Maia’s Big Baby


Maia’s little girl is the biggest, fastest-growing goat baby I’ve ever had. Maia is doing an outstanding job with her, obviously! She’s not even two months old. I figure in a couple more weeks, she’ll be bigger than Maia! Anyway–back to naming her. Morgan wanted to name her since Maia had been her bottle baby and she’d named Maia. I waited and waited and asked and asked and she finally came up with a list of names that were either unpronounceable or just weird. Eventually she came up with Phoebe, which was the first name in the exhausting list that I could live with, so I stopped her. She said she could come up with more. I said NO. STOP.
So meet Phoebe!


  1. connilu says:

    She is sweet and I love the name, Morgan!

  2. beforethedawn says:

    Hello Phoebe! Maia made such a pretty baby.

  3. starmartin says:

    Phoebe is adorable!!!

  4. holstein woman says:

    Pretty little girl, shes a keeper.

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