Pretty in Pink


This puppy cracks me up!


  1. Joell says:

    I can tell from that fist photo, she is going to be a real ham, we had a Yorkie like that, bring out a camera and he was “on” he loved the camera. That first photo is so sweet, nothig cuter than “puppy butt”—- does she have her own closet yet? She is just darling.

  2. Jersey Lady says:

    I don’t usually think of myself as a small dog lady,but your little gal makes me say, “Aww…what a cutie!” TFS

  3. jan n tn says:

    Love it “does she have her own closet yet?”. You know it’s gonna’ happen.

  4. Sarah T says:

    Too, too cute. More pictures, more, more, more. Please.

  5. yvonnem says:

    I’m with Sarah T – more pics! She is adorable and makes me want a puppy! :snoopy:

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