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Is there a boy in there?

If you look at the top toward the middle, you can see the dashboard cat, the kitten who got stuck in my car’s dash back in June. She came from one of the wild barncat mothers, and she’s still pretty timid around people and other animals. Hence her name, Killer, after a particular incident in which she hid from the other cats inside a Kleenex box. I still think we should have named her Dash…. The black cat to the right is one of two black boy kittens (from the same litter as Desdemona) that we gave away. Apparently they are made of rubber because they bounced back to us.

But the big pet news around here is the discovery this weekend that our Black Walnut puppy, Blue, is a….GIRL! Well, wouldn’t the vet have been entertained when I brought “him” in to be neutered!

The kids think we should call her Bluebell now. I’m partial to Blueberry Muffin Cake followed by lots of baby goo gah sounds because I’m so nutso over her.

All I know is I’m not apologizing for this picture anymore.

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  1. Kim A. says:

    Ah, that’s hilarious! Sometimes you can err in telling the gender of kittens, but I didn’t realize it wasn’t obvious in puppies too.

    I like “Bluebell,” by the way. 🙂


    P.S. Congratulations to Robyn!

  2. Susan says:

    You had me giggling at Blue’s identity crises. :rotfl:

    Congratulations, Robyn! You are going to love it. :thumbsup:

  3. Estella says:

    The puppy is darling—-boy or girl.
    Congrats Robyn!

  4. Brandy says:

    Awww, so pink IS her color! *G* Bluebell is cute and so are the kitties.

  5. Lis says:

    That’s still one of the cutest puppy pictures I’ve seen :thumbsup:

  6. Hetty says:

    Blue, AKA Bluebell, AKA Blueberry Muffin Cake is absolutely adorable!

  7. RobynL says:

    wow, wonderful to have won this book. Thanks so much Suzanne and everyone that gave congrats. E-mail sent.

  8. mary beth says:

    AWWWWW! Definitely don’t apologize. She’s a doll.

  9. catslady says:

    Your instincts were telling you it was a girl. :purr: My newest kitten had the same identity problem. She was from my daughter’s boyfriend’s cat’s litter (there’s a sentence) and my daughter told me it was a boy and named it stripe (she has one across her face). It was the vet who told me it was a girl – you’d think I’d know better by now with all the cats I’ve taken care of). Anyway, HER name is now Lilystripe because I thought stripe was a boy’s name lol.

  10. Dena says:

    Congrats Robyn :hellokitty:


  11. Nicole Reising says:

    Oh WOW is she ever cute! I’m going to have to show the kids when they get up.

    Our last dog(Cody-whom we just lost) was ‘supposed’ to be a girl. My hubby picked ‘her’ up and after an eight hour drive I had to tell him that our ‘her’ was actually a ‘he’. :fryingpan: I still laugh over it. He of course didn’t think it was as funny. You’d have thought he’d have ‘looked’. But I guess that wasn’t something he really wanted to do. LOL. Like I said, still makes me laugh.

    Have fun with your new little funball!


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