Practically A Blizzard


I woke up to snow again this morning.
Just a few inches so far, but it keeps coming.
School is closed, the roads are covered, and there are already people in surrounding areas out of power.
The generator is charged. I test-ran it yesterday. The gas cans are filled and the power cords are in the house.

Crossing fingers I don’t lose power, but I’m as ready as I can be. It’s supposed to be 10 below by morning.


  1. theo says:

    Hoping you don’t lose power and your snow is brief and not as bad as ours. The critters don’t look too bothered by things. For now…

    We’re at 4 degrees and dropping, the wind chill is -25, we’re sitting in 14 inches of snow on top of the five we had earlier in the week and more coming Wednesday. We still have power (what a shocker there! NPI) but the fireplace is at maximum capacity anyway.

    So much for global warming.

  2. Joell says:

    Temp is -4 wind chill is -27 and supposed to have wind chill of -40 by 5 PM. We tried to be prepared as well we could–picked up perscriptions a few days early, baked extra bread, picked up extra milk and eggs. This should move out by Wednesday. This weather makes me so nervous, I have to keep busy, I started polishing furniture this morning 😆

  3. Lois says:

    Looks like we’ve avoided the worst of it but just made it to 32 here in Cent Texas. What I wouldn’t give for an old fashioned wood stove over this old fireplace! We’ve had some pretty good fires but it sure doesn’t put out much heat unless you’re right on top of it! Stay warm, Everyone!

  4. theo says:

    @Lois, Our fireplace is only 12 years old. It has a heatalator insert though it’s not electric, only heat driven and the fireplace is open but it’s efficient enough to heat about 2000 of my 2700 square feet. The other 700 is unused space now that one of our kids has moved so we keep that closed.

    And now, we’re at 2 degrees with -34 wind chill factor. Staying inside!

  5. Claudia W says:

    Thank goodness your sheep have their wool coats!!! :sheep:

  6. Wm.Mike says:

    My English Southdown sleeps outside in this weather. He has a stall but just watched him bed down and it is -7 with a big wind chill. Also need prayers for my daughter she just left to drive back to Chicago for school from Dayton Ohio.


  7. holstein woman says:

    Wm. Mike, Praying for your daughter to have safe travels and see no accidents either.
    Here in Oregon, we are 38` with no wind. I am thankful for that. My prayers are with you ALL.

  8. Glenda says:

    I am hoping your power stays on! Even with a generator it is lots of trouble.

    We here in the southwest corner of Missouri have had about 7 inches of snow and the low last night was -9°. The windchill was negative 30 yesterday. DH is taking the new truck out to check the cows. So far, the two milk cows and their babies are making it fine. They have shelter.We are expecting a slow warm-up and we are ready.

    I hope everyone is staying warm and dry and inside if possible.

  9. Minna says:

    You guys have more snow than we have here in eastern part of Finland and usually we have plenty. Our Christmas was white -barely. It rained all the time and the little bit of snow we had melted away. That’s not so great for the animals that turn white for the winter.

  10. Dghawk says:

    Uh-oh. Since you haven’t posted anything since Monday the 6th, and it is now Wednesday the 8th, I’m going to assume you lost your internet connection again. Bummer. It’s been in the single digits here in E at Central VA, and some around here lost power, but I was lucky. Sure do miss hearing from you and seeing pictures of your kids, both 4 legged and 2 legged, as well as pictures of my home state. Stay warm, my friend, and stay safe.

  11. Dghawk says:

    Oh, I forgot. I finally got a copy of your book, and LOVED it. Knowing the hills and hollers (hollows) of the area, I felt like I was home again. Thanks for the buggy ride!

    One more thing. See ya ’round if ya don’t turn square, don’t take any wooden nickels, and tell everyone I said, “Well….”

  12. mrnglry says:

    You all take care and stay warm out there. We are in a drought here in California, and water supplies in our lakes are a worry. Not much snowpack in the Sierras, so we need some badly. Too bad it is not a little more evenly distributed! But, we do have some green showing up in our foothills from last month’s rain, so that is good for the ranchers.
    I received your book for a Christmas gift from my daughter, and I loved it! Just finished reading it and hated for it to end. Hope you have another out soon.

  13. Wm.Mike says:

    Thought I would let everyone know, my daughter made it to Chicago safely only took 11 hours :shocked:


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