

    I voted this morning! :shimmy: :shimmy: :sheepjump: :shimmy: :shimmy:

    Angela :wave:

  57. 11-28

    :happyflower: Here in NH, we had a balmy Thanksgiving Day. I had to open some windows because we were too warm! Last night, the wind howled and it is 40 degrees this am; and the mountain across the valley is white at 1000 feet and up. It’s coming our way! :shimmy: I love winter! :heart:

  58. 11-28

    It feels like fall has just arrived here in Richmond, VA. We finally got down in the 40’s yesterday! Would love to win the Ball Blue Book!

  59. 11-28

    Suzanne, just when I believe that your photos can’t get any better you best even yourself. The faces of your critters are PRECIOUS and again you put a big smile on my face this morning. Beautiful writing to go along with it! I love how you give the seasons personalities to go along with the scenery. And, before I forget, that Ball Blue Book 100th Anniversary Edition has my name on it because I want it badly. I really do. thanks for the smiles on this Saturday morning :sun: :happyflower:

  60. 11-28

    Good morning Suzanne! It worked! It went from the 30’s back up to 63 here today! Thank you!! :wave:

    I want that Ball Blue Book of Preserving!

    And I voted!

  61. 11-28

    It looks cold!!!

    Colder here this morning and windy. About 40 degrees right now but warming up.

    I would love to win the Ball Blue Book please!!!


  62. 11-28

    She has it post automatically about midnight (for the new day), I believe….or something like that.

  63. 11-28

    I love all the photos, but especially the one of Clover “smiling”. That is a wonderful picture.

    Please enter me for the canning book!!! :sheepjump:

  64. 11-28

    Just voted! I love it when I voe, watch the number click ever higher and then go still the standins and find that two other people voted at the same time. It’s like a new community sprouting right before my very eyes!
    Speaking of eyes…I still have my eyes on the Ball Blue Book of Canning!

    BYW…Winter, NO-NO, you will have your turn, just wait!

  65. 11-28

    ‘hand waving’ :wave: Hi Deb. It is cold here in Florida! sigh, but no Snow Fairies. I lit my fake fire though :sun:

    And my daughter put tights on. :smilerabbit:

  66. 11-28

    Turns out I cannot type for doo doo at this hour of the day!

  67. 11-28

    It has been raing here for days. It really should be snowing by now. Well, it did, twice and a lot too, but both times it all melted away.

    I would love to win the Ball Blue Book!

  68. 11-28

    My grandmother was a Home Extension agent and taught women to can during the Depression in an Italian community up on the mountain near here in central Arkansas. Do you think she ever taught me? No!!! Since Grandmother has been gone for years now, I need that book to learn! Hoping to win. Throw my hat in! V.

  69. 11-28

    I just voted and would love to have the canning book! BTW, I made enchiladas last night using your recipe – the kids were begging for seconds! :bugeyed:

  70. 11-28

    Oh winter will come whenever she decides she wants to, but the sun is out for now and though it’s chilly, it’s not horrible so I’ll just enjoy what we have.

    At Thanksgiving dinner we were talking about how wonderful the weather has been and we all looked out at the same moment and saw SNOW! :bugeyed: At that very moment!! It was really funny.

    It’s great to see everyone wanting to learn how to can! Even if you aren’t going to actually can bushels of beans and tomatoes, making pretty jars of jam and preserves and salsa or apple butter is SO satisfying! Come to the forum to see what others are up to!

    P.S. My mom and aunties and I have been canning for years and no one’s died yet!!!! (well, not from canned goods! :lol: )

  71. 11-28

    Love the photos. Hate to see winter come. I am cold natured. I would love to have the canning book.

  72. 11-28

    Hi Suzanne–could you post the Sam-e website link by the vote watch on you blog?
    Thank you,

  73. 11-28

    :woof—sorry–the one where you can leave a comment.

  74. 11-28

    I want to win that Ball Blue Book!!! I have the OLD OLD one and need an update!!

