How does the bus driver close the door after he (the driver) gets out???

I think she got this question off “Blue Collar TV” (at least that’s what her brother says), but really, now I want to know the answer!!

Who saw the Nora movie Monday night? I liked it. I thought the filmmaker overdid it with the terror flashbacks, but it was still fun. Can’t WAIT for Montana Sky next week! Oh–and for you Canucks–I saw online that the Nora movies are coming to Canada this summer.

It’s snowing snowing snowing here. Good time to stay home, snuggly warm, and write. And I’m thinking of trying my hand at homemade noodles for the first time.

What’s it doing in your part of the world? What do you do when it’s too cold to go out?:?:


  1. Teresa W. says:

    Not snowing here in Ohio but it is cold.:cold:Thanks again for the reminder to watch the movie. I did and I enjoyed it! Can’t wait for the new one this Monday! When it’s cold outside I like to snuggle up in my comforter with a hot cup of coffee and read a good book. I’m looking foward to receiving yours in the mail, thanks again Teresa!:bananadance:

  2. Becki says:

    It’s Texas. Thanks to El Nino, we have averaged ten degrees below normal for the past month. So, it’s been about 45-50 degrees (F).

    In other words, freezing cold on the Gulf coast.

    I made Chili, homemade chicken soup, and fajitas.

    Lots of cocoa.

  3. Mary Dunton says:

    Send the snow my way Morgan!!!!!!!! We’ll be wearing our jammies inside out tonight in hopes of missing school/work tomorrow!!!!! I love to cook when it’s snowing, but will probably be on sled riding patrol if there’s at least a half inch!!! LOL! Enjoy!!!!!:snoopy::weather::weather::weather::cold::snoopy::weather::cold:

  4. Melissa says:

    😯 That is one gigantic snowball!

    It’s cold today and we’re supposed to get snow. :weather: I’ll be in all day reading.

    Suz, I e-mailed you about the first Nora movie. Did you get my e-mail? 😀

  5. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    When I was in school my brother drove the bus. They just pushed it closed with just enough room to get their fingers in so they could pull it back open. That was back in the “old” days. Don’t know if things have changed since then. It is snowing really hard here in western NC this morning:weather: Everything looks so beautiful. It’s a good day for homemade soup, so I’d better get it started. Have a great day, stay warm and a big snowy hug to all.:wave:

  6. Susan says:

    In a review I read Montana Sky is suppose the better of the two movies.

    It’s :cold: and snowing of and on here in the high mountains of PA. I read of course!:shimmy:

  7. Tori Lennox says:

    It’s been snowing here in Arkansas, too. We’ve had about two inches and they’re saying we could get that much again today. Though it’s not doing anything at the moment, so who knows?

  8. catslady says:

    The bus driver has a lever that closes the door.

    It’s going to be 10 degrees here next week. I did the chili thing and am thinking about soup lol. A perfect chance to curl up with a good book.

  9. Cryna says:

    The weather here is :cold::cold: it snowed last night with winds to 70 clicks making it really, really cold. The roads are a mess, and they give more snow and wind for today.:weather:

    I usually try to catch up on some stuff that I know needs doing, but procrastinate on……

    I am so glad that they are going to show Nora’s movies here in Canada……:bananadance:

  10. Heather Harper says:

    Your photographs are fantastic!:weather: