Number Nine at Rest


A rare moment when Number Nine is not in spastic motion.


  1. Kathy Lormand says:

    I lost a furry friend yesterday that looked alot like your number 9. Just older of course. His name was Ity Bitty. A pack of dogs came up on the porch and killed him before I could scare them away. He was a fine little old man, loved everyone. Never a hiss at anyone or anything. Just loved to be with his dad and toast his fur in the sun on his porch. Didn’t roam, loved to be brushed. Called the sheriff’s dept., basically don’t care. So, no my other cats are captive along with me in our house. Don’t know what to do. Thank you for the photo, reminded me of when he was a little guy.

    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      Kathy, I’m so sorry to hear that!!!

    • CindyP says:

      Kathy, so sorry to hear about Ity Bitty! Call animal control…I just watched a show on History Channel last night about the increasing packs of feral dogs. In some areas they are becoming out of control. Alot has to do with people losing their homes, having to move, and leaving dogs behind, most often the larger breed. The dogs then pack together and are reverting back to the wolf instincts, survival. Then the packs continue to breed, creating a very large pack.

      Please get someone to take care of them……..they will likely get worse.

  2. Kacey says:

    Kathy! That is so sad!!

    Suzanne, you can never have enough cats. Just sayin’…

  3. B. Ruth says:

    Remember when……from the forties and fifties…..

    This little kitty reminds me of my first kitten my old maid Aunt (barely) parted with from the family farm.
    My Dad laughed, and said, “You would’ve thought it was the only cat she had.” But, she and Grandma had dozens of cats and kittens running about the farm and thru the barns…but each and every one was special to her and like her chickens (dozens of them) she loved every one….and I promised to take good care of it and I did….
    I named it Puff….from the Dick and Jane books…I thought all orange cats were Puffs…..

    See Dick run.
    See Jane run.
    See Puff run.
    Run, Puff, run……

    See Dick rest.
    See Jane rest.
    See Puff rest.
    Rest, Puff, rest….

    PS….rest from your modern day spastic motion number 9.…….

  4. Claudia W. says:

    YAY! For a resting Number Nine! He’s so cute and content.

    Kathy I am so sorry about your kitty. I agree with the others…call animal control.

  5. Shelly says:

    I used to have an orage cat kind of like yours, his name was Butterscotch. Your cat looks so content without a care in the world. Number 9 is a cutie!

  6. Su says:

    Kathy, my heart is breaking for you and Bitty.

    Suzanne,I,too had a little guy like 9, and he was always such a joy! I love seeing 9, and all the other animals!

  7. Jen R ( says:

    When I saw “Number Nine at Rest,” I thought he’d died.

  8. jane says:

    Cant you call the Human Society there or a rescue group to trap them. Call a Vet near they may have an idea to trap them and remove them to hopefully get adopted out. I work with rescue groups and you can find some on the internet. I have set traps before for cats and dogs. A city or county shelter can do it too. Yes the recession has left a lot of dogs homeless – unreal. I cant imagine giving up your pet and just leaving them – the people should be charged. So sorry about your innocent cat – so tragic.

  9. BuckeyeGirl says:

    At that age, they have two speeds. Flat out fast, or flat out sleeping. I got a new addition last weekend. Someone threw a tiny kitten out their car window as the sped away from our dead end road.

    After some bribery and coaxing, I finally caught him, and had to keep him kenneled for a couple days till he calmed down enough to come indoors. He now owns the house of course, and has realized that every meal is NOT his last chance to ever eat again.

    His name is Tucker, because he sure likes his tucker (Aussie slang for food). His first name was going to be Fearless, but Tucker seems to suit him. He’s happy and playful now, so he’s a blast to have around.

  10. Barbee' says:

    Some months ago, when I saw the photo of Annabelle floating in the sky, I thought SHE had died!

  11. miss becky says:

    I love love love number nine. he looks like my daiseymae. there is a soft spot in my heart for orange kitties. I want number nine. Can he come out and play with Daiseymae??? She has been eyeing him too, but I have told her that he is much too young for her…her last beau had a pony. What does number nine have to offer she wonders???

  12. Jayme aka The Coop Keeper says:

    When I saw the title before the picture loaded, I totally thought that you’d killed Raccoon #9. TOO FUNNY.

    What a cute little button of a kitty.

  13. Angela says:

    So precious! 🙂 <3

  14. Alexandra says:

    Just like Jen, I also thought number nine had died. What a horrible shock! I thought, poor Suzanne! Then I saw the pic.of a lovely cat sleeping with his toes (or paws if you will)turned up in total abandon; not a care in the world; and started smiling. Thank goodness!! 😆

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