    And I don’t think you can bring back Autumn….she just doesn’t have the bad temper that Winter has!!

  75. 11-28

    I love to see your the faces of your animals, all up close and personal. They seem so content!

  76. 11-28

    I would love to win the Ball Blue Book!

  77. 11-28

    I voted for your new job and now I’m pitching for the canning book! :woof:
    Next I want a book from your attic…. wow…busy me :sun:

  78. 11-28

    I’m really not ready for winter! But then, I never am! At least spring comes after winter ( so I could really use that canning book). I LOVE your pictures!!!!

  79. 11-28

    Went up behind house yesterday morning…winter was there also. first it rained, then icy rain, little ice balls, then snowflakes… Saw “Mommy” dear and her two little ones.The squirrels were running around all over the tree tops.Put me in for the Ball Canning book. :pawprint: :pawprint:

  80. 11-28

    I read about how you tried to trick winter! :lol: Too funny!

  81. 11-28

    we are just getting cooler here in South Georgia…leaves are beautiful….please keep winter there to yourself for awhile, and pick me for the ball canning book..uh..please :)

  82. 11-28

    I love reading your blog. You are living my dream.
    I would love to have the canning book.

  83. 11-28

    A day later and I would still love to learn to do canning.
    You’ve inspired me and I am asking Santa for a food dehydrator for Christmas!

  84. 11-28

    It’s warm (relatively speaking) here in Chicago and my dh actually got outside to play tennis, but I know that winter and cold will be here soon. I love the snow…right up until Christmas. :snoopy: Especially, the fat flakes that are so light and pretty and just right for snow angels (although you have to have a few wet snows, too, for snowmen and snowballs). Then, after Christmas, I’m…slightly less enthusiastic. I have a long driveway, and all my shoveling is done manually. Sigh. On the other hand, I can burn a lot of calories that way. :shimmy:

  85. 11-28

    I think it’s worth a mention that the Ball Blue Book is not the same each time it is printed. If you have had one for quite a while it will not be up to date on the best canning practices. Each time it is printed, they update with the newest tested and approved methods, times, temps, etc. AND new recipes :shimmy:

  86. 11-28

    It’s so warm here in Newfoundland, Canada today that I still don’t need my winter coat :happyfeet: I would love to win the Ball Blue Book. So happy to see that you are back in second place. I’m going to make yor cranberry sauce today, but using partridge berries instead (they are a tart berry from the same family)

  87. 11-28

    I tried reading about winter this morning but for some reason it would not load. I dont like the withdraws I get when I cant read todays writings. lol Does that mean Im addicted? Anyway we had snow in southeastern ohio yesterday also. I don’t mind a little snow, is the cold that gets to me. Please keep me in the drawing for the blue canning book. Daughter got a new laptop yesterday. (extra votes)

  88. 11-28

    Yes, I think you are living dangerously; hope you have plenty of aluminum foil! :lol:

  89. 11-28

    Hi Suzanne, just voted on husbands computer and now voted on my computer, trying to figure out how to sneak some more votes in for you. Winter hit us for the second time up here in south-west Canada, when it came the first time in October Autumn fought it off so think she is too tired this time to fight so winter will probably hang around until spring. Would love the canning book :purpleflower: Hi to Clover and how on earth did you get a duck to keep a hat on??? Love your pictures!!

  90. 11-28

    I’d love to win the Ball Blue Book. I haven’t canned in years, but seem to be getting the itch to start up again. I love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  91. 11-28

    I like winter, but I love fall…seems like I’m going to see a short fall here too…Anyway, I’d love a chance to win the BBB. I just started canning and the current one has been a great help. Thanks for the opportunity.

  92. 11-28

    I would love to get the book we are just learning to can:)

  93. 11-28

    I’m with you–Autumn, WAKE UP! Just not ready for snow yet.
    And, I voted.
    I have a few passed down recipes, and use the county extension service for help with preserving/canning but it would be great to have the Ball Blue Book.

