I Guess That Was the Five Second Rule


We brought our own sandwiches with us because food is so expensive at Disney. We were down to the last sandwich. It was mine. Somebody wanted it. Somebody who had eaten all her sandwiches already. And next thing you know, we were wrestling over a sandwich in the middle of the Magic Kingdom. And Somebody stole it from me and THEN DROPPED THE PRECIOUS SANDWICH ON THE GROUND.
Then Somebody picked it up off of the ground and ATE IT ANYWAY.

{insert horror movie screaming}


  1. Diane says:

    Teens do not give a second thought to things like a fallen sandwich on a dirty ground when they are hungry. Its like they enjoy eating the extra dirt on it. lol.

  2. Miss Becky says:

    It must have been one delicious sandwich. :woof:

  3. Christine says:

    Obviously she’s not taken Biology 101 yet. One glance under a microscope will cure her of that forever. LOL

  4. Michele says:

    I probably would of ate it too.

  5. Robin in WV says:

    :hungry2: My Mother, a nurse, always said to me, also a nurse (even worse, an infectious disease nurse!) that we had to “eat a peck of dirt before we die” – so I guess that sandwich was part of ‘Somebodys’ peck – and at her age she has got a whole lot of dirt left to eat!

  6. .Nancy in Iowa says:

    But, hey, Suzanne, somebody sure has beautiful teeth!!!

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