She’s Here!


The shortcake has landed!

Zip raced over to check her out.

At 15 hands, she looked abnormally gigantic.

“Your butt smells just like my butt, only shorter!”


  1. cacieleanne says:

    :hug: So happy for you! She really is a good looking little mare. I think you should name her “Tomato”… Not only does she look like a ripe, plump, juicy tomato… but you cannot help but smile when you call a horse “Tomato”. LOL Then next, you can get a goat and name him green bean! (I’ve been canning today, can you tell?) haha

  2. lattelady says:

    I am very happy for you. I think you made a wise decision. Have fun riding tomorrow. 😀

  3. whaledancer says:

    I hope they’ll be pals.

  4. lattelady says:

    What will happen to Patriot now?

  5. Cheryl LeMay says:

    Congratulations! I hope they get along. After seeing the two of them together, I think Shortcake really is the best name for her.

  6. easygoinglady says:

    lattelady, if you read the previous posts, you will see Patriot will go back to the rescue and will be rehomed in an appropriate situation as a pasture pet. He has been determined to be unsafe to ride due to an old injury.

    Shortcake looks wonderful :happyflower:

  7. Diane says:

    I like the name shortcake. And from the sounds of it you found a good riding horse. Glad it all worked out well for you.

  8. lattelady says:

    I know they took him back, as I have followed “The saga of Patriot” from day one. I am wondering if any more precise plan for him has developed. I am sorry I was not clear in my post.

  9. Vicki in So. CA says:

    I think you made a GREAT choice by bring Shortcake home, and her name seems to suit her. However, if you are taking suggestions on a new name for her – and since you already have a Zip – how about Button? She’s as cute as one. Or what about Snap? She learned in one, and you made your decision in one. Either name would give *closure* ;›) to the long-running horse acquisition story… at least for now.

  10. bonita says:

    How’s Morgan doing with having to send Patriot back? Does she like ‘shortcake”?
    Isn’t it interesting to watch the Universe provide direction?

  11. Dawn says:

    I like the shortcake name too – I have found when naming things the first, involuntary name tends to stick even if you try to change it later. besides on Sasafrass farm – food names seem to be popular and fitting – I loved the little girls loving on her – bodes well for the future visitors at the farm and I can just hear the children calling her shortcake. I am sure Patriot will find the home he was meant to have – one where he can easily fill the demands on him with no pain and no anxiety for him. I have seen stories of guide horses for a blind companion etc. so no worries – you did good.

  12. Barbee says:

    Looks like a welcoming committee there. Annabelle seems to be making a speech. Cute how all critters are curious about a new arrival.

  13. CATRAY44 says:

    So happy for everyone. Even for Patriot there is a blessing. He has been put through his paces, checked out and figured out. I think you saved him more hardship down the road by making it possible to have his issues identified before someone was injured. Now he will hopefully go to people who are able to care for him, safely. And, he has known time and place of peace, safety and love after a long hard road.

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