  94. 11-28

    We just had a small amount of snow that melted quickly. It was two days early. A lot of years our first snow is on my birthday which is tomorrow – I was born in the 1950 blizzard with 5 feet of snow over the thanksgiving holiday :)

  95. 11-28

    I still want that book! I promise to share with my sister if I win. ;) (And by “share”, I mean make her come to my house and help me with my summer canning. I’ll send some home with you, Lisa!)

    I’m right there with you on wanting Autumn to stick around a bit longer. I harvested fresh cauliflower on Thanksgiving morning! Normally, we’d have had some heavy freezing by now, but the weather has been perfect for broccoli and the like.

  96. 11-28

    oops! in a previous post I said to vote twice use foxfire, it is firefox.Sorry

  97. 11-28

    Our first frost was this morning – the collards should be wonderful eating tonight! Am thinking positive – ordered my pressure canner today hoping to win the Ball book! Need to add to my canning repetoire of tomatoes, pickles and more pickles! And I even remembered to vote yesterday and today!

  98. 11-28

    I would LOVE to have the Ball canning book!
    I would also love to see some snow…it is cold here in Central Ky, but no snow… :hissyfit:

  99. 11-28

    I would love to win the blue ball canning book. I really love reading your adventures on your beautiful acreage.

  100. 11-28

    Hi Suzanne, I would love the canning book. Your pictures today were fabulous. Clover is just too cute. :woof: Its cold in Indiana!

    Kathleen H

  101. 11-28

    I wouldn’t mind winter if I had a wood cookstove and a pile of seasoned wood but since I live in New York, home of the high fuel prices, I just dread the thought of winter this year.

    Still hoping for the canning book and still voting. Hoping to figure out how to slide a few more votes in there. Maybe a daily walk to the library…

  102. 11-28

    You know, I’d be more than happy to host winter here in southern california for a little while for you. I am so tired of the 70-80 degree weather. Winter would love it here. Oh, and I’d love a Ball canning book!

  103. 11-28

    North Georgia can’t make up her mind! Yesterday it was cold. Today, it was 72 degrees. We’ve already had some snow flurries – in SEPTEMBER and then we’ve flooded – well south of here flooded. I’m high and dry, well, dryER than a little farther south of here.

    I took the home extension “Master Preserver” class some years ago. It was great. I have a pressure canner and have canned this year. But I DON’T have a BBB. I’d love to win it!

  104. 11-28

    I’m ready for the first good snow of the winter. I need a bit of chilly, white cover to go with the Christmas lights!

    I want that book! I checked it out from the library this year for my first canning attempts. I made pear jam and salsa, and that book was amazing!!

  105. 11-28

    I would love to win the Ball Blue book of canning!

  106. 11-28

    Usually I’m looking forward to winter but not so much this year. I have my “staff” of 10 hens now to water and feed everyday. Pretty soon the hose will be put away and the pail of water will be lugged out to the coop in freezing temperatures…hmmmm. I will miss that hose. Then I think of those beautiful, delicious, homegrown eggs sizzling in a pan with toasted Grammy bread and a hot mug of coffee. Now that inspires me to get my coat on and head out with the bucket. Maybe winter won’t be so bad!

  107. 11-28

    I want the big canning book!

  108. 11-28

    If it really is THE bible of canning, then I sure could use it. I need all the help I can get. Winter has been shy in our neck of the woods but I can still hear her creaking from time to time.

  109. 11-28

    Suzanne is trying to kiss up to Mother Nature…:airkiss:…Hope it works! :happyflower:

    We’re suppose to have a mild winter in Minnesota. Yes :yes: , that would be nice! November was above average temps, which has been really great! :sun:

    All the generations before me have canned, but not me. So if I am going to start I will need a how-to book! All that home preserved food would taste sooo good! :hungry:

  110. 11-28

    We had amazing 50 degree weather today in north eastern Iowa. Perfect for putting up Christmas lights. And by the way, if you happened to give me one of the Blue Ball books, my sister with whom I would share it, would be absolutely thrilled.

