…..only not on a jet plane. We’re driving. We’ll make it a two-day trip, about 12 hours total. (We have to be up and out the door very early on graduation day, so I decided against trying to be up at 5 a.m. after a 12-hour drive.) As excited as I am about this weekend, I know I will be very glad when I turn back into our drive.


  1. Barbee' says:

    Thinking of you and yours, Suzanne. Be safe, have fun!

  2. northcountrygirl says:

    Suzanne, Have a safe trip and give Ross a big hug for me. Take care and come home safely.

  3. Snapper119 says:

    Safe travels, ‘see’ you when you return.

  4. Judy says:

    Have a wonderful and safe trip. You will be in the neck of woods where we just moved from. If you have time go by the Pyramid house. Ask anyone they should be able to tell you where it’s at. It’s not everyday one gets to see a Pyramid…The only thing is every time I would drive by there I could never understand why someone would want to live in one 🙂

  5. Linda says:

    have a safe trip and Congratulations to your son!

  6. joycee says:

    Praying for a safe journey to and from, so proud of your son…big hug and kiss!

  7. Carol Langille says:

    That’s how you know you have a good life, Suzanne….you WANT to come home no matter where you go or how much fun you have. I am very much that way even if I come home to a small Dallas apartment…I am always happy to come home.

  8. Jennifer S. says:

    Burned the blue candle last night!

  9. Liz in Wis says:

    There’s no place like home.

  10. Patrice says:

    You must be a proud mama. Have a safe and enjoyable trip! :happyfeet:

  11. Lynne says:

    Have a safe and fun trip!

  12. BuckeyeGirl says:

    I didn’t have a blue candle to light, but I did burn a pale green one last night instead. I figured the tradition would allow for a few lapses as long as the light was burning bright and I held the intention in my heart. Safe travels Suzanne! I hope You and Weston and Morgan all have a good trip and I really think it’s pretty cool that they’ll get to go and experience the whole display of pageantry and tradition that their brother is part of now. Don’t cry too much! :heart: :wave:

  13. Melissa Marsh says:

    Have a wonderful trip, Suzanne, and a safe journey!

  14. Candy Stivers says:

    Realized this week after reading the Blue Candle article that your son Ross and my nephew Josiah Sater are in the same group. His drill is Wednesday with graduation to follow. A lot of pressure. I’ve passed a lot of your info onto a new Navy Mom and friend. You’re so thorough in your research and willing to share. Travel mercies to you all. We will patiently await your arrival – enjoy your time with Ross.

  15. trish c says:

    We’ll be glad when you are back home too! Safe travels and congrats on such great kids!

  16. Michele says:

    You have a lot going on. Take care, have fun. :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

  17. kay keen says:

    He really does like nice, we did burn a candle but it was not blue, I think it is the flicker of the flames that count. have a safe trip, and enjoy your visit, God Bless, kay

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