I Hate To Brag



I know. I am always talking about how gorgeous WV is.

You just can’t take a photo here without it looking like a painting, it’s so pretty.

Take this fast-flowing, boulder-strewn trout stream. There’s a sign that says–Kayak At Your Own Risk. Uh, yeah.

This is Glade Creek Grist Mill, a restored water mill at Babcock State Park located in Fayette County, a couple hours from where I live. It’s a fully operable mill and they sell cornmeal and buckwheat flour through the park office.

Believe it or not, the park used to allow people to swim here.

Been anywhere good lately? Tell me!


  1. Melissa says:

    Congratulations Estella! :thumbsup:

    Excellent pictures, Suz. 😀

  2. Karen K says:

    The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us.:o

  3. Becki says:

    Ever feel like you’re lost in a John Denver song? Some days, that’s what your blog does to me. That, and my brother’s Postcards from Colorado.

    Were you on a bridge when you took the shot? It looks like you are in the middle of the creek.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Yes, I was on a wooden footbridge!

  5. Marcy says:

    Congratulations Estella!

    I love the pictures and would love some buckwheat flour. My Mom used to make buckwheat pancakes for us. Yummy.

    Hmm…my dh and ds2 went to a corn maze yesterday. I had to stay behind with ds1 but that’s okay. It was cold and windy here. They had a blast!

  6. Jen says:

    WOW!!!!!! Those pictures are amazing!!!!

  7. Kacey says:

    Those pictures are GORGEOUS!!Wow. No wonder you love it there!

    And, unfortunately, I haven’t been anywhere fun or exciting lately. Your pictures do make me want to go take a drive in the country though…

  8. Cryna says:

    Congratulations, Estella……

    Those are gorgerous pictures. I would love to have a jigsaw puzzle to do with pictures like that………okay off to shovel the walks since we had snow and wind all day yesterday……….

  9. Carol says:

    Congrats Estella!

    The pictures are beautiful! You could have them enlarged and then hang them! You could become a photographer and have your own show! I know they would sell! :yes:

  10. Mechele Armstrong says:

    Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful.

  11. Estella says:

    Thanks Suzanne!
    Gorgeous pics.

  12. catslady says:

    Congrats Estella.

    I agree with Carol 🙂

  13. Stacy ~ says:

    Beautiful pictures! I would love to see that everyday. Do you live nearby?

    Btw, I love that you have Nathan Kamp as the cover model for “The Beast Within”. He’s the guy I did a tribute to at my blog (I think back in March). Can you say obsessed? LOL.

  14. Michelle says:

    These are stunning photos! :yes: