Ding Dong, the Bull is Gone


And it wasn’t easy.

Mister, moping after I separated him from his girlfriend.
Then the running started.
My neighbor about a mile up the road, who owns the bull, came up in his trailer on the access road behind the barn. The barn field is the smallest field I have. I don’t have a loading pen or chute. We could have put the bull in the alleyway, but to get the trailer up to the barn would have been a problem. Herding the bull from the back barn yard was also a problem.
He ran here, there–
–and everywhere.
Eventually, Glory Bee made a reappearance as bait.
And it took a while, but eventually–
–this worked.
Glory Bee was brought out and the trailer door slammed on the Mister.
And they backed the trailer out the access road and took Mister home. This procedure took an hour, and involved the bull man, his helper, me, and Ross. And Casper–who learned that if you chase a bull, you might get kicked in the head. Casper had very little sense to begin with and now has none since his remaining sense was sent flying by Mister. (He is okay. I think/hope he learned something. But we doubt it.)
Meanwhile, Glory Bee and Dumplin took a stroll across the road to a field of untouched grass waiting for their dining pleasure.
I haven’t had any animals in this field all year, so they’ve got some mowing to do.
Dumplin’s looking pretty beefy, don’t you think?

Mister shacked up with Glory Bee here for three months. He didn’t tear up any fences or hurt anybody (uh, except for Casper), and only escaped twice and was brought back fairly easily. And hopefully he did his job. If Glory Bee was bred, the earliest due date would be mid to late February and the latest would be mid to late May. Let the waiting begin!


  1. Faith says:

    You think they are glad he is gone? I bet Casper is. Glory Bee and Dumplin look great!

  2. Joell says:

    Dumplin is beautiful, please tell me she is going to be around for a along time, I am not sure about the “beefy” thing. :no:

  3. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Yeah, I had a horse who adored one of our dogs, and detested the other. Sparky could sleep in his hay pile and the horse would nibble the hay around him without disturbing the dog, and he’d give Tory flying lessons every chance he got… which due to the dog’s apparent lack of brain was fairly often. (I should have named Tory Edward Bear) Never actually hurt him though so I’m not sure how that happened!

    I’d have brought my Aussie over to help if I lived close enough… he’s mostly got cattle figured out.

  4. bonita says:

    Yup, Dumplin’ is looking beefy alright. One would be hard put to identify her grandma as BP! Amazing what xbreeding can accomplish.

  5. Linda Goble says:

    How old do you have to wait to breed Dumplin ? She is very pretty.. :moo:

  6. Cousin Mark says:

    Hey Casper is a prize winning example of high class Heinz 57 dog flesh and his brothers Buddy and Bear take offense to the questioning their shared gene pool depth.

  7. UlrikeDG says:

    Dumpling is looking downright “delicious” these days. :eating:

  8. Mandys says:

    Dumplin is absolutely beautiful!!

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