I Wonder If


…..when people search on Google for cute butts, are they disappointed when they hit this post?

And if, when they search for tattooed biker chicks, they are equally dismayed by Google leading them to this post?

This moment of pointless ponder brought to you by my site’s stats program.

And now it’s that time again, when I randomly poke my finger at the calendar to select a day (since the last time I did it), then input the number of comments on that day’s post in Random.org’s Integer Generator to choose the recipient of a $50 Amazon gift certificate. And so I poked my finger, eyes closed, at the calendar and came up with August 5th, which was the day I talked about learning to trim the goats’ hooves. There were 45 comments (as of this writing) on that post, and when I inputted that range online, I came up with:

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2008-08-27 19:21:44 UTC

And that comment belongs to….

“They have that nail grinder that you can use on a dogs nails instead of clipping them, I wonder if that would work on hooves?”

Hi, maryann! Email me! (There is a Contact Me link at the top of the sidebar.)

I’ll be doing this again. All you have to do is comment on daily posts to be in the drawing. Thank you for being here and for keeping me company!

I’m also sending a big thank-you to my recent sponsors. Please pay them a visit! (Please? Without them, I could not do giveaways and I could not pay my hosting costs. Please take a moment to visit each one and see the valuable things they have to offer.)

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If you have a website, blog, book, product, or service, please consider sponsoring this site, too!

In other news, Chickens in the Road has been nominated in four categories in the Blogger’s Choice Awards (thank you, Treasia!) and if you want to help me out, you can vote for me in any or all of the categories for Best Animal Blogger, Best Blogging Host, Best Humor Blog, and Best Photography Blog.

Of course, I do not mention this for myself. I have no desire to have awards heaped upon me. I don’t need validation or accolades or pots of gold. (I don’t think there are any pots of gold involved.) This isn’t about me!

It’s about Clover.

And Coco.

And Spartacus.

Not me. Really. Truly. Except for the part where I want to win something!!!!!

I’m just kidding. I don’t want to win. That’s why I shamelessly put all four buttons for the Blogger’s Choice Awards in my sidebar. Because I don’t care. At all. I mean it!

Clover and Coco and Spartacus made me do it.


  1. ChaoticMom says:

    Congrats on the nominations!! I’m not surprised. Your blog is awesome! As for the stats thing, I know I found your site when I Googled sugar cookies and your recipe was the most interesting result, and might have been the first one. I’m going to go vote for you now!

  2. Gail L. says:

    You definitely get my vote in all categories! I think you should be awarded an olympic gold metal for milking Clover
    too! Chickens in the Road blog is the BEST!

  3. connie says:

    love your blog Suzanne..Connie

  4. wkf says:

    Well done on your nominations!! And Congrats to Maryann.


  5. Beckynsc says:

    Congratluations, Mary Ann!
    Congratulations on the nominations, Suzanne!
    Going to go vote now.

  6. Shari C says:

    Congratulations on the nominations, Suzanne and to the winner, Maryann.

    Will be voting for you and hope you win! Love your blog.

  7. Tresha says:

    wooo hooo that is awesome! I will vote and I will get all my neighbors and coworkers to vote! How exciting for you…YOU are having a BIG year!!!just think of what you were doing on this very day LAST YEAR……did you ever think it would all come together so quickly?

    Tresh in Oklahoma

  8. sc says:

    As always, you make my day!!!
    Do you think Coco will grow into her tongue….?

  9. jane says:

    Everyone out there – if you have a red round ball with a bell inside made by four paws – get rid of it. stories on the internet have been circulating about a dog in 2005 playing with it and it lodged into the dog’s tongue and the dog died. now recently the same thing has happened and the dog had to thave his tongue removed. it is so awful looking and painful looking. pass the word around. get rid of any toy that has a contraption or device inside it. this latest woman is trying to take the company to court now. so be ware.

  10. Blaze says:

    wooo congradulations on the whole nomination thing!
    I hope you do do well :snoopy:

  11. annie d. says:

    Suzanne, I am sure Clover, Spartacus, and Coco appreciate you for throwing yourself under the bus to put the nominations out there for them. I think your site is great! Haven’t heard much from the ducks lately? Do they have an opinion?

  12. ChaoticMom says:

    Good question annie. Did you ever get their pond and duck house finished, Suzanne? They’re such beautiful ducks. Oh yeah, and congrats to maryann! :shimmy:

  13. Kathryn says:

    Congrats to MaryAnn! Thanks to all your lovely sponsors, and I lovelovelove that picture of Spartacus. It is drop-dead perfect! He looks so noble. How’d you do that?

    Congratulations and thanks to you as well. You give me joy every day, and I appreciate it.

  14. wammy says:

    Congrats on the nominations! I have enjoyed watching the farm grow and have passed your site on to many people. It is so refreshing to read. Once again, you are living my dream. My neighbor just finished the book you sent…Cole Dempy’s Back In Town and she loved it. I am starting it after this comment is posted. Thanks again.

  15. Treasia says:

    Your welcome Suzanne. I think your blog, Coco, Spartacus, and Clover are all well deserving of those awards. :rockon:

  16. Cyndi B says:

    What a great picture of Spartacus! He looks a bit intimidating! 😮

  17. Abiga/karen says:

    Congrats, I will vote for you. And yes you do want to win at least just to make the animals happy, right! Or will that make them demand more privileges and cookies. Blessings.

  18. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Thank you all who are voting! You can get there by clicking those shameless buttons in my sidebar (near the top)!

    The duck pond is ready! It has two springs coming into it so it filled pretty quickly. It’s been raining yesterday and today so it’s overflowing and we need to do some work to provide proper overflow drainage. The duck house isn’t built yet so the ducks are still sharing digs with the chickens. They get along pretty well. I’ll do an update post on the ducks and the chickens soon!

