My Sweet Spice


She was gone. For two days.

I heard her meowing from a steep ditch where water runs off the hill, down to the river. I’d just taken a shower, but clean clothes and all, I went barrelling down the bank, sliding, hanging onto trees. I managed to coax her out of her hiding spot inside a piled tangle of branches and brush, just close enough that I could grab hold of her and pull her out.

Inside the house, she stuck her head in a bowl of food and didn’t come up for air till it was empty.

Then she stretched out on my bed and took a long nap.


I know it sounds dopey when people talk about their cats. Spice is so smart. She can break in doors and windows at the old farmhouse. She can catch a hummingbird in flight. She’s innocent and sweet, and fierce and even sometimes mean. She deliberately seeks out other cats just to smack them.

And I love her.

Isn’t she beautiful?


  1. Kim A. says:


    Whaddya mean, it’s dopey to talk about your cats? *I* talk about my three all the time (plus my “angel” Chumley). They are the Light in my day, better companions than most people. My animal companions are and always have been my comfort and Joy.

    Spice *is* beautiful, a gorgeous girl, and I’m very glad she’s home safe and sound now. I don’t think I’ve have slept if one of mine was missing — I’d be sick over it, literally.


  2. Amelia says:

    Our cats love us so much without asking for very much. ..their love is uncondiontal and non-judgmental. I have three with all having different type personalites.

    I know youwere so happy to get your “furry” child back in the fold once again. :purr:

    Amelia in Oklahom

  3. Shirley says:

    What a hero! You saved your precious pet. I know you were happy to find her. :catmeow:

  4. Lora says:

    Glad you got your baby back. I would have been sick with worry, too. She is beautiful.

  5. margie says:

    Spice looks so contented to be home. She’s had a adventure at the new farmhouse! My dear hubby and I believe that one of ours is a reincarnated old soul. Whenever, I’m ill or bedbound with my arthritis, Alice lays with me and pets me! So happy for you.

  6. Melissa says:

    I love animal stories. My husband gets embarrassed when I start in. He is not an animal person. What kind of mojo was he working when we dated for me to fall in love with someone who doesn’t like animals?! :cattail:

  7. Kathleen in MI says:

    I’m so happy you got your sweet furbaby back safe and sound.

    My Buddy is also a beautiful black and white kitty. I would be a wreck if he was missing.

  8. Remudamom says:

    Oh, we have house kitties and barn kitties and they are all adored. I bet you feel wonderful today!

  9. Maria says:

    i LOVE sappy kitty posts! I’m so glad she’s back, and in good shape…she was probably just getting the lay of the land…and I’m glad you put clean clothes on before flying out the door after your shower. Cause otherwise we’d have to name this blog: Nekkid Chickens in the Road

  10. Marianne says:

    Nekkid Chickens in the Road… **Snort**

    I’m glad to hear a happy ending to this story — and, for the record, pet stories are never out of place! I can’t imagine how worried you were. Yay!! :snoopy:

  11. Karen Erickson says:

    Oh I can’t take it when my cats disappear! Living in the country there are just too many critters out there who can make them, ahem, permanently disappear. My favorite cat disappeared for 5 days in the dead of winter. When he came home I cried.

    I’m so glad you found her. She’s a cutie pie. :catmeow:

  12. Jill S. says:

    I’m so glad you found her!!

  13. Renna says:

    She IS beautiful, and I’m so happy for you that she’s back! :snoopy:

  14. Deborah Bourque says:

    I am so glad you found her. I would have been sick with worry! I have two indoor cats and had one get out once! It was very scary and took awhile to find her (a few hours) but found her pretty much the same way, her crying! Translation, I really blew it this time, come find me and save me from myself!

  15. Amy Addison says:

    So glad she’s back. :purr:

  16. Jeannie in OKC says:

    I became a cat person rather late in life (during my fifties), but now I absolutely love them. Currently we have three but had four until one recently died. My favorite cat disappeared for five days once and another had an adventure for about the same amount of time before returning home. I was amazed by how upset I became. When they returned, it was a joyous homecoming celebration for sure! I’m glad to hear Spice showed up again.

    I read your blog daily and really enjoy it!

  17. Estella says:

    I know how you feel about Spice. I have 5 cats an I talk to and love every one of them.

  18. Tori Lennox says:

    I’m so glad she’s home safe and sound!!!

  19. Shelley says:

    :biggrin: I love a spunky cat. Yours is adorable with the tuxedo coloring. They believe we are here to serve their interests! You will need to check out my kitty on my latest post –
    (P.S. Your blog is my top 5 favorite!!)

  20. Christine says:

    She really is beautiful. And looks very, very happy to be home. :purr:

  21. Lisa in Californi says:

    I’m so glad you got her back. When one of my cats is late for dinner, I worry until I finally see them appear. I’m glad she’s back safe and sound.

  22. catslady says:

    I now have 6 inside cats – one put a whole through the screen twice in her lifetime and disappeared for 7 – 10 days each time – I was frantic til he came back home. One got locked in my garage for a day and I thought I’d go crazy looking for him. (notice it’s the two boys that did this lol). Even my outside ferals are kept track of – they tend to go on what I call treks – 3 days normally – but I’m not happy ’til they’re home. I’m glad your’s is back and safe.

  23. catslady says:

    lol okay that’s a hole and not a whole.

  24. Hetty says:

    Yes! She’s gorgeous! Glad you rescued her!

  25. LizB says:

    :biggrin: She’s gorgeous, and I’m so glad she’s back. Is she spayed or did she come home pregnant?

  26. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Liz, thanks, all my cats that I have now are fixed!

  27. Jen-o-topia in TN says:

    What is it about the dirty rottens that make us love them so much? My Manny cat is the same way ~ their naughtiness is all the dearer for being our very own.

  28. Brandy says:

    Spice is a gorgeous kitty! And I know how you feel. I had a beloved kitty get out and haven’t seen him since. I still miss him.

  29. Gabrielle says:

    Oh, she IS beautiful! So glad she’s back.

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