The leaves are budding! The grass is growing, the daffodils and wildflowers are coming out. If only it would stop raining! I’m afraid I’m going to start out behind on the mowing again this year. The grass needs mowed but it won’t get dry long enough to mow it!

It’s storming bigtime here right now. I’m working as fast as I can, worried I’ll lose power or internet again. I lost internet for most of the day yesterday.

I’ve had two unrelated situations going on in the past few weeks. The only thing they had in common were they both slightly disturbing. Anyway, just wanted to say that. They are mostly resolved now, and everything is fine. Just….bring on the sunshine already!


  1. Louise says:

    We get concerned when we don’t hear from you. Good to know you are ok. Spring is here in North Alabama too. Lot’s of rain. We can’t get our garden ready for planting because of the rain either. Rained again last night and still raining a little this morning. Have a good weekend. Any new babies in the barn?

  2. Joell says:

    Our trees are budding here too, I looked at them this morning and the serivce berry trees will be open soon,we had fertilizer put down early in the week and the glass is growing like crazy but there is no way we can mow eith the grund is just saturated, you can barley walk through the grass. We have a good stiff breeze/wind today, hopfully that will dry the surface a bit.

  3. sesamekaren says:

    Many have asked……havent seen a reply….any news on the moos? Your post titled buds, made me think of budding cow babies…..hope your birthday was fantaboulous!! Im an aries as well…..cant help being curious, hope you reply, with good news, or good moos!

  4. Claudia W says:

    I just moved to a small farm in Washington state in January. I want to thank you for giving me the courage I needed to just leave my old self behind in California where nothing was really right for me and finding my new self here in Washington!
    That wasn’t the point…I have five acres of grass. I didn’t want to mow it because we were going to get our fencing up and let the horses and goats out into it…great plans. :hissyfit: The fence MAY be up in two weeks, it rains for a couple of hours a day, the grass is growing by inches and it’s not going to get mowed. It’s up to my knees in some places. Oh well, live and learn. Right???

  5. Ann W says:

    I know a nice Galloway bull named Yardline. He is nice-tempered and likes to be in pictures. He will come up to you and lick your hand. But he lives in Minnesota.

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