    Re the photo of Spartacus, it’s a little trick I figured out how to do in Photoshop Elements. You go to Filter in the editing menu bar, then choose Render from the dropdown list, then choose Lighting Effects. Then under Light Type, it’s the spotlight effect. It looks cool, doesn’t it? And I couldn’t remember how I did that so I had to go back and look, LOL. Whenever I play around in Photoshop Elements, I do something neat then I forget how I did it right away because I never read the book, I just mess around clicking on stuff till something neat happens. Then I have trouble remembering how I got there….

  19. Suzette says:

    You know…I truly don’t remember how I found my way to your blog. But, I’m sure I wasn’t googling “cute butts.” 🙂 They DO have cute butts, don’t they?

    Ok, so I won’t bother voting on your behalf. But, I’ll do it for Spartacus! I love that boy’s attitude!

    Oh, and maybe for Coco and her freckled tummy.

    Well…maybe one for Clover, even though she’s been a bad girl.

  20. Judy says:

    Love reading your blog…I use Google Reader. I have especially enjoyed reading about your struggles with milking Clover and am glad to hear that you have succeeded in solving the kicking problem…

  21. Amy Addison says:

    “Spartacus made me do it”


    tee hee

  22. Karen L says:

    you go girl. If you don’t toot your own horn, who will???? Thanks for my daily chuckles. (How much does the giant puppy weigh now?)

  23. Crystal B. says:

    Congratulations on your award nominations. I hope you win.

  24. Lora says:

    Well done Suzanne! Or should I say Coco, Clover and Spartacus…..
    Off to vote.

  25. Becky says:

    You are fast becoming my favorite read in the morning. I enjoy your accounts of all you are attempting, your successes, your recipes and photos, and the family stories. Thanks for your honesty and the manner in which you can stay upbeat through all your discovery.

  26. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    I voted!!! Can we vote everyday or just once? Congrats to Mary Ann. :clap: Suzanne, you do a great job with the photography with out reading the book.You have some amazing shots. Spartacus is looking so fiercely handsome these days. Have a great day and :hug: to all.

  27. Fowlvisions says:

    Congrats on the nomination and I will definitely vote. I also love what you did to the picture of Spartacus and will try the same with my chickens. It looks like a painting. Great job!

  28. Kelleh says:

    :snoopy: Yay for you and the Animals!

  29. Donna says:

    Ohhh, Coco makes my day!!!! I love your blog and I am off to vote!

  30. Kathi says:

    Congratulations on your nominations! YAY!

    Now if only there were an award for sites than can make one overdose on cute. . . hmmmmm

    Thanks for the Coco photo posting!

  31. Melissa Marsh says:

    Well-deserved nominations, Suzanne!

    I can’t wait to read your blog every day – it’s my taste of sunshine in cubicle land.

  32. Debbie in Memphis says:

    Congratulations Suzanne!! and Maryann (though I’m totally envious) :mrgreen: I’ve voted for your site. It’s the first blog I read every single day! I love Clover, Honey, Nutmeg, Coco, the ducks, the chickens and Spartacus (saving the best for last). Good luck with the awards!!

  33. SuzieQ says:

    Congratulations…we love reading about everything that is going on at the farm…especially concerning the animals…especially Coco…and Clover and babies…and Spartacus….and your cooking…and your garden…and on and on and on!!!

  34. Nancy says:

    I love it! I don’t remember how I stumbled onto your blog, but I, too, read it first thing every morning. Not today, though. This late-day person had to be up at 5:30am (do people really do that every day?) to take my daughter to the Atlanta airport so she could fly to her new home in Iowa. She promised to start a blog, and I’ve got her reading yours now. Congratulations on the awards – you bet I’ll vote! Thank you for coming into my home with your wonderful photos and funny life stories. Nancy :purr:

  35. Beth Brown says:

    I’ll vote for you! I loved yesterday’s post. Interesting looking at your fence! Do your goats escape? Somedays I do nothing but come home from work and work on my fence. My mininubian goat, Houdini, can escape EVERYTHING! I have chain-link fence, added 2 feet of chickenwire to the top. He climbs out the bottom. So I pounded in stakes. He still climbed out. So now I have pounded stakes around the fence every foot.
    Thanks for the posts! Beth

  36. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Clover has never gotten out, but sometimes the babies do. In fact, I just came inside from putting them back in! They are still little and they are escape artists! They never go anywhere, though–they start crying really loudly because they want to get back in there with their mama. I can’t ever figure out why they can get out but can’t get BACK in!

  37. Estella says:

    Congrats, Suzanne!
    Love the pics.

  38. Brandy says:

    Yay on the Duck Pond. As for blogging? You’ve got my vote! *G*

  39. Yoga Grl says:

    Congrats on your nominations! I am loving your posts and your photos!

  40. Susan says:

    You always make my day! :thumbsup:

  41. kacey says:

    cute butts. Yes, I’m SURE that’s what people are searching for. Baby goat behinds… :mrgreen:

    Congrats on the nominations! Good luck with that!

  42. Claudia W. says:

    You deserve all those awards and more! I’m going to vote now…Coco said I must!

  43. catslady says:

    Of course this is only going to make you more famous but I voted for you anyway :mrgreen: oh, correction, I voted for Clover and Coco and Spartacus :rotfl:

  44. catslady says:

    Oh, and congratulations, Maryann :snoopy:

  45. J says:

    :thumbsup: :shimmy: :clap: Yeppers, voting all for the critters! :typing:

  46. Teresa H. says:

    Congrats to Suzanne and Maryann both! :thumbsup:

  47. sunnid755 says:

    :woof: congrats to all, I will surely be voting for your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  48. Egghead says:

    Congratualations everyone! I love your photos Suzanne. Those goats are adorable.

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