  111. 11-28

    I’ve still got my Ball Blue Book from back in the 60’s – it’s stained beyond belief but may have been one of their originals! :happyflower:

  112. 11-28

    I would love to win the Bible of canning — I am a transplanted city girl and am enjoying learning how to preserve what I am growing here!

  113. 11-28

    Love the pictures and I have chicken envy!
    I would like to enter the Ball Blue Book drawing.

  114. 11-28

    Ooooooo, winter is creeping. We drove from Sandy Eggo to the desert today, when we left it was raining, gently. Soon it began to pour, that turned to hail, then slush and finally SNOWWWWWWW! Wow, Winter has come to southern CA. Brrrr, it was 37°.

  115. 11-28

    I would love to win the canning book. I love being able to can my own food and know what goes into it, and taste the freshness!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  116. 11-28

    That look slike a great canning book! I’m getting a canner!! I’d love to have it. I have to get a book of somekind to get started.

    We had a little winter, just a bit, here and there in the last couple of weeks too. On this date last year we were buried in snow that didn’t go away until spring, but that was unusual. I am so glad it had decided to wait a bit longer this year. I prayed for more time. I still have so much to do around here to get ready for winter!

  117. 11-28

    I want autumn to stay a while longer too. Please include me in the Ball Blue Book drawing again. I’m glad you are gaining in the SAM-e vote!

  118. 11-28

    Suzanne…I have been voting twice each day…I have two computers..and I have posted it at least once or twice a day on Facebook..I don’t have a blog..I am still trying to help get more votes…I gave up canning, so don’t need the Ball book..I think I have my mothers here somewhere..I also have her pressure canner. I canned for years but it is just me here now..lost my husband of 39 years last new years eve, so no garden was planted this year. I only had six tomatoe plants and a dozen squash plants, which did not make.I loved to can my own veg’s. No chemicals or preservatives in them. And it was a great sense of accomplishment to see all the full jars that i canned.Now it is just me and the dog and I need very little.I love your blog..reminds me of me years ago.Enjoy it to the fullest. These are the best years of your life.

  119. 11-28

    I came here to vote for you and to get a chance at the Ball Blue Book and fell in love with your site! I was intrigued by the name at first as I am a chicken lover, but as soon as I saw the goats I was really hooked. My sister’s name is Susan and she is a goat/chicken/Churro sheep kind of person and I immediately thought of her when I saw your gorgeous pictures. I will have my own one day soon, but we just moved to our 40 beautiful Montana acres about a year ago and are barely getting started. The house will come first. I will be visiting your site daily now for inspiration. I am so glad I found you! Good luck with the job!
    Maureen in Montana

  120. 11-29

    Yeah, I’m not ready for Winter to get here yet either…but I do love to eat winter dishes.

    And I’d like to win a Ball Blue Canning Book.

  121. 11-29

    I would love a chance to win the Blue Ball Canning Book! Thank you!

  122. 11-29

    It has been oddly mild here in Oregon. I have poppies and shasta daisies sending up spring-like foliage….does not look good for when we finally get a hard freeze.

    I would LOVE the canning book. :heart: And I am on my way to vote right now!!!!

  123. 11-29

    I still say there should be a contest where 5 winner come to your house to learn how to can (and to help you get your canning done is just a side bonus) :P

  124. 11-29

    READY OR NOT-WINTER IS ON HER WAY! I would love to have the Ball Blue Book of Preserving!

  125. 11-29

    I love all the seasons…but winter is best when viewed from inside! Please enter me in the book contest.

  126. 11-29

    I love your blog….winter is here for sure in Boise. It is windy and cold and I am sure we will have snow staying on the ground soon. It has snowed but always melted off. Colder days are headed our way!!!
    Time to stay in and keep warm.
    Enter me in your contest, please, I would love to win. :snoopy: :snoopy: :snoopy:

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