Back, Again


The very friendly Frontier man. The dogs loved him.

He said the lines out here were bad, bad, bad. REALLY?! I hadn’t noticed….. Supposedly, my internet is fixed. Again. For now! Crossing fingers!


  1. Joell says:

    :happyflower You are not alone, everyone I know has had internet problems of one sort or another, we have them here, lines are supposed to be buried to guard abainst breakage etc. baloney! We still have problems.

  2. stacylee says:

    He looks nice, I like him!

  3. JustJane says:

    I work for a phone company (not Frontier) the problem is that when Verizon left they left WV is sad shape where telephone lines are concerned. In some areas Frontier has gone in a completely replaced the whole area’s lines and equipment, mainly a cities (Wheeling being one that comes to mind)but there are others. I am NOT a Frontier Fan, I don’t even have a home-phone I rely on my cell (and it is NOT Verizon lol)BUT I have to give them credit they have invested a ton of money in WV since the came in with new equipment and lines (something VZ had NOT done in ages!!). Sorry to say everyone needs new lines every where and being out in the country…well, that doesn’t put you at the top of the list. Guess it is one of the trade off’s from not living in the city. You get the cows, chickens and quite country air. Cities get newlines faster along with noise, traffic, neighbors at the elbow and crime at their back door. You choose :moo:

  4. TracyT says:

    A bit of topic, but hopefully you’ll have some info. Have you ever figured out what happened to Jack? DO you think he escaped and wandered off and was er…adopted… by another family? Or, do you think he was killed, eaten and his bones dragged away with no sign of the kill by a predator? Or, do you think he was just stolen? I’m sure you have a hypothesis? We’d love to know your thoughts.

  5. Della says:

    :wave: off topic.
    I ordered your book.
    But how do I get the preview.

  6. Miss Judy says:

    I guess the Frontier man has been at your place enough that the dogs know and love him…
    because Miz Suzanne is cranky when the internet is out and this is the human that can get it back to working…for a while.

  7. patricialynn says:

    I know this isn’t actually the cause of your blackouts…

    …but the picture of the line above his head with the vine starting to creep out onto it made me LOL!

    (welcome to the “my vines are out of control and I kinda like it” club!) :clover:

  8. bonita says:

    Us city dwellers do not necessarily have it better. Lines are replaced by neighborhood. I’ve been fencing with ATT for months ’cause they are charging me for hi speed. The problem is hi speed lines do not reach my house. They stop 50 feet short of the junction which is 20 feet from my house. grrrrr

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