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I’ve been milking a lot, and making a lot of cheese and yogurt, so of course I thought I deserved a tiny bit of retail therapy to reward myself for my labor. (Or something. We talk ourselves into these things, don’t we? Hey, this stuff is useful!!) This is a Greek yogurt maker (on the left).
I like it for straining yogurt because it’s simple to chill the yogurt while straining it–at the same time. I like that, and it’s a very fine mesh so you don’t lose any yogurt but end up with a nice thick creamy Greek-style result. I got this one from New England Cheesemaking here.

LauraP turned me on to these fine mesh (re-usable) draining and straining bags during the last retreat.
The fine mesh on these bags is also very good for yogurt as well as other soft cheeses. (That’s mascarpone draining in the photo.) You can get your own at the Cheesemaker here.

P.S. Those aren’t affiliate links and nobody’s paying me for this. Just a couple new things in my Sassafras Farm home dairyland that I’m lovin’ and wanted to share!

P.P.S. I love having a milk cow.


  1. Glenda says:

    Me too! There is something so satisfying seeing that wonderful fresh produce in the fridge and knowing that it is pure, unadulterated goodness.

    Pricing milk in the store will make you feel even